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13 Nov 2017 08:23:37
Cannot wait to see Lallana back. Even if it is just off the bench, his relentless pressing rubs off on other players in the team.

I saw yesterday he was accused of being a poor passer. I think it is fair to see he doesn't have a great passing range, but he is very good at the neat short game around the box which is what we've lacked at times this season.

He links up so well with Firmino, and i can see him and Salah linking well also as Salah likes playing a ball into feet and making a dart in the box hoping for a flicked one-two. Lallana excels at that. Those little flicks, added to his skilful turns and close control make him a nightmare around the box as you risk fouling him if you over commit. His feet are just so quick.

His goal return also isn't bad because he is willing to put himself in there when things get scrappy, and occassionally pulls a stunner out the hat! I won't say we've sorely missed him, but getting a player of that quality back mid-season is always a bonus. Maybe he isn't even first choice anymore, but he is still a very good player who boosts the squad.

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13 Nov 2017 08:32:20
Yeah I can't wait for him to return mate, he'll be a breath of fresh air. I feel he's another one who's underrated quite alot. Any idea when he does actually return?

13 Nov 2017 08:34:24
He is a decent CAM who excells when they team is bossing in possession. He also requires space to operate and I don’t know why people think he works like a magician in tight spaces. No he doesn’t! His passing range is bang average one of the main reason he doesn’t drop into the middle to pick the ball forward. I like him for what he does to the team! If someone think he will replace Coutinho then you are living in dream land. He works hard which is a bonus! He is good in link ups play! He is technically one of the best English players currently!

13 Nov 2017 08:58:47
I haven't seen anybody say he will be replacing Coutinho Harry.

13 Nov 2017 09:01:33
I like his energy but in truth, I don't think he's a bad passer at all. I think it's his decision making which is a problem. He can move the ball quickly but far often than not delays the pass or runs past a player instead of moving the ball to a lad further up. He can do some really good things on the pitch and I think he has improved but I think we struggle with a quick counter attack.

13 Nov 2017 09:30:52
Moreover He is 30 and personally I would have sold him last summer. Woodburn should and must replace Lallana if he has any chance to to make it to first team! 5 year contract for a 30 year old player is not what I would prefer personally!

13 Nov 2017 09:36:51
I think he started training last Friday Corleone.

Harry, Salah replaced Coutinho. You keep saying Coutinho is a midfielder but the FACT is, he has predominantly been a wide forward for us.

Lallana plays in one of the advanced midfield positions where Klopp prioritises the ability to press effectively. Even at Southampton, Lallana played as basically a second striker behind Lambert. He has never been a midfield playmaker.

In possession, he gets as close to the forward line as he can to link the play, and out of possession he puts pressure on the ball. He is creative, but not really a playmaker.

Our midfield as been like a flat line this season. It makes them turgid in possession, and easy to bypass defensively. Lallana breaks the straight line up and puts pressure on the ball higher up pitch. It gives the likes of Henderson more options for a forward pass, and defensively it means the opposition have to get past 2 banks in midfield before they get directly at the defence.

Lallana gives us balance in the 4-3-3. In that system, he is first name on my team sheet to be honest (with our current squad options) . In the 4-4-1-1 we played at West Ham though, i think Lallana only really suits the second striker position Firmino played in behind Salah. As Firmino is better i wouldn't have Lallana starting in that system.

You are very harsh on him Harry. He is a good player. Though aoe nailed it regarding his decision making which can be slow at times. A balanced team is better than shoehorning in all your stars though. Coutinho would probably start in midfield if he could be bothered but with his attitude the way it is, I'd rather have a Lallana lacking match fitness coming off the bench!

13 Nov 2017 10:16:56
Cheers MK, good to know he's back in training, hopefully see him on the pitch again soon.

13 Nov 2017 10:26:09
Harry stop obsessing about Coutinho and bringing him into every conversation. the situation of Lallana returning has nothing to do with Coutinho yet you find a way to make it about him again.

