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28 Jul 2015 00:07:54
Hi eds, haven't seen or heard anything about . Is he back at melwood training do you know?


{Ed002's Note - On loan at Deportivo.}

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28 Jul 2015 00:01:52
Do any of the Eds know whether we ended up signing Allan from Internacional? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - These things can be protracted, so it is not complete at this time.}

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27 Jul 2015 11:23:03
Jordan Veretout being linked in many reports today.

I notice you said that you are not aware we are after him but these reports say an un-named English club has submitted a bid (this has come from Nantes allegedly)

SO. do you know who the club is??


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of Nantes saying anything about "unnamed club". What is known is that Nantes (although not Der Zakarian) are expecting him to move on this summer and provide a good source of income. It is also known that discussions have been held with l'OM and with Spurs. l'OM need a replacement for Imbula and have lost out on Gueye so have turned to Veretout. Spurs would like the player but need to make room for him. I am not aware of any approach to Nantes by Liverpool at this time.}

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27 Jul 2015 08:36:18
L'equipe reporting that we are still interested in lacazette even with Benteke's arrival. Obviously rubbish just passing on the 'rumour'

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26 Jul 2015 19:24:33
Ed002, any truth in these Coman rumours? Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - Sounds liek an old story from a year or two back being rekindled - certainly there was interest then. Now, I don't know.}

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26 Jul 2015 18:46:23
Do we hold an interest in Lucas Digne? Used the search function but couldn't find a definite answer. If so do you think we will pursue a loan or permanent move?

{Ed002's Note - PSG's Lucas Digne has requested a transfer due to lack of game time with AS Roma already placing an offer. Atletico Madrid and Liverpool have made enquiries with his agent, but not PSG at this time. His agent says that he understands Galatasaray are also interested but they have not spoken to him or the club. PSG don't want to sell but will seek what they paid for him should he decide to force a move.}

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26 Jul 2015 16:31:47
Another one for the academy.

Kingsley Coman is being courted and is expected to sign in the coming weeks.


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26 Jul 2015 14:29:04
I know this would have probably been kept private between the club and sakho anyway but Gomez was very surprised when asked about sakho wanting to leave, he's the funniest in the group Apparantly and was talking about next season. Cheers

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26 Jul 2015 11:24:35
My dad met a Brazilian taxi driver the other day (you got to believe me here) who claimed, and gave photographic evidence to show that he was mates with a load of the Brazilians who play in and amongst the capital.
Obviously this meant most of the guys he knew were Chelsea players, although he freely admitted to my Dad they are well aware that United and Liverpool are the biggest teams in the country, and he had been best mates with David Luiz when he was here.
He gave my dad two pieces of 'gossip' though, one was that Oscar won't be leaving Chelsea as he's settled in London and has kids in schools and everything.
The other was that Inter had been in talks with Sandro, of QPR, who's desperate to move there, provided it's on a permanent basis, not a loan, which has been looked at. Sandro, though, is apparently aware he's Inter's second choice, and they're still desperate to sign Lucas Leiva. The guy didn't mention if Lucas wants to leave or not, and probably has never met him even, but all I'm saying is Inter may have signed Kondogbia but still seem to be pushing for Lucas.

Quick question eds, if Lucas were to leave, would you be surprised if we were to try for Thiago Motta, who's just said he wants to leave PSG?

{Ed001's Note - yes, I would be very surprised.}

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26 Jul 2015 02:14:03
just read an article on espn saying it's surprising we didn't have any interest in schneiderlin, even for the sake of helping lovren out because of how well they did at Southampton. What does everyone else think? i'd love for lucus to be fit the whole season but I'm skeptial due to the injury trouble he's been having lately.

On another note it worrying we don't have many buyers for our players. we could have a huge loss if we don't sell soon the club will sell at prices that will be at huge losses.From what ed002 has said we won't agree terms with lazio for sakho so we're not even close to sell him atm (very upset he's possibly leaving). Going to be very intresting to see how everything plans out.

Any updates on players we are selling eds? Read this site everyday at work so addicted to it. congratulations on your engagement ed001 best of luck mate!

