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15 Sep 2017 16:07:44
"For the first goal we made five mistakes before the last mistake, " This is what Klopp said. Can somebody please tell him that it is the mistakes by the DEFENDERS that end up costing us. It seems to me he absolves the defenders from all responsibility. So if four players make a mistake, say in midfield, does that mean the defender is ok to make a mistake from which we concede. This is worrying guys. Klopp has his head buried in the sand and will never blame the defenders for their mistakes.

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15 Sep 2017 16:25:37
Bloody Ostrich, is Klopp.

15 Sep 2017 16:26:54
Of course he won't publicly rip his players, what purpose would that serve? Do you want them to lose motivation completely?
The fans give them enough stick publicly in any case so they're very much aware when they've made mistakes, so no need for Klopp to add to it.
Sometimes, if you make a clanger at work, isn't it nice that your boss comes to you and speaks to you directly about it. Lovren is supposed to be having a terrible time in his personal life at the moment - not going into it here. He has other things on his mind perhaps, he is human after all. I'm not making excuses for him, but everyone is different. Maybe he needs the arm around the shoulder, Klopp knows better than you and me.
If he can get him back to his form he had at Southampton, he'll be an asset.

{Ed001's Note - any manager that rips into his team publicly will quickly lose the dressing room.}

15 Sep 2017 16:32:30
I think we can all agree that Lovren is not at the standard any of us would like. That being said, I see that statement as trying to preserve what little confidence Dejan has left. Were you expecting "its all Lovren's fault, he's garbage"? If the manager publicly throws him under the bus he'll be less value than he is already. unfortunately we are going to need him the rest of the season.

15 Sep 2017 16:15:32
Urm he is right. How is that burying his head?! Smh.

15 Sep 2017 16:22:14
Perhaps klopp sees that the more the cbs get knocked the more confidence they lose and the worse they play, hence getting knocked even more etc. And klopp is deflecting that blame and looking after his players. Exactly what you want your manager to do.

15 Sep 2017 16:46:55
Well speaking from experience if you are having serious issues in your personal life and no matter how hard you try not to let it effect your work it can be extremely difficult. He is as you say only human after all folks.

15 Sep 2017 16:57:37
Exactly Ed001.
Sometimes I wonder if posters on here have ever played a team sport or worked in a team environment. Must be great fun working/ playing with them if you make errors and get humiliated on a regular basis, I hear it's great for team spirit/ morale. Where do I sign up lol.

15 Sep 2017 17:03:08
Klopp is right. There were opportunities to stop the ball getting into the box. That does not absolve any defender from their duties, merely stating that other players also could have done better.

15 Sep 2017 17:08:57
The manager can't prevent an individual from screwing up a simple clearance, but he can look at the systemic issues which led to that and try to prevent them.

15 Sep 2017 17:10:14
He doesn't need to rip into them, but clearly whatever he's trying is not helping the defence improve concentration, forcing them to communicate better with each other or building team spirit (see Matip just throwing the young guys next to him to the wolves over and over) . I don't expect him to just throw them to the wolves but maybe it's time to let them feel a little of the public opinion of them? I don't know but something different needs to happen.

15 Sep 2017 17:27:30
Exactly BarryinLouth mate.
I feel for him a bit.
Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, either at Melwood or at home.
They're no different than you and I.
They just can usually kick a ball cleaner than us and get a bigger pay cheque.
I think some people think that because they play football professionally, they can abuse them all day every day.
If Lovren scores tomorrow (unlikely I know being a CB) or is man of the match, how many will come on here and give the guy props?
Little to none I reckon.

15 Sep 2017 17:28:41
We ripped Brendan for making similar quotes in public. Time changes 😎😎as well priorities!

{Ed001's Note - no we didn't. Rodgers got ripped for blaming the players constantly for every bad thing. Bit like he did midweek when Celtic got their arse handed to them, it was all down to the players and not Rodgers fault. It never is.}

15 Sep 2017 17:58:09
Ed01 - please give Brenda bashing a break.

Fans were overly critical of him when he was here and Klopp is getting there slowly.

Wonder if Klopp's profile has already taken a beating.

Any big club would be vary of considering him given his current status with us.

Hope he gets it correct sooner and leads us to atleast some title. We will take anything at this rate.


