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07 Oct 2019 01:46:16
Phil must have been wondering what he would have been had he stayed. im fine with salah going. there are many who can replace him. chiesla for one. but mane is more important. he tracks back regularly and does it so well. and firmino is also important. aww man its hard not to gush over each and every player of our team now.

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07 Oct 2019 03:08:41
Why are you suddenly bringing Coutinho up out of the blue? He left almost 2 years ago, get over it!

07 Oct 2019 05:02:37
If you think there are many players who can replace a 30 goal and 10 assist minimum a season player then you are greatly deceived. The only player I feel could replace what Salah does for us is Mbappe, his movement is exceptional, defenders fear him, he draws players towards him, he scores plenty, gets a reasonable number of assists and his pace means the opposition will always be wary of him.

To me that just says you underappreciate him. He's the record goal scorer in a single premier league season, a back to back golden boot winner and a PFA player of the year winner. Players that good don't come along too often.

The good thing for us is that we don't have to sell any of the world class players that make up our devastating front 3, so why even think about it?

{Ed001's Note - spot on Lemuel.}

07 Oct 2019 06:28:54
Cracking post, Lemuel.

07 Oct 2019 13:35:52
For years and years LFC fans have been giving each other ear bleeding with ranting over star players leaving and that we are a selling club and the owners are greedy **** etc. 1 major trophy later, we have become obsessed by the idea of selling Salah, our most talented player.

If we are to go through a period of success like Man City did, we need players like Salah, Mane, Firmino Alisson and VVD to stay for the long haul and do for us what Silva, Aguero, Yaya Toure, Zabaleta and Kompany did for City.

Let's aim to win all the trophies with the squad we have. Give them the longest possible contracts. Make them feel like they are at the best club in the world with the best fans. And when they start ageing then think about bringing in young players so they can transition over to the new blood gradually (a bit like David Silva is doing at City) .

{Ed047's Note - I’ve been amazed to see Liverpool fans saying they’d sell Salah, it’s like, really? Are you off your nut! 🤷‍♂️

07 Oct 2019 13:43:01
I just meant no one is irreplaceable.

{Ed047's Note - so you’d also happily swap out Mane and Firmino then, yes?

07 Oct 2019 15:19:31
My biggest gripe with Salah is that he just misses so many goals when for example Mane is more than likely to score.
It to me seems like Salah is making it all about him and not the team.
Cracking player and if he made better decisions would be even better.

07 Oct 2019 17:05:38
{Ed047's Note - so you’d also happily swap out Mane and Firmino then, yes?
Ed047, I think most of us mate don't want to sell anyone . but if the player wants to leave (Salah being an example apparently approaching Madrid etc) then so be it . let him go, get good money for him and replace him . I am with hhanif005, I would love this core of 14 to 15 players we have to stick around for 4 to 5 years winning few trophies but sometimes with player power there is little anyone can do . A question for you on related matter, what would you do with Ozil, probably the most (if not only) creative player in your Arsenal squad, but he is not pulling his weight in training . do you just keep him in the squad?

{Ed047's Note - I wasn’t aware he’d allegedly approached Madrid Roy, does that actually have any truth behind it, I can’t imagine he’d do that but that does make a difference if it’s the case.

As for Ozil it appears he can’t even make the match day squad, I’ve really no idea what’s going on with him but he has been very poor for a while. That’s a shame in itself because he’s so talented.

Therein lies the difference though, your talented players are turning up so there’s no chance you’d want rid.

Personally I’d say let him go, because Emery clearly doesn’t want him, get what money we can and bring in the best we can, freeing up his massive wage to do it.

When we now have, potentially a great front 3, he’s disappeared without trace!

07 Oct 2019 17:20:03
It's just the way the team is set up. For example, Salah does not track back as often as Mane, but I really think it is by design, otherwise Klopp would have done something about it. Even when Salah is pressing, I've noticed he backs off sooner than Firmino and Mane do against a player with the ball. And yet, Shaqiri is criticized right, left and center when he comes in for Salah and doesn't track back. It's just a case of Klopp allowing players to play to their greatest strengths. Salah scores goals. That's basically it. Klopp tells him to go out and do it.

07 Oct 2019 20:15:55
OP, what does Cou have to do with anything or with Salah leaving or staying? Think what you want about Salah BUT as Lemuel brilliantly said, if you think that we can just replace Salah (top 5 attacking talent in the world right now, IMO) with a wave of a hand then you are deceiving yourself.

The guy is a goal machine that ANY team would like to have on their books so you had better be happy he plays for LFC and be chuffed with what you have right now (Salah, Mane, Bobbie and the lot) cos it won't last forever. As for Cou, he is old news so ls, leave him there before you start sounding like you're obsessed with him.

07 Oct 2019 18:16:38
Ed047, Ed002 has told us of Salahs agent approaching Madrid and Barcelona about a move countless times.

07 Oct 2019 18:29:52
{Ed047's Note - I wasn’t aware he’d allegedly approached Madrid Roy,

We were reliably informed by the football fountain of knowledge that goes by the name Ed002, Apparently Salah agent approached Real more than once and knocked on other doors as well . Saying that I am hoping all of this was before he lifted the CL and now knows he is in a place where he can win trophies and is adored by the fans . He is a nice guy and he is very hard worker a very talented footballer . yes he is selfish but all strikers are .

{Ed047's Note - Roy, Ghost, Epic thanks for all your replies, obviously had my head in the sand with this one, like you say now you’ve won the CL and with seasons form he’ll realise he’s got everything he needs with you guys.

It really does surprise it’s happened though. I guess as always lots of money talks.

07 Oct 2019 18:48:28
Ed047. Apparently Salah's agent has been flirting him with Madrid, but Salah's demands are ridiculous and Madrid aren't prepared to meet them by a long shot.

As to Salah leaving, it would obviously have to fetch a huge sum which leaves very few clubs as viable options. Barca, Real, PSG, Bayern and Juventus and that's probably it. We wouldn't sell to a UK club in the next 2-3 years anyway. His options look very limited if he really wants to move on.

07 Oct 2019 23:02:30
Salah would be 28 years old next summer. If you were Barca, Real, PSG, Bayern or Juventus would you be so eager and willing to spend, say around, 150 Million (I don't think that's too far fetched for a UCL and double Golden boot winner) and the incremental salary he would want? I don't think it's such a cut and dried situation where any of these clubs would jump at it so eagerly. It could happen of course, but I think his appeal as a football commodity goes down massively the closer he comes to age 30. He's in the "sweet spot" of his career right now.

08 Oct 2019 10:41:46
ArAY, of course those clubs will pay big fees for players at their peak, hazard is 28 and just went to madrid for 100 mil+, grizeman 28 went to Barcelona for 100+, suarez to Barcelona for big money at 27, higuain to juve for big money at 27/ 28 etc. Neymar will be 28 next summer and there will clubs trying to pay big money for him- that just examples of the clubs you mentioned. If he's the player they want, him being 28 won't be the deciding factor. ( as demonstrated in this summers' window)



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