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25 Jun 2022 22:02:19
"Factory workers can complain, not Guardiola and Klopp" . That's UEFA President Ceferin replying to their complaints about fixture congestion and number of games.

You would think that after the Super League episode, UEFA would have learnt to tone down the authoritarian dictation and not look for public confrontation. I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors between UEFA and the clubs, but I'm guessing it's much worse than what comes out to the public. No wonder clubs want to go out on their own. If I was a club owner I would see them as simple organizers and facilitators, nothing more.

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25 Jun 2022 22:32:41
UEFA, Fifa and club owners are greedy. Of course they are going to clash as none want to share the wealth or power with the other.

25 Jun 2022 23:32:11
Yes JK, as far as all these guys are concerned it was always about the money and only the money.

26 Jun 2022 00:35:19
Spot on JK. UEFA are quick to play the morale high ground card when the super league came about, but are just as bad themselves and much like politicians, all feathering their own nests.

26 Jun 2022 12:54:40
This is the same as what’s going on with golf. The establishment don’t like the newcomers after their money printing machine so they make loads of negative pr and spin it anyway they can to try and win a public opinion war and if they do the newcomer is dead aka super league but if the players/ clubs really are brave and are prepared in a way they obviously weren’t the first time around then it can work aka liv golf. The super league would work if they did this: quadruple every player’s current salary as compensation for being banned from internationals, any player who doesn’t want to partake is available on a bosman. And it must start immediately there can be no period of time for the establishment uefa/ fifa/ sky to pr destroy it. Plain and simple the statement comes out and says: we withdraw from all your competitions with immediate effect, these players are signed to come with us, these players are not and are available as free agents. 40 game season starts in 2 weeks tickets available here, fixture list here, managers/ captains interviews, watch it all live here.

26 Jun 2022 15:00:49
UEFA cannot be taken seriously by the top clubs while Nasser Al-Khelaifi has a role with them.

26 Jun 2022 20:22:07
It is better to be silent and be thought of as a fool, than it is to open one’s and hence, remove all doubt.



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