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17 Nov 2017 13:53:47
Afternoon ed2, I have a question re the players mentioned in the sharks pod if you don't mind?
Would it be safe to assume that if no more than Can and Coutinho leave (and we do end up with Gomes) we're only going to sign one of Meyer, Lamar, Brandt and Draxler (assuming we manage to get any of them)?

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{Ed002's Note - I can’t make assumptions like that. Liverpool will look to get rid of Markovic in January for reasons I explained.}

17 Nov 2017 21:58:51
OK, thanks for answering Ed.

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16 Nov 2017 17:37:04
Ronaldinho the current person to promote the Pipco to Barcelona move.

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16 Nov 2017 23:48:01
Looking forward to ed001's legends article on Ronaldinho. My favourite player. Just watched a video of him doing 50 keep-ups blindfolded, including a backheel! Also of him chasing after a pitch invader to give him a hug. Made my day that.

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{Ed007's Note - I think Ronaldinho is often overlooked when the best players of all time discussions come up.
If you're messing about on youtube look up Nakamura bus....

17 Nov 2017 01:04:37
For about 3-4 years in the mid 2000’s Ronaldinho was absolutely magnificent, easily the best player in the world at the time. One of my favourite players ever and just as much talent as anyone I have ever seen play the game.

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{Ed001's Note - shame he thought partying was more important than training. A bit of effort and he would have stayed at the top instead of fading away.}

17 Nov 2017 03:41:34
The happy pills was it? No wonder he was always smiling.

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{Ed001's Note - I don't know about that, he just was up until all hours in clubs, flying back to Brazil during the season to go to fiestas, and so skipped a lot of training sessions. He was not a good trainer at all, he just wanted to mess around.}

17 Nov 2017 11:00:48
He won everything there was to win, is regarded as one of the all time greats, and did it all without training hard, partying and having fun.
What a life he has lead. I won't knock him for any of it.

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17 Nov 2017 13:57:01
That is an amazing way to look at it benny. Was already a huge fan of him but when you put it like that- he's just hit legendary status for me.

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{Ed001's Note - except he could have won a lot more and stayed at Barca for another 5 years and actually made an argument for being one of the best instead he partied and faded early.}

17 Nov 2017 15:16:45
Yeah aoe I’m not sure that is what makes him a legend. Seems like a waste of God-given talent to me.

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17 Nov 2017 15:32:42
Perhaps it was the having fun that made him so good. Look at the England squad- no fun there! I love how he’d throw a shape, a dance move, wait to see how his defender would react, then exploit the weakness, like in capoeira. He made it like a martial art, with a ball. Shame that he didn’t train. What would we have been treated to then? Same as original Ronaldo I think you said once Ed001?

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{Ed001's Note - it would have been interesting to see, would he have blocked Messi's development?}

17 Nov 2017 16:19:17
He's just a different type of legend.

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17 Nov 2017 16:39:03
My favorite player too. For me he is up there with Messi and Ronaldo.

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17 Nov 2017 16:55:12
Messi and Ronaldo showed commitment to their craft for the vast majority of their careers. Their first thought was improving themselves every single day, to focus on getting better and better.

Ronaldinho is not in the same category as those two. He spent most of his time partying, missed training sessions and believed all the hype generated by the media. It went to his head and, just when it looked like he could be mentioned in the same breath of the best footballers to ever exist, he ruined everything. The man put on so much weight, focused on showing off to the crowd rather than play for the team. He was a hindrance in the end and, thankfully, was removed before it could effect Messi's development.

Ronaldinho is not a world class player, in my opinion, to be world class you need to maintain your best. Ronaldinho disrespected his profession by not commiting and, as a result, he should not be considered anywhere near world class.

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17 Nov 2017 17:13:03
Totally agree mango. I think the point was that he enjoyed himself and likely doesn't regret too much. I think that's what benny was alluding to.

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{Ed001's Note - I doubt it, I am sure he regrets not winning more trophies. You can enjoy yourself and work hard, plenty have done in the past.}

17 Nov 2017 23:13:27
Like Gazza and George Best, great players who's genius was all natural.

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17 Nov 2017 23:13:27
Like Gazza and George Best, great players who's genius was all natural.

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18 Nov 2017 06:35:06
Capoeira is a dance btw, has nothing to do with Martial Arts.

