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29 Apr 2016 10:03:51
Any developments on El Ghazi ed with us?

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{Ed002's Note - No.}

28 Apr 2016 18:20:57
Rumoured team for tonight, as I thought to be honest.
Clyne lovren toure Moreno
Lucas Allen Milner
Lallana coutinho
Only question is whether Milner is the extra man in the middle or wide right, I'd prefer the former despite thinking he is better out wide.

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28 Apr 2016 18:59:18
Firmino in for Sturridge.

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28 Apr 2016 19:02:58
Firmino for Sturridge, not far off! Offers more workrate, especially away from home could come in useful, let's just hope we score!

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28 Apr 2016 19:10:15
Apparently Sturridge on the bench Firmino to start.

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28 Apr 2016 19:10:33
No studge.

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28 Apr 2016 19:16:29
Firmino up top.

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28 Apr 2016 12:33:38
According to Catalan paper Sport, Barcelona's technical secretary Robert Fernandez is heading to Villarreal to specifically watch Liverpool's Coutinho tonight.

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28 Apr 2016 14:37:58
He's got good taste, can't blame the lad, he must be missing European football this season 😎.

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28 Apr 2016 22:56:30
after tonight cave in under such a poor team i would not blame him for leaving us, at least Barcelona go for the win every time not like klooop.

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29 Apr 2016 09:13:07
Such a poor team?
They are 4th in La Liga behind the the only 3 teams to have the the league in a decade.
They had the joint top scorer from the group stages in Bakambu. A top keeper who clearly tipped a Firmino chance on to the post.
Soldado might not have done a lot in England but don't be fooled, he fits their team well.
We played to come back to Anfield with a decent result and in all honesty I think 1-0 to them is still a good score to come home with.

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28 Apr 2016 12:00:07
Come on then ed001

Subotic, Mustafi, Vermalen all linked. Vermalen will leave Barcelona as has been explained. With Toure staying and Matip arriving who is more likely to arrive out if the other 2? Have we advanced on Subotic recently?

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{Ed001's Note - Vermaelen plays footie less often than my dead nan, he is trying to get a move back to England but I don't believe us to be interested in the slightest.
Mustafi is one that has a lot of interest, he is available for the right price, but nobody has agreed to pay the price for him yet. I very much doubt we will sign him to be honest.
Subotic is the one Klopp likes. He seems the most likely, if any.}

28 Apr 2016 17:29:38
that was so funny ed001 but sums up vermaelen perfectly.

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28 Apr 2016 18:21:59
1 year contract for vermaelen until sakhos back?

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{Ed001's Note - the Vermaelen who only plays one game a season, sometimes less, you mean?}

28 Apr 2016 09:42:56
It seems centre backs are on the agenda ed at the minute and the Express are saying that Mustafi is high on Klopps wish list?

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28 Apr 2016 11:04:11
I immediately dismiss it once i read its from the Express!

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27 Apr 2016 20:46:29
Subotic strongly linked 👍.

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27 Apr 2016 16:08:26
New rumours suggesting we will be making a move for Thomas Vermaelen in the summer. I hope not he's weak and injury prone, not what we need considering we struggle so much with set pieces!
Do you know of any truth with this ed002?

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{Ed002's Note - Besiktas would like to take Barcelona's Thomas Vermaelen this summer but have concerns over his injuries. West Ham and AEK have watched Vermaelen but neither has taken it further. The player would like a return to England.}

27 Apr 2016 17:09:37
If we could find a way to keep him fit then he's a real quality and commanding CB. Was he injured a lot, or was it one bad long term injury?

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{Ed002's Note - There are these pills you can get ...}

27 Apr 2016 17:29:25
Yeah sakho got some of them pills look what's happened to him.

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27 Apr 2016 18:26:16
Don't besiktas want skrtel?

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27 Apr 2016 18:45:16
Classic eds!

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27 Apr 2016 20:32:04
I think it would need more than pills ed 😂😂😂😂.

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27 Apr 2016 15:49:39
Sorry to ask Eds, I've held off for half an hour in case anybody else had asked and it was going through moderating.

There are reports coming out of Spain that Liverpool have submitted an offer for Thomas Vermaelen. Is this just knee jerk reactionary BS in response to the news that Sakho will be banned for 6-24 months? Or do we actually even have an interest?

