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02 Mar 2020 14:32:50
Question for Ed01 would Saturdays result affect your choice for line up tomorrow?

{Ed001's Note - my choice? No. But I would have gone full strength anyway.}

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02 Mar 2020 16:51:59
I really hope Klopp begins to rest a few more players in the league now that we don’t have to worry about a draw or a loss here or there. I also hope he recognises how demoralising losing 3 games in a row would be and that we need to get some momentum going again. We’re still in play for the treble and if he puts out a weak team tomorrow and we lose for the third game in a row the groans will be very loud indeed. Obviously he is a champions league winning manager and knows far more about what the team needs right now than I. I just hope he can see what we can all see and doesn’t try and be too clever. We need a win, we need momentum, we need to try and win every trophy available to us, you cannot choose in the middle of a hump to put out a weak team. Switch it up a little but don’t go dropping all of the front 3 or playing Lallana in a 6 up against Kante or anything stupid like that.

02 Mar 2020 17:03:56
Ed I was thinking it will be a much changed squad again with the fringe players coming in along with youngsters? Or do you think he will actually go full strength?

{Ed001's Note - I think he will go with a younger squad, but I would prefer him to go all in.}

02 Mar 2020 17:11:59
Won’t be 3 in a row mate. Would be 3 out of last 4. We beat West Ham in between. Some damming stats coming out against Watford. Didn’t have a single shot on target which makes that twice that’s happens out of our last 3 games. Hopefully pressure off tomoz night v Chelsea and we see some free flowing football again and players playing with a smile on their faces.

{Ed001's Note - why do people keep mentioning these nonsense stats of shots on target? That just means our shooting was crap, not that we have not created anything.}

02 Mar 2020 18:03:21
Didn’t say anything about us not creating anything Ed. Just said that it’s the 2nd game out of 3 that we hadn’t had a shot on target. Not really sure why there is an issue with me saying that in my own comment. Thought this was a chat site for people to air opinions.

{Ed001's Note - not sure why you think I can't criticise a pointless stat being used either? Or are you too special for anyone to point out any difference of opinion to you? Perhaps you think I am not allowed an opinion and only you are? Only, in case you haven't noticed, I never stopped you giving an opinion did I?}

02 Mar 2020 18:18:14
I Imagine the line up will be a mix of youth and experience.

so i imagine the like of Lallana and Milner alongside Elliot and Jones.

I can't see Chelsea going all in either, id imagine they would have a similar line up.

02 Mar 2020 18:24:34
Fair point Ed. I’m far from special mate. You might think it’s a pointless stat I thought it was pointless. As they say though Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. Not having a go or anything. Love this site and the work all you and the Ed’s do. I’ll just go back to reading others comments. Keep up the good work this really is a top class site.

{Ed001's Note - I do think it is pointless in the context you used it. It is the same with the assists stat, utterly pointless. They annoy me to be honest because people seem to think they mean something on their own, when they don't really. It is all about context.

If we had no shots on goal, then that is a worry, but not getting them on target is not really of any value. How many times did good balls get put in but we failed to get on the end of them? More of an issue for me is shot selection, such as when Virgil hit one from 40 yards. Why do that? There were much better options. We had created plenty of space wide at times and used it poorly. The issue is we are not making the most of our chances, rather than we are not making them.

That shot on target stat suggest we are not even making chances, which is incorrect. We got in dangerous areas plenty of times against Watford, which is why we got so many corners. Sometimes the ball breaks your way and it ends up in the back of the net. Sometimes it doesn't and a defender clears it. They were getting to all the breaks, which is another reason why the stat is so skewed.

At the end of the day, we were poor, we didn't put up the fight we normally do, but we still totally dominated the ball and created opportunities. Watford just did well and got themselves in the way of everything, plus had the rub of the green and the decisions given in their favour. It was bound to happen at some point, no team can win all the time, or play well every week. At some point someone was always going to beat us. The key is about how the team reacts.}

02 Mar 2020 18:43:19
I think Klopp will field the same team that started the first game against shrewsbury . I do think Lampard will go for a stronger team . FA cup is the only thing left for them to play for.

02 Mar 2020 19:42:58
I fully agree with you, Ed. Watford played well and deserved their win, no doubt. What however, does my head in is how many of our fans (prolly not helped by the media propaganda around the result), are just over-reacting and over thinking things to the point of the utter ridiculous.

We can all be pissed that we lost a game and we did not perform well at all and that much was clear. The media just pumped the whole thing up as if us losing our first game of the season in the PL (the first in 45 and the second in 66 PL games) was us and our title hopes unraveling and some of our fans are buying this nonsense. We lost a game. Big freaking deal.

I don't know about stats, never believed in them esp. in football and I don't care one bit about them. The "stat" we need to be worried about is our dip in performance, energy levels and decision-making in critical areas. Those are the areas we are struggling at the most, IMO and that is what needs to change. We need to make better decisions and play better before we can even hope of scoring a goal.

{Ed001's Note - the problem is that there are just not enough recurrences of any action in football for stats to be relevant. That is why we get so many one-season wonders, they can't sustain it because they just had a blip.}

02 Mar 2020 20:15:35
We have lost rhythm since the break I don't think we are tired we just need a good performance to back on track. We will go stronger than we have done in previous rounds. Elliot is away with the under 19's. Fab's needs games as does Mane. Williams should come in for Trent.

I hope/ think it will be a much stronger side than people are expecting and we will win. I will take a guess

Lovren/ Matip
Origi/ Minamino.

02 Mar 2020 20:17:08
Ed001 cheers for the reply and you make some good points. I get the assist stat as well. The only difference between an assist and a chance created is the actual finish. An assist could be a no hope ball into the box that is finished well compared to someone beating a few Men laying it on a plate and then the finish is poor and missing the target or being saved. The concern for me is that with the quality of our front 3 they have not got a shot on target in 180 mins of football. I’m not pissed off with the result or annoyed and throwing toys out of the pram. Watford deserved the result and I look forward to tomoz game like I said earlier hopefully the team play with a smile on their faces again. Especially front 3. They always play better when their smiling.

Red Meister no shock you’re agreeing with the Ed’s. You’d agree if they said the sky was pink.

{Ed001's Note - all players go through lean spells, I am more worried that the huge lead in the Prem has made the players mentally lose focus. It is human nature to relax when miles ahead and then it is difficult to get going again for certain matches in between those.}

02 Mar 2020 23:22:22
Like the tortoise and the hare Ed? Although I'm sure we'll bounce back, starting tomorrow and hopefully a strong side, like Adrian with mainly first team/ fringe players and maybe the odd youngster, like Williams at RB!

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, that's exactly what the fable was about. Aesop knew his stuff!}

03 Mar 2020 02:37:40
Just 4 games from final. send a good team and a give a proper go. youngsters can also get experience I premier league once we win it.



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