{Ed001's Note - there is nothing new with regards to players leaving mate, I am just glad we are pricing Sakho out of a move, but find it odd we do the same with players we want to get rid of.}

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25 Jul 2015 15:35:15
Hey dear ed, have there been any updates on Kovacic since "move on" and "bid rejected"? I ask this before Inter seem to be preparing a new batch of arrivals, while there haven't been any significant exits for them. If - HIGHLY theorietically - Liverpool manage to move some of the available players along, could they go back to that deal?
In an unrelated to Liverpool note, any news on where Hernanes and Shakiri would end up?

{Ed002's Note - Vuksan has said that no acceptable offers were made by any club and that Inter would not be tempted by the exchange offered by Barcelona nor the offer from Liverpool. He also said that Real Madrid made an enquiry but Kovacic wants to stay at Inter. He took a swipe at the Italian media for repeatedly saying agreements had been reached with clubs when it had not. Inter continue to look to sell players with Guarin looking like he will be next to leave. There is nothing on Hernanes and Shaqiri has a number of clubs interested including a couple of EPL sides.}

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25 Jul 2015 18:07:51
Hi eds, have heard of approaches for Joe Allen from both Swansea and Leicester. Any truth in this do you know?
I'm not a Joe Allen fan myself I must say.


{Ed001's Note - I can't remember on Swansea, I have said what I knew about him with regards to Swansea a while back, but can't remember what it was. I don't have a database like Ed002 to check, but it was at least a week ago anyway, so probably out of date info by now. Leicester are certainly interested now Cambiasso has decided to leave.}

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25 Jul 2015 14:54:31
Hi eds

Is there any updates on outgoings please?

Also is Benteke destined for the number 9 shirt?

{Ed001's Note - I have nothing new sorry and I don't take any notice of shirt numbers at all to know who is what number.}

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25 Jul 2015 02:21:38
Hi eds
I was wondering where Tiago Ilori is? Heard he was going to b offered an improved contract and give a chance on our pre season tour but haven't heard anything since. Do u think he'll play in the first team next season?

{Ed001's Note - he was on holiday after international football over the summer.}

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24 Jul 2015 21:35:40
Word is sakho stays.may want out but would take a ridiculous offer.if source us true to his word then nice to see the club standing firm although there is desperate need to sell finances are going to hit the fan next year at this rate

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24 Jul 2015 16:50:51
Hi eds ! what's the latest on pedro ?

{Ed002's Note - There is interest from a couple of clubs - I am not aware of any interest from LFC right now.}

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23 Jul 2015 23:48:29
Eds, why does sakho want out? has he not been guarenteed game time, does he feel unsettled, is it BR? I just don't know why he would as he seems so happy

{Ed002's Note - He was messed around a lot last year and was unhappy in January such that his agent was looking at options then. I guess he is still unhappy.}

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24 Jul 2015 08:21:14
Sakho close to 5 year deal

We are interested in Digne

We're interested in a DM but that depends on Lucas leaving.

Roma want Moreno, we will only sell for asking price and if we have Digne

Sirigu of PSG is being considered for January

Borini wants Italy, his Mrs wants London.

Swansea want Allen. He isn't keen, plus we want 15 million.

We tried to get Turan on loan. My mind boggles at that.

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23 Jul 2015 21:15:04
Hi guys thought you might like a small incite into some of the players at Liverpool? Spoke to Joe Gomez the other day and he said sakho and skrtel are very funny Milner is incredibly professional along with hendo that's kind of obvious to be fair, something he said that I found a bit odd was lallana was very short and serious character wise apparently he's very different on camera and just a very serious person off it! Maybe he just doesn't like the heat on tour! Lambert was talking about leaving and said he's fine and it's "just football" no hard feelings and he's still glad he lived the dream for a short while. Lastly there is running joke about Rodgers' hight and he laughs it off but when it comes to training he doesn't take any crap. also they all have a bedtime and are given sleeping pills it's meant to help with jet lag, I'll have more when he's back! Cheers.

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23 Jul 2015 20:29:46
Any word on Jerome Sinclair and are contract talks still ongoing?

{Ed001's Note - it is likely he will leave, unless something drastic happens.}

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