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05 Oct 2017 07:13:10
This has probably been asked before, but I'm just curious as to what made all of you guys become supporters of this club.

Obviously some hail from the area, while others such as myself became supporters for various other reasons.

Mine was because I loved watching Ray Houghton play for the ROI and this then got me interested in Liverpool FC.
When I saw them play for the first time I was mesmerised.

Grobbelaar, Hanson, Nicol, McMahon, Whelan (not Glenn lol), Houghton, BARNES (my god what a player), Beardsley (outstanding), King Kenny, Rush, Aldridge and even Rosenthal.
What a group of exciting players.

Then there was the stadium, I simply fell in love with it immediately, from the red nets to the red seats - I was mesmerised.

Then there was the fans, the atmospheres they produced, the singing, the sportsmanship of when they stayed back in the stadium to applaud Arsenal when they stole the title from us in 1989 with the last kick of the season.

"You'll never walk alone. "
There was nothing like this club anywhere from what I saw and that's still the case now 30 years later.

I'd be interested to hear any of your reasons for falling in love with LFC if you want to share below, or any other club's supporters are more than welcome to express why they became fans of their preferred choice.


{Ed001's Note - because I either supported Liverpool or me ma would have disowned me and made me sleep on the streets....}

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05 Oct 2017 07:25:57
I'd suggest that's as good a reason as any mate lol.
Never, NEVER upset the ma!
I think I can even remember the first match I watched, it was either a 4 nil away win against Boro with a hattrick for Aldridge if memory serves, or a 3-2 home win against Southampton.
Jimmy Case actually scored in that game against us and Houghton scored the winner about 8 minutes from time with a cross shot from the edge of the box - oh the memories lol!

{Ed025's Note - i am a man of the people kev so its obvious why i support the "peoples club", a born and bred scouser i got my calling nearly 60 years ago and although its not been easy at times my love for them never wanes, evertonians are born not manufactured mate, favourite player...bob latchford..

05 Oct 2017 07:45:17
I had no choice either, I basically grew up around a Liverpool family so that's who I supported lol.

05 Oct 2017 08:06:04
My two brothers are a few years older than me Corleone, they supported Arsenal and Man Utd.

They were obsessed with Charlie George, George Graham, Charlie Nicholas, Bryan Robson, Brian McClair, Mal Donaghy and the likes - they never even slightly turned my head lol.

05 Oct 2017 08:15:55
Fell in love with the color, fans and anthem. Fowler was one of the main reason. I was so much obsessed with him that I started supporting Leeds when he went to them as my second team!
You don’t chose liveroool, Liverpool chose you.
But these days I am obsessed with Ed025 😄😄😄. I am gutted he is not a LFC fan. Ed01 should take him to his mom!

05 Oct 2017 09:44:36
Yep had no say in the matter whatsoever 😂
Remember seeing my first match at anfield, it was a 2-0 win against Middlesbrough, Owen and Berger scoring, remember being quite young and sitting quite close to the boro fans, heard some industrial language that day.
Can't remember my first game on tv though, going back a long time for that.

05 Oct 2017 09:46:41
As a young boy I used to sit down with my grandad who watched a lot of football. We enjoyed the team in red as they acted like the ball belonged to them and soon I learnt the names of the players I was watching - Barnes, Beardsley, Rush with Kenny coming on for a cameo.

05 Oct 2017 10:20:49
I remember watching World of Sport with Dickie Davies one Saturday and there was a clip of Liverpool from the the previous week so I said to my older brother Dessie"Who's that team in the Red? and when he told me I asked were they any good and his word's back to me were"They're the best team in the world little brother"and I was sold.

05 Oct 2017 10:28:05
You don't choose the club it chooses you.

05 Oct 2017 10:35:44
Growing up in South Africa, in the early 80s, we didn't have much English football screened as we do now. I vaguely remember watching a match for the 1st time. Liverpool vs Millwall. Fa cup I think. Barnes scored a free kick. Grobelar made a few good saves. As 1 of the guys said above, you don't find Liverpool. Liverpool finds you.