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{Ed001's Note - it is a martial art designed to look like a dance developed when Brazilians were banned from practising martial arts. Breakdancing came from it, but it is a martial art.}

18 Nov 2017 10:43:13
Hehe, i know the history behind the dance Mr.001 :D and i know that some people call it a Martial Art, but it is not comparable to anything close to Martial Art, there is not one technique from Capoeira that is actually effective when you compare to other Martial art forms. I just got my blue belt in bjj ( not very good) and im a mediocre kickboxer and i would absolutely destroy any Capoeira artist in the world. It was just an bad attempt to slag off what is the most ridicoulous form of Martial Arts in the world ( after aikido :D )

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{Ed001's Note - if you say so.}

18 Nov 2017 11:12:42
Dont be mad ed, i didn't know you were so found of dancing.

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{Ed001's Note - you really need to work on your banter.}

19 Nov 2017 09:30:36
I have seen people knock people out cold with them capeiera windmill kicks on YouTube nasty stuff, like eddy of tekken very effective.

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19 Nov 2017 23:45:14
Not vs someone who has trained martial arts, and tekken is a video game :D.

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16 Nov 2017 17:35:17
Afternoon all, welcome new Ed333.

Wolfsburg on keep on a permanent deal for Divock - quote from there chief -

"We'd act negligently not to try, " he told Kicker. "We are proud that we were able to convince Divock to come here. "He feels good here, and we are working on the rest. "

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16 Nov 2017 19:08:48
Honestly think its the best move for the lad. He needs to be starting week in week out, but having competition to lose that place all the while. Wolfsburg is a good club too. A lot can happen between now and next summer though.

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17 Nov 2017 16:38:23
Maybe a buy back clause inserted. Even though that is very rare by English clubs.

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15 Nov 2017 12:49:11
I know this has been done over and over, but since there was a story out there today I thought I’d ask in case there is a change in circumstance. It’s reported that Can will sign a new deal if we meet his wage demands.
Any eds heard anything on that, perhaps since getting more game time he’s thinking he might be ok with us, or has Klopp sat him down and told him he does rate him etc?

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{Ed001's Note - it is nothing to do with money, the story is complete nonsense.}

15 Nov 2017 14:08:12
This is just the media trying to destabilise a player with some controversy as per usual, to sell a story.

What better to generate euphoria and turn the fans against Can, than to suggest he is holding the club to ransom?


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15 Nov 2017 21:58:03
Maybe it is Coutinho’s agent trying to turn the fans against someone else to stop the attacks in PC.

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15 Nov 2017 22:24:21
Thanks Ed, I know you’ve always said it wasn’t about the money.

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16 Nov 2017 20:30:41
Hi Eds,

I know its said that he wants playing time (which he now seems to be getting, but may bot be convinced with keita coning in) and the Release Clause, but what does the player get out of having a release clause? If he is happy (which he claims he is) playing at Liverpool. What does a release clause give him? Does he just want a huge bid to come in for him to boost his confidence?

Sorry if i've got any of the above wrong. i've tried to stay away from these conversations because im one who is gutted he is leaving.

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{Ed002's Note - The release clause would have to be a termination clause and would need to be low to help the player get out should an offer arrive from a suitable club.}

14 Nov 2017 18:56:24
Could the eds answer if we have any interest in free agents next summer, de vrij, gimenez or arrizabala. Thanks.

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{Ed002's Note - As I have explained on a number of occasions Liverpool has an interest in De Vrij.}

14 Nov 2017 19:21:07
Thanks for the quick reply would be a dream to pull of them the and goretzka on a free. Any one of them would be good.

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15 Nov 2017 06:46:51
Hasn't de vrij signed a new contract?

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{Ed002's Note - It does not mean he won't be available. There is a fixed fee termination clause included.}

15 Nov 2017 08:19:17
And let's do it the right way for a change ask how much and pay up no feckin about.

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15 Nov 2017 18:11:39
Gimenez of atletico and Goretzka of schalke are also being looked at for a free transfers.

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13 Nov 2017 10:20:20
Hi eds

You said a while back that Goretzka is of no interest and that Barcelona ir Juve is a more likely destination. Can I ask is that still the case please as the appears to be lots of talks on here suggesting we are after him and also with the player saying he would like to move to England?