{Ed001's Note - I wasn't bashing him, not that it is anything to do with you. Brendan deserved the criticism because he takes all the credit and refuses to take the blame. I was merely pointing out that no one was criticising Brendan for defending his players as he never did that. But, if I did choose to bash him, then that is my choice and nothing to do with you.}

15 Sep 2017 18:16:26
More worryingly Klopp has said Mig is still his no1. This must mean he is back in goal for tomorrow. Burnely's chances of getting something have just improved.

15 Sep 2017 18:17:27
It's football. Every single team in the history of the sport has conceded goals. Ok man city wasn't great, far from it but if city had lost an important player to red card I think we would have turned them over. Apart from that we've been pretty good. Plenty of reason for optimism. We seven games two draws ONE loss and four wins. And we've played and we have played five games against teams that are near the top end of their respective leagues. Things are going okay. Our next two league games look very winnable and we will be back in the top four if we do win them (probably) chill peeps. I would hate to see what it's like here if we lose three, four games in a row. I think the team looks good. We have exciting new talent breaking into the first team. We have our record signing already firing on all cylinders. We have cout's coming back into the fold. It's all good atm. No need to worry.

15 Sep 2017 18:55:17
Suppered I was going to ask you what colour glasses you wear but I'm guessing they're red tinted 😉. Love your optimism mate but surely you can see the amount of criticism the keeper and defence get from all angles is normally justified.

15 Sep 2017 19:26:40
When will people realise that what a manager says in public or to the press is completely different to what he'll be saying behind closed doors.

Are we really that naive that we hang on every word and believe everything they say?

Klopp knows we need quality defenders, you'd have to be blind not to but he's not going publicly lambast the players and shatter their already fragile confidence. You can bet he's told them the way they are performing is not good enough behind closed doors though.

15 Sep 2017 20:10:09
They are our weakest positions jayden, yes. But what can we do about it now? Moaning and knocking them will only make the problem worse. Not saying they don't deserve criticism but they have had that. Move on and back our team I say. And karius has looked ok in games he has played. If we stick with him and stop this rotation I don't think gk will be an issue. I no longer feel light headed at set pieces with loris in the sticks.

15 Sep 2017 21:00:33
Lovely posts on here, guys. Harry, BR has not changed. He is still the coward that he is as nothing that goes wrong is ever his fault and everything that goes well is to his credit. Klopp does not do any of that. He is defending his players by deflecting which all managers d cos he needs them to perform for him. You hero Mou got himself sacked by trashing his own players at RM and Chelsea so clearly, Klopp is smarter than him on this front so leave Klopp alone on this one as we all know you can't stand the guy.

Now, I hope people realize why Klopp says what he says in the media and never slates the players cos their confidence is already low at the moment. What do you expect him to do when he knows he's going to need these same players to perform tmrw? Slash them and then kill their confidence completely? There's a reason fans are not managers and should never be allowed to manage as they have no clue why managers do and say what they do or say.

Klopp knows we need better CB's and is clearly working on VVD coming in while he already has Naby coming into midfield next summer. We are not the finished article yet so patience is needed. Our boys need us to cheer them to victory so let's put all the crap to the side and support our team and please to those going to Anfield tmrw, don't boo the boys cos that will definitely not help them.

15 Sep 2017 21:11:49
Superred I agree mate and I support all of the players at LFC but like you said they do deserve criticism when they underperform, especially when they are earning more in a week than most people do in 5 years, it's part and parcel of the game and it comes with the territory. The divide between players and fans these days is so far now I honestly don't think what any fan says is even a drop in the ocean to them. Christ most players will get booed by 40 thousand plus opposition fans most weeks and they take it with a pinch of salt. Cheering or moaning about your team is what makes us fans love the game so much and makes us so passionate. Whether we win and we are overhyping the players or lose and we're acting like it's the end of the world it doesn't make us people bad supporters it just makes us fans.

15 Sep 2017 22:22:12
Well said jayden. I totally understand. The truth is I am concerned with our cbs. I don't think they're as bad as some are making them out to be but they have been poor. I could actually see lovren's confidence falling away against seville and that, to me, is very worrying. We can't sign anyone new, there is nowhere to turn so we have to get the best out of what we have.

When lovren scored that header in europa league, he was buzzing and a firm fan's favourite and he played really well for quite a while after that. Confidence is MASSIVE for cbs. They have to make split second decisions and the wrong choice can mean the difference between 3 pts or 1. 1 pt or none.

