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25 Jun 2022 08:52:46
Question for Ed 1 and Ed 666.

. And the gallery, of course.

Salah to RM may or may not be happening, but it does sound like the club is resigned to his leaving this summer or next. Personally, I'm fine with it.

I think the club have been wise to get the new blood (Jota, Diaz) in early. If Salah stays another year then Nunez will have a bit of time bed in also before the end of this cycle.

Not trolling at all, but look at Chelsea with Lukaku and even Werner, it hasn't worked out, no transition, and now they will throw money at it again.

With Nunez coming in, do you think JK is looking to evolve our game? New format in attack? Or are we still going to look for goals from a front three, whatever form that may take?

Would Jota be a starter or are we going to look to another when Salah goes?

Many thanks for your input, always.

{Ed0666's Note - I think the very big transfer of Nunez gives and indication we go 4321. I really think Nunez is gonna be his Lewa at Dortmund. He’s gonna have two in midfield doing the donkey work and supporting the full backs defensively and when they go further up the field which will afford us four attackers in theory. The problem with this formation is you need your midfield to be super disciplined and savvy let’s hope Naby bucks up his ideas.

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25 Jun 2022 13:10:58
Ed666. Do u mean 4231?

{Ed0666's Note - yes i wrote it at 5am so I was still half asleep mate ?

25 Jun 2022 14:33:59
One way or another it’s starting to feel like it could be a very significant season for Liverpool under Klopp.
The loss of some players who’ve played a major part in the success to date, new younger players to assimilate with a possible further evolvement of style, all set against a backdrop of a World Cup-interrupted season and continued major investment by Man City.

25 Jun 2022 15:38:40
Ed6666. Thought so! Although for a minute I thought u changing system completely to get jota into team. ?
On serious note I see u reckon we better off selling Salah now, I can see where u coming from but big risk selling mane+ salah in the same window, that's 55 goals to be replaced from last season, and goodness knows how many assists.
On the 4231 system, we certainly have the players to play it. hendo, fab, thiago and possibly morton for the 2 and elliot, jones, carvalho all can play a role in the 3.

{Ed0666's Note - The big moan for me this pre season is not signing a quality midfielder to replace Fab when he’s out. But if we play 4231 this negates the need for a fab replacement as you have Hendo. Admittedly he hasn’t the same attributes as Fab in that position but realistically which midfielder whose worth his salt is gonna come and play 10-15 games a season and be a de facto understudy? If we play this new system we have enough depth and all signs are that we will indeed Pep has intimated as such. Also don’t forget there’s 5 subs allowed now so we l see a lot of The Ox, Elliot and Jones who are all midfielders. Am I the only one that hates that 5 subs rule? For me it’s messes up the whole dynamic and flow of a game. I am not a fan at all.

25 Jun 2022 15:45:54
Yeh Juice, this is definitely the start of Klopps 2nd team now. I think it’ll be a good season, we can manage with what we already have if we change the formation to 4231, but for me if it’s the usual 433 then we need that midfielder to win the league.

{Ed0666's Note - yeh it seems they are evolving the team in two seasons. Attack first (Nunez, Carvalho, Diaz) and midfield next summer when keita, The Ox will be out of contract, Thiago getting older, Milner leaving. I think Hendo will replace Milner as the captain that doesent play too often a few cameos off the bench but commands upmost respect on and off the pitch. I think the midfield next season will see an emphatic overhaul.

25 Jun 2022 16:34:15
Yeah ed666 if we go til 4231 u can certainly see a lot of benefits on paper, whether materialises on grass is something we will have to wait for. On the 5 subs rule I think if the authorities want the top players playing 60-70 games a season I don't see much way around it.

{Ed0666's Note - still don’t line it mate. 5 subs is too much. 4 would be better for me.

25 Jun 2022 18:16:01
Don't like it as we rely a lot on building momentum. The amount of in play time is reducing already. Seemed to be a growing trend of a team pretending to be bringing on a sub and then don't or change their mind who's coming off or going on. Think it will ruin the last 10 minutes of games and should be restricted to 1 sub each after 80 minutes.

25 Jun 2022 20:20:00
Ed0666, I undersand your concerns about the flow of the game, but the other side is the 5 subs rule will not only help utilize the squad more, but probably make people understand why 25 players are needed for a squad. The Eds know more than most, how often people on these pages restrict their thinking to the starting 11 only, as if that is the only thing that matters for a match. And even if there are only one or two substitutes in a game (which happens), I think that there's more time wasting and game-flow destruction due to the players already on the field.

Given that FIFA has allowed the full reserves to be played at the next World Cup in Qatar, I'll bet you anything that this is going to start seeping into the domestic leagues everywhere, bit by bit. They're allowing a squad of 26 players, 11 of which start the game, and any 5 of the 15 remaining, can enter the game as a substitute. I'm trying to figure out what the angle is here, but haven't found one yet. Clearly the richer clubs would benefit more from this than those who are not, but would FIFA and UEFA be so open and blatant about such a bias? There's got to be something else to this.

{Ed0666's Note - soon it will be American football mate and the ethos, soul and pleasure will have gone out of the game. In the CL final I had no clue who was on the pitch late in the game. It may benefit the players but for me the enjoyment isn’t there. Four subs would be a happy medium for me. Maybe there’s no angle maybe they are looking at player welfare or maybe there is a Machiavellian side to the decision? I really don’t care to be honest because I’ll be done with football probably tje to w when klopp leaves.

25 Jun 2022 21:45:35
He's extended twice, Ed0666. Watch him do it thrice, LOL. You're stuck with the game, whichever way it is played, then. ?.

26 Jun 2022 03:14:41
What quality midfielders can we sign to replace Fabinho when he is out lol.



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