05 Oct 2017 11:55:48
One of my best friends is a Gooner. I had no team but took a rooting interest while watching fa cup final in 2000.
Then I became a die-hard bleed LFC 2004/ 2005, during Champions League. I worked for a couple of guys from Italy, who were very arrogant about how Italy is the best at everything, the USA sucks, England sucks etc. So Andre support Juve, ran his mouth over the 2 legs and lost. His older brother Mike, and Andre ran there mouths about the final, and bet me 100 each. We were at a pub in Pittsburgh for Istanbul. At halftime they were gloating and rubbing it in. Then the rest is history. I collect my winnings, and have loved the with all my heart since then.
I have my 4 and 3 year olds watch with me and sing during the games. When they come to the States I travel to see them.
I absolutely love this club, and all of you and the Eds.
Matt in FL.

05 Oct 2017 12:32:46
When I was six I had no interest in football but every kid I knew said they supported Liverpool (it was the mid-80s) so I said I supported them to. 10 years later I got into football in a major way and, as I had no local team (I didn't live in Putney then) Liverpool remained my team. Fowler, Redknapp and McManaman were my first heroes.

05 Oct 2017 12:59:33
I grew up in Zimbabwe and supported Liverpool because of Grobs and Liverpool we’re pretty much the only team getting real airtime. been in love ever since and the 2005 CL final was one of the most memorable nights ever, as well as watching every minute of 2013 season and hardly miss a game even if rarely make it to Anfield due to distance (now based in Asia) .

Hearing YNWA, watching the fans sing it, and seeing the history and the respect afforded the players and staff that made it what it is today is what makes me proudest to support this club, it’s another level to share that love for the club.

05 Oct 2017 14:53:26
Who needs a reason? The answer is simple - BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE!

05 Oct 2017 15:05:34
Started watching English football in the mid 90's as a 10yr old.

I'm Australian so we really only saw an hourly highlights show on every Monday night for the weeks games and FA cup finals.

I remember watching that highlights show and seeing Fowler for the first time. Was sold then and there that LFC was my team.

05 Oct 2017 08:00:24
The people's club? Tranmere?!

Ah that's nice that you support the 2nd biggest club in and around Liverpool mate, well done :)

Everton are a great club Ed025, they might be our nearest rivals but let's be honest, it's a friendly rivalry for most - nothing but respect from my end for them blues.

Maybe I'm just soft, but I always look out for Everton scores in the hope they've won (not while Rooney is with you though - not a particularly nice human being for me) .

{Ed025's Note - im not ringing him up to go for a bevvy anytime soon either kev, but he has had an excellent career mate..

05 Oct 2017 20:27:46
As a kid growing up in the 80's in Nigeria, they started showing MOTD games and as LFC games were always on and they always seemed to win all the time. The red jerseys, shorts and socks just stood out and there was KK, Rush, Johnston, McDermott, Souness and Grobbelaar playing and that was it. I became a Liverpool fan from age 8 and will NEVER look back come hell or high water, till I'm dead.

05 Oct 2017 21:33:27
Liverpool vs Everton FA Cup final in 85 i think it was. "Aussie" Craig Johnston scored. As an Aussie kid at the time, i was hooked.

06 Oct 2017 10:45:51
One of my parents friends is a big Utd fan and because I've always been gobby, I said I was a Liverpool fan when I was about 7-8. For no other reason than to wind him up. Unfortunately for me this was during the twilight of the Souness area so he had a fair few more bragging rights than me.

06 Oct 2017 10:46:50
Oh my favourite player was obviously Fowler. My childhood hero.

06 Oct 2017 10:50:44
Not really down to my parents, they're from Nigeria and not mad about football, unlike me. I'm born and raised in Huyton (St. Johns to be exact) and everyone is either red or blue (mostly red) . So basically me best mate who is a mad red got me supporting them when I was 4. Only a year later, his dad managed to get three season tickets and because my mate is an only child I got the third season ticket as a five year old, which I was so happy about at the time, because even then I knew my parents could never afford those tickets.

I still have that same season ticket and I go the match with them with the same season ticket. My mates dad unfortunately died, but he told me his dad wanted me to give my little brother his season ticket, which trust me, made a fourteen year olds Christmas.

06 Oct 2017 09:19:15
Sadly you're right there Ed025.

I can't take that away from him, much as I'd like to.

If you do go out for bevvys together, at least you'll have a designated driver after eh?! :)

{Ed025's Note - no way kev..hes got more points than everton mate..



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