I believe the more he is knocked the worse those decisions could be and that worries me. Yours was a very good post and I agree about the gap between players and fans but we as fans can help dejan, even in a small way, to make the right choices and help us win games. I was really proud of the kop singing "Bobby firmino" after he missed the penalty, liverpool fans are among the greatest in football imo and that showed, in part, why.

I'd like to see the same support shown to lovren and matip and even klavan as I LOVE liverpool football club and I think this group and our manager can achieve big things. If we were in a crisis I wouldn't necessarily feel this way but I don't think we are, in fact if you take away the city game I'd say we are having a really good season so far.

Even as it is I think there is still a massive chance we will win the league or at least improve on last seasons fourth place finish. Yes I may have rose tinted glasses a lot of the time but is that not part of being a fan too?

15 Sep 2017 23:20:24
Good post Superred.

15 Sep 2017 22:35:42
Personally I thought Can was fouled in the buildup to the first goal, the lad slid right through on him. I'm not defending our mistakes by the way but it doesn't help when you don't get decisions, anyone else think it was a clear foul on the follow through?

15 Sep 2017 22:59:22
Rodgers' ego and his blind self promotion is his undoing,

The reason he went to Celtic was that was the only way he could get near the champions league,

He is advertising himself to the top clubs in Europe, His criticism of his team and not him stinks of someone who thinks I'm here with these underdogs but imagine if I was at a better club.

16 Sep 2017 00:29:28
Sorry if I'm sounding heartless here but if players are not in the right frame of mind due to personal issues then it is the responsibility of the manager to put the team first and let the individual sit out the game . If I am to be totally honest Lovren has been dire since forever, a mistake waiting to happen . No time for sentiment unfortunately in this day and age . The only thing that keeps players performance levels high is the fear of being dropped due to competition for places in a squad . The fact that there isn't quality competition for Matip, Lovern and Klavan rests squarely on Klopps shoulders .

In spite of this I remain committed to supporting the manager and any player that gives 100% commitment and effort for the team . It's been too long since we have added to our trophy cabinet .

{Ed001's Note - if you were being fair, you would remember that you are talking crap about Lovren. He has never been dire all the time, that is the problem, he is inconsistent. One game he can be good, the next he will make silly errors. The Derby, for instance, he was excellent, maybe even the best player on the pitch, as he smothered Lukaku completely. So, to be fair, you would not just say he was 'dire since forever' as that is not in any way fair.}

16 Sep 2017 07:03:27
Fair enough Ed, I conceded that my response was a bit over the top . I just can't help feeling frustrated that I am rarely ever are ease with his defending and those outstanding games are too few and far between . I would love him to make me eat my words because ultimately all that matters is that the team win matches.

{Ed001's Note - the way we play, it is just never going to happen that you are ever at ease. Mind, even when we dominated it was usually as a result of late goals that we picked up the wins, so I doubt if LFC has ever been a club that you can be at ease watching.}

16 Sep 2017 08:19:54
By the way Ed01 I have massive respect for you mate, I can't thank you enough for giving me the forum to discuss these issues that with other reds from around the world who are united behind our beloved team . I suffer from clinical depression and believe it or not I find this forum therapeutic . God bless you mate for the good work you are doing . I don't expect you to post this, that is not the intention . I just wanted to tell you THANKS!

{Ed001's Note - wow thank you mate. I am glad it helps, though I am surprised it is therapeutic, most of the time I find it quite the opposite! I wasn't sure whether to post this or not, as you might have wanted it to remain private, but then I remembered something I was told about depression etc, that knowing there are other people in the same boat helps people to deal with it. So maybe someone will read it and feel better and know it is ok to talk about their problems. The biggest step is always to admit you need help after all.}

16 Sep 2017 08:49:00
No worries Ed.

{Ed001's Note - and thank you again mate. It is always good to know that our work here is appreciated. It is this kind of thing that keeps me getting up at 7am each morning during the winter, when the matches only finish at 2am and I have been busy editing for an hour or 2 afterwards before I could go to sleep. Knowing it actually matters to someone else makes waking up much much easier.}

16 Sep 2017 13:00:35
Piaray, my prayers are with you through your situation right now. My mum battled depression for over two years and nearly cost her her life. It was horrible and scary. Now, she is WAY better due to therapy, medicine and family help. I can relate.

I hope you continue to come on this site and post your opinions even if I don't agree with them. The fact that you are able to find some form of comfort and peace on this forum fills me with great joy. Keep your head up, mate and may the good Lord continue to keep you! Peace and Love, my brother!



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