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02 Oct 2017 21:51:52
Anyone else getting a bit tired of reading Ed002 constantly slagging off Klopp?

I agree that the man has his faults and doesn't always act the way he should, with the "tapping up" of players and his eccentric interviews and silly goal celebrations.

Don't get me wrong Ed002, The people that use this site do so to read your knowledge and insight on all things football. Your always very well informed and this site wouldn't be the same without your input.

You've clearly made your opinion clear about Klopp lately but as a Liverpool fan, the whole clueless, idiot, disgrace and clown descriptions of the man are getting a bit old and boring.

Coming in peace from one of the "not so bright liverpool fans of this world"


{Ed002's Note - You don’t even know the half of it. There are numerous fans who see Klopp as the saviour - he isn’t. They say he is the best manager in the world or is world class - he isn’t. It is tiresome to read mindless drool from people like you who want to make it all about me - the standard it is deflecting or someone else,s fault. Embarrassing.}

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03 Oct 2017 00:06:00
He doesn't know his saviour or his saver,

I'm not defending him cos he don't know about that either,


03 Oct 2017 07:47:24
I think we'd have more of a problem if he didn't post at all, everybody has their opinion and he obviously knows more then we do, i don't agree with the constant Klopp bashing but he does know what he's talking about.

03 Oct 2017 08:18:21
You don't have to visit the site you know.

{Ed001's Note - shhhhh don't tell him that!}

03 Oct 2017 07:33:54
After reading the first line I just started laughing imagining the response to follow from 02. Granted, I was on to my 3rd wine, but I was disappointed with the limpness of your retort Ed.
I must say, I used to have a bit of a man crush on Klopp. I loved his passion and honesty. got to say though, his sideline antics at Newcastle were a bit embarrassing. Ok, you're not pleased with what you're seeing, but baring your teeth like a mad man and waving your arms in the air is not getting your message across.
Please, not Klopp bashing or calling for his head, just expressing a feeling. I'd be happy to stick with the man for quite some time and hope that the glimpses of brilliance we see become the norm and not the rarity.

03 Oct 2017 08:33:30
3 down and yet such a well written post Burkey 😄😄. You seems like a tank 😎😎.

03 Oct 2017 09:00:48
Brilliant Ed 001, just top class response.

03 Oct 2017 10:43:47
Gee harry, a compliment!

03 Oct 2017 13:53:45
I find klopps passion refreshing in a world of managers with fifteen teams on their c. v. s. we know how chuffed he gets when we score and win so why are you surprised he gets angry when we lose, oh no, hang on, it was an away draw.

I don't think we did enough in the transfer market. The two teams at the top spent well and their league position shows it. Luckily we weren't the only top team to not do too well in the transfer market. Spurs arsenal and Chelsea also failed to improve much.

I know we haven't seen much of AOC and I was happy when we signed him but I have to say, I can really hear people singing "what a waste of money" in six months time. I think AOC would look good coming into a side that are winning bit a side that aren't, I don't see him having that big an impact. I hope I'm wrong and I hope he starts soon, in a decent side and proves me wrong.

03 Oct 2017 20:32:45
Yet one or two bad mouth a player and we're all suddenly the worst fans in the world with zero loyalty! Personally I can overlook the Klopp comments because I enjoy the opinion of someone obviously knowledgeable with no need to pander to a fan base. It's the constant abuse of that fan base and then the "embarrassing and deflecting" comments when we respond that grates a bit. Leaves a sour taste for someone who's opinion and knowledge I really respect. C'est la vie we're all big boys!

03 Oct 2017 21:03:40
Isn't tris Edd1 Iam sure a long time ago he said his name was.

{Ed025's Note - not the same one walter, i can assure you mate..



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