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20 Feb 2021 19:55:40
Hope your ok Ed's 25 enjoy the moment you nullified us tonight.

{Ed025's Note - im good thanks ace (which is more than can be said about my computer), we played well mate and even though you played the better football we were far more effective and deserved to win mate, you have a lot of players out of form and if you had a stronger squad im sure klopp would have dropped a few of them, unfortunately injuries have blighted your season ace and the likes of mane, bobby and thiago need resting imo..

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22 Feb 2021 18:07:46
Nothing else you can say Ed025.

{Ed025's Note - its a hard time for the reds barry and i think the sooner this season is over the better for liverpool mate, you need to ship a few out and bring in a couple of new faces imo as i think its all gone a bit stale, keita, origi and ox should be first out the door and the likes of bobby, mane and thiago need to step up their games, i will give the last 3 the benefit of the doubt as this pandemic has been hard on players but all clubs are in the same boat.
Klopp needs to lighten up a bit and even though its not easy he is better than that and the sooner the happy go lucky jurgen is back the better..

22 Feb 2021 18:59:22
Agreed on the sooner this season is over the better. Naby and Divock I'll drive them out the gates myself. Ox I'll give one more season to prove himself. JK is under pressure and you know yourself mate is that when you are under pressure the smile goes it's human nature. Listen Ed025 it's not great at the moment but like what can we do? Absolutely bloody nothing just grin and bear it and look forward to next season with the squad and fans all back safe and healthy😁👍.

{Ed025's Note - i could not agree more barry mate..

22 Feb 2021 19:25:59
Definitely a few that need to go. Although he has been great I think milners time may be up, shaq, origi, Wini, Matip to go. Would rather buy a quality CB and keep Philips as 4th choice if he would be willing to stay. I think Keita will feature heavily for rest of the season so would like to see if he can stay fit and contribute before completely writing him off. One more rubbish injury and he can go though. 😂.

22 Feb 2021 19:17:10
Congratulations ed 25 mate deserved victory on Saturday we got exactly wat we deserved .
I agree with your analysis I also think whilst on top we were naive in thinking the same 11 could grind it out til the present day, when winning champs league and prem league u add quality in positions that need cover and build the squad . Not us though we now have too build from a position of weakness cos there is not a chance in hell we even getting top 6.

{Ed025's Note - cheers hailstones, imo you are still very much in the mix for top 4 and a couple of wins on the bounce changes everything, some of the players and even the manager at times look jaded mate and with the injury list along with the very testing schedule seems to be taking its toll.
Its difficult when players like bobby, sadio and the fullbacks are not at their best and the mifield is basically decimated, but you will come through this im have too much quality not to..

22 Feb 2021 19:36:45
Lord Almighty! How many more chances is Keita is going to get? It's the 3rd year where he has shown nothing. Absolutely nothing of any enduring value. And yet Minamino gets shipped off before a year is over, despite knowing that it would leave only Origi as cover. And even if he does play well this year (or what's left of it) and next year, he's going to ride out his contract and onto his next big payday. We applaud Edwards for the genius moves, but who do we address the dum*ass mistakes for?

22 Feb 2021 20:17:58
Nice one ed mate, I actually think looking at the performance and the vibe of the players on the pitch something doesn't seem rite too me something deeper than injuries as we would still see the quality shine through or the desire too not constantly have our pants ragged down an ass slapped as supposed champs. The tactics week in week out 433 same players we are crying out for a different look this has too come from the manager .

{Ed025's Note - i know it seems like an excuse hailstones but the likes of mane seem to be suffering from long covid, he has not been the same since he contacted it, and this has been a very intense schedule of games mate and the players look knackered, i know its the same for every club but with the injury pile up no one is getting a rest and you can see that in the performances to be honest..

22 Feb 2021 20:41:05
Ed25 is talking too much sense. Injuries are not excuses. They a a huge part and one Fichte biggest reasons for our struggles this season. We already had issues with mental and physical fatigue creeping into the team and with how injuries have decimated the team, everything starts from there.

Our level of injury crisis is not an excuse one can hide behind. It is a big reason amongst many, as to why we are here. If people can’t tell the diff then there is not much more that can be done.

22 Feb 2021 20:53:22
I read u saying that ed in earlier posts a while back and at 1st I thought u were taking the mick but u could definitely have a point along with trent, but as you have said mane seems like a shell of himself and attitude looks off, firmino has been stealing a living for 2 seasons whilst salahs statistics are sound, it's a madness mate honestly how can we drop off the back of a cliff so quick, from the palace game onwards it's been down tools literally.

{Ed025's Note - its a bit of a rut hailstones, when things are not going for you its very difficult to break out of it especially when things like hendo,s hamstring just compounds things, i think if you get jota back and fab it will make a massive difference, but the fringe players have to step up as well and take some responsibility especially the likes of keita and the ox who are seasoned professionals mate..

22 Feb 2021 19:30:07
Barry just out of curiosity mate. Why would you drive Naby out and give Ox 1 more season. Both have offered nothing this season. I appreciate it could be Ox has credit in the bank from a few seasons ago but surely Origi should also fall under that same umbrella. I’m not saying any of them deserve to stay just wondering on why Ox seems to get a pass and the other 2 not mate.

22 Feb 2021 22:03:51
It's more of a personal thing I have for Ox and I'll explain. When it was announced that Ox was coming to Liverpool to say that I had a meltdown is a slight understatement, I mean I was fuming mate. So fast forward to prior his injury I'd say I was on this site saying how much Ox made me eat my words. I said some nasty things about him because I was judging him on his Arsenal career which was wrong, so that's Ox explained. Now as for Naby I was in his corner from day 1.People were on his back and I said no he's a class player etc etc but it just hasn't happened and I've lost believe that it ever will mate. Now Divock is a legend Barcelona and the final enough said but for him personally he needs to go to get regular football because he owes the club zilch. I hope that explained it all JK23😁👍.

22 Feb 2021 22:59:52
Barry spot on mate 👍. For me I wouldn’t be disappointed to see all 3 of them leave and replaced. Ox was very good in his first season and origi has had a few special moments in a very long LFC career (think he’s one of our longest serving) and it’s just never happened for Naby. Unfortunately if we want to get back to the summit we have to take sentiment out and be a bit more ruthless.

{Ed0666's Note - that’s all well and good but you have to find buyers who will pay a transfer fee and a salary to players who are injury prone or not that good.

23 Feb 2021 09:22:25
Ed066 that's why Edwards gets paid the big bucks. To find answers to this problem. Agree though it'll be hard to find a buyer at the price we probable want for each player.

{Ed0666's Note - improbable more like mate. Market forces will see to that. Would you take a risk on The Ox, Keita or Keita if you had a small budget?



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