13 Nov 2017 12:51:10
Harry what is your issue with Lallana being 30?

Why have a handful of Liverpool supporters developed this new found obsession with young players? A footballers best years are generally between 27-33 years of age. It is a time when they are still at their physical peak, but vastly experienced.

Our oldest outfield players are Milner and Klavan. None of our first choice starting XI are over 30. Yet people wonder why we lack leaders and game management skills?

Why do you think Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham win nothing? We're all serial bottle jobs because our teams are comparatively inexperienced to Chelsea and the Manchester sides. We sell our best players when they reach their prime or get 'too old' and then replace them with more young players to groom until they too get sold. I'm sick of it.

30 is not old. We haven't won anything since we had Carragher, Agger, Reina, Gerrard, Bellamy, Maxi, and Kuyt. We replaced them all with kids and look at where it's got us.

Our oldest players in our first choice XI are Mignolet, Lallana and Lovren at 29. They should be our leaders, setting the example to the younger guys, showing composure, managing the game on the pitch. Unfortunately, 2 of our most experienced first choice players are liabilities. Therefore, Lallana is vital to us for his leadership and experience if nothing else.

Only having 2 players aged over 30 at the club is ridiculous and it is no wonder our teams lacks leadership and experience. Leadership isn't exclusive to older players, but it does clearly become more common in the older players. Sorry lads, rant over. That subject just really grinds my gears.

13 Nov 2017 13:02:04
The last major trophy we won, we had Dudek, Finnan, Hyypia, Hamann and Smicer around 30+years old.

We also had Gerrard, Alonso, Traore, Cisse, Carragher, Riise, Baros, Kewell and Garcia all mid to late 20's. Absolutely unreal that some people expect to get back to that level by selling anyone who dares to turn 29 years old!

13 Nov 2017 13:38:05
I am not saying i agree with eithers opinion on age of a player but Bob paisley would look to move on players passing 30.I think he once said he would prefer a player to lose his legs on somebody else field.
I agree that in these times that having experienced players in the squad is a good thing but offering long contracts to 30 somethings is a no no for me.

13 Nov 2017 13:58:54
Bob Paisley moved players on who got too old because in those days it wasn't so much a squad game, and it also wasn't as expensive to refresh your team every 12-24 months.

Nowadays, you can have a 36 year old in the squad who only plays 20 games a season. In Paisley's time, you usually had a much smaller squad so players needed to play more like 40 games a season.

It is also worth noting that in the 70's and 80's, medical science was nothing compared to today. So by 30 years old, most players were in bits playing with pins in joints, injections to fight pain, bad backs, volatile knees etc. Nowadays, players are under far less strain, so what was 30 in Paisley's day is more like 35-40 in the modern game.

Also, Paisley still made exceptions. Dalglish signed at 27 years old and played well into his 30's before turning player-manager.

I agree there is no right or wrong here. It's all opinions. For me though, modern players are protected so much and looked after so well that unless they have individual injury problems, you should easily be able to play until 35-40. Comparing eras throws up too many variables. Alonso retired at 36 and he was still the best midfielder in the world the day he hung up his boots, in my opinion.

13 Nov 2017 15:37:44
I think experience is important, but don't think lallana brings that, he's not a winner. We need someone who has been there and won things the experience needed to keep us cool when we're 1-0 up with ten left, or to bring us forward when we aren't playing well!

13 Nov 2017 17:14:11
Gerrard and Carragher had a couple of seasons too many for me. And i believe Bob Paisley would have edge them out sooner if he had been in charge. As for Kenny Dalglish he was actually dropped by Paisley in Bobs last season in charge so who knows if he would have played has many times for the reds if Paisley stayed in charge. No arguments about keeping players on short contracts in there 30s, as no one knows when them legs are going to go.

13 Nov 2017 19:06:30
Changed your tune on Lallana ey MK. A few months back you thought he should be nowhere near the team because he had a big mouth. Nice to see you broadening your horizons!
This isn't a dig by the way, I was appauled when we signed him. How he's proven so many doubters wrong.



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