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23 Jan 2021 08:42:11
Everyone knows we need/ would want a cb, but if one is not available at the right price and one that is good enough to fit into the squad then what's the point? Start spending out of our means and we may get short term success, long term we would be fubarred.

Klopps comments have been blown way out of proportion imo and some cut to suit certain peoples agendas against FSG.

We are the talk of the town because of our form and journos will find ways of adding fuel to the fire, this being one of them. All the other teams this season have been through it now its our turn. Its not the end of the world and I'm 99% sure our team is good enough to turn it around.

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23 Jan 2021 10:14:24
I would imagine there’s plenty that are good enough as realistically Klopp wants someone better than Philips or Williams. It def comes down to the funds though. Whether it’s a case of there’s no funds available at all or the selling / loaning club are holding us to ransom as they know how desperate we are. Only Klopp and the money men know the real answer to why we ain’t signing one be it an expensive one, cheaper squad one to slide right in or even a loan one to paper over the cracks. Hopefully Matip can stay fit and Phillips or Williams get a run alongside him to free up Fab back into midfield. With fab back in midfield it just means our bench is loaded with midfielders (Milner, Wiji, Jones, kieta, ox, shaq)

23 Jan 2021 10:17:09
Don’t think many of the other teams lost their best cbs for the season and left us with only one that can’t string 4 games together which leaves us with none when he’s not fit!
papering over the cracks!

23 Jan 2021 10:39:10
As I say we all know Klopp wants a cb, but if the one he wants (ed002 has said Carlos, not sure if that’s still the case) isn’t available buying one to fit for 6 months creates issues.

We have issues with our squad size so if they aren’t homegrown we need a slot in the squad, by buying one this may take up a future spot for the clubs long term target.

And loaning one would probably be a player that isn’t getting game time, if that’s the case are they suitable to slot in for us?

And some are touting a 6 month deal for someone out of contract? The only people that suits is us, why would a player sign for 6 months when they may get injured and lose the chance of a bigger contract and longer term security.

The issue is complex with C. V. Thrown in as an added curveball. IF the club choose not to get a cb they won’t be doing it for the sake of it and there will be a very good reason.

I’ve also seen some use the net spend (carra) to bash the owners of insinuate they should spend more. But we had a higher net spend with the other Americans I expect and that hardly bought success.

23 Jan 2021 11:22:33
All very good points but tomori was avaliable for loan surely a deal could of been done yet it seems nothing was even attempted. Although I doubt Chelsea would want to help us out but money talks.

23 Jan 2021 12:00:56
In the summer Klopp wanted a centre half (at the time we had 3 first team ones and Phillips and Williams) . The worst of the worst case scenarios has now happened and the goal posts have moved for Klopp massively. It’s gone from wanting a 4th centre half to desperately needing one to start games. Cv has affected our funds but imagine the effect no CL football would have on them. I think the owners would look to sell a top asset to fill the hole that would bring. So we would go from not buying a centre half to losing one or more of our top players. Every Action has an opposite reaction and the situation Klopp now finds himself in cannot be compared to the situation he was in in the summer.

23 Jan 2021 12:06:50
Wyred with you there mate but every action has an opposite reaction. In the summer as you said it was rumoured Klopp wanted Carlos who would be a high transfer fee coming in to likely partner Vvd. At the time we had 3 fit centre half’s and Phillips and Williams available to cover worst case scenario.

Well sadly the worst case scenario happened but by times 5. For Klopp the goalposts have moved and it’s no longer a case of wanting a centre half but more needing one. Klopp was potentially looking at the long term plan and due to cv we didn’t purchase one. But for me the short term plan is now missing out on CL football next season as that could be a disaster for the club and the likelihood that some of our top players might want out or will be sold to substitute the massive loss of not playing cl. As good as it would be for Klopp to get his long term target I believe the short term is more important.

In the summer we will have Vvd and Gomez back so the situation for him and the club will have changed then. At the moment we are relying on an injury prone centre half and 2 of our best central midfielders.



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