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{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware. Besiktas would like to take Barcelona's Thomas Vermaelen this summer but have concerns over his injuries. West Ham and AEK have watched Vermaelen but neither has taken it further. The player would like a return to England.}

27 Apr 2016 17:02:35
Interesting idea but he's got three years left on his current contract and we'd be crazy to match that. He lost 14/ 15 to injury and hasn't played a great deal this year. Maybe we could take him on loan .

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{Ed002's Note - He won't be available on loan - he is one of a bunch of defenders Barcelona will move on this summer.}

27 Apr 2016 17:25:58
I did some digging when I read it and he's actually been fit this year. 20 appearances including 15 starts.

I don't know how he's performed but there is no doubt he was a top player at Arsenal.

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27 Apr 2016 17:44:36
Ed2, it's an interesting case study. He's getting on, had serious injury problems, I assume he's on high wages and has three years left on his contract. Is this the kind of situation where Barcelona would be willing to pay part of his wages to get him off their hands?

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{Ed002's Note - No. They won't be paying any of his wages.}

27 Apr 2016 20:33:56
"Was" a top player. Not any more. Too short to be effective in the air, to many injuries have taken his pace away and he's a liability frankly. Rather we dodge it.

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27 Apr 2016 11:09:09
Sakho has decided not to challenge the results of his failed drug test . Will now face a length ban. Ben smith.

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27 Apr 2016 11:15:27
yes. i just saw it on guardian. Such a disgrace, he was playing so well. so approximately, how long the ban will be?
i guess his liverpool career is over though!

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{Ed002's Note - You will have to await UEFA's determination.}

27 Apr 2016 11:52:04
Ed is there a chance that we could get disqualified from the competition all together or is that out of the question?

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{Ed002's Note - If a second player were proven to fail a drug test then yes, Liverpool will be disqualified immediately and would likely then get a further ban from European competition as well.}

27 Apr 2016 12:03:45
Ok but as it is at the minute with just Sakho we should be ok to stay in it?

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{Ed002's Note - Of course.}

27 Apr 2016 12:03:45
Ok but as it is at the minute with just Sakho we should be ok to stay in it?

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{Ed002's Note - Of course.}

27 Apr 2016 12:10:06
I think it's important to note that "decided not to challenge" only means he's not having them test his B sample. According to the Echo, he's going to "plead mitigating circumstances, " which means he's still going to try to fight to get a shorter ban.

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27 Apr 2016 12:07:06
Hiya ed.
After the sakho positive test, will all the Liverpool players now be tested? or is it just business as usual with random tests now and again?

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{Ed002's Note - The answer is possibly Mikey. If another club who has played Liverpool or who remains in the tournament were to complain formally to UEFA they might well be. In the league it would be at the discretion of the FA. Dynamo Zagreb had their squad tested after Ademi was caught earlier in the season.}

27 Apr 2016 12:07:43
Just a quick question, would a club like liverpool still pay his wages? surely the club would want him to pay his fine etc?

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{Ed002's Note - He has to pay his fine and Liverpool will pay his wages.}

27 Apr 2016 13:38:44
Surely the club would take it upon themselves from now on to test players weekly as the consequences are huge. Imagine qualifying for the champions league only to find a 2nd player fails a test.
I heard a representative of one of the official drug testing bodies a couple of days ago say that a test could be done by the club for a cost of only £30 per person, surely worth it.

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27 Apr 2016 13:51:17
ive just read the same in the liverpool echo and he is going to put forward his mitigating circumstances, so hopefully in his defence he won't get punished too much,

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27 Apr 2016 14:15:24
Let's just hope sakho hasn't been recommending these pills to Lovren, they've both had a right upturn in form 😳.

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27 Apr 2016 07:48:17
Apparently we have signed a youngster from City called Diego Lattie. Still a youngster so not for first team just yet.

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27 Apr 2016 16:47:58
Ed, any idea why City would let him go if he is supposedly such a promising youngster?

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{Ed002's Note - He won't have been signed from Manchester City as such - they decided not to offer him a contract and he was on a list of released players. All clubs are going through a cull right now.}

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