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{Ed002's Note - What I would have said is that Liverpool has not approached Schalke which is correct (or at least was last time I asked). Leon Goretzka was of interest to Southampton in 2016 but Schalke said they had intention of selling in the short-term but as he has been reluctant to listen to offers of a new contract they are accepting he will leave at the end of his contract. Juventus still maintain their interest from the summer and MIlan are looking to making a second cash offer to take him in January - the first being rebuffed by Schalke who told them he would stay until the summer as they don't have a replacement. Barcelona are also interested in Leon Goretzka - but the player wants assurances over game time. Arsenal are interested but he is not first choice for them. Spurs, Inter, Manchester City and Bayern Munich have all looked at Goretzka as a possible option with Bayern Munich making it known that they would offer a guarantee but they cannot speak to him in January - although they will continue to make their position clear to his agent. A move to any of these sides seems less likely right now. Liverpool considered Goretzka when they were struggling to reach agreement over Nobby Keita but I am not aware, as everyone seems to be suggesting, that they have already agreed a January transfer with Schalke. His representative has recently met with Manchester United and another English side.}

13 Nov 2017 11:36:28
HI Ed002,

Firstly thank you for your response in regards to the above.

What are the legalities surrounding a club letting a player know that if he were to wait until the summer to sign for them that he would be a starter (i. e. as Bayern have done) . Is there not a risk that this could upset Schalke and potentially be deemed as some form of tapping up by some?

Many thanks for your time in advance

Red Sandman.

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{Ed002's Note - Bayern cannot talk directly to the player and they have not done that. They have spoken with his representative. That is just fine.}

13 Nov 2017 11:48:45
Cheers for your detailed reply ed really appreciate it mate, that's clear enough for me.

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13 Nov 2017 13:47:59
I really don't get this if true.

Goretzka is quality and I'd love to see him at Liverpool, but he is pretty much a slightly taller version of Emre Can. Can is probably more creative and better defensively, but Goretzka is a better goal scorer by far.

If Klopp is willing to have a slightly less mobile midfielder, I'd rather he just reassures Can of his place in the team long term, than make a change for changes sake. Goretzka might hate England and want to leave in a year.

Weird one in my opinion. I really rate Goretzka and Can. They both remind me of Gerrard at a similar age with their powerful running, tall frames, and ability to score all kinds of goals.

The only explanation i can think of is that Klopp has rethought what he wants from his midfield, but Emre Can has already got his heart set on moving 🤔 that would explain why we'd replace him with a similar player. Either that, or Can just doesn't score enough goals in Klopp's opinion, as Goretzka scores double what Can does.

Could just be nonsense though i guess!

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{Ed002's Note - Can doesn't want to play for Liverpool - he wants to leave.}

13 Nov 2017 14:04:18
That would explain it Ed. If Can has now gotten to a stage where he just wants to leave, and Klopp has decided he regrets phasing him out last season. Can has played far more this year than he did last year.

If that is the case, Goretzka would be an ideal replacement i guess. Though I'm still sceptical that we're actually interested.

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{Ed002's Note - I have explained the situation as I understand it - I am not aware that Liverpool has completed the transfer for him to join in January. Goretzka was certainly looked at as an alternative to Keita.}

13 Nov 2017 14:33:00
Cheers Ed. I'd rather Goretzka than Andre Gomes! The media are no doubt getting way ahead of themselves as usual though. I am not paying any attention to rumours the deal is done. Until you of 001 says we're interested, then it's just a rumour as far as I'm concerned.

By the way, since you told us that Andre Gomes will be offered for Coutinho, loads of places have reported it 😂 you're an anonymous internet sensation!

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{Ed002's Note - They have a number of players available for both January and the Summer MK.}

13 Nov 2017 15:05:27
I would assume that is; L. Suarez, Mascherano, Gomes, Rafinha, Rakitic, D. Suarez, Vermaelen etc.

In your personal opinion Ed002, do you think there are any players Barcelona could realistically include in a deal that would represent good business for Liverpool, and who are they? Cheers in advance and no worries if you would rather not say.

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{Ed002's Note - None of them represent good business unless Liverpool has an interest in them. Klopp seems to like Rafinha although they are talking to another side about him already.}

13 Nov 2017 15:31:33
Hi ed, as juve have signed matuidi and of can goes there, would they still look to goretzka?
Always trust what you say ed, but I would love to see him in a Liverpool shirt!

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{Ed002's Note - Can and Goretzka are very different players and Juventus see Can playing in a defensive midfield role where they are light. Where they are not short is in the more central midfield position and they have Matuidi and several others, including Khedira Marchisio and Sturaro. Kwadwo Asamoah will leave in the summer and perhaps one other. They are still interested in Goretzka but are certain not convinced he will sign. But it is unrelated to Emre Can.}

13 Nov 2017 15:35:45
Cheers Ed.

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13 Nov 2017 16:28:34
Firmane, Can and Goretzka can and have easily played together.

Can is slightly more defensive, and also the better passer, whereas Goretzka is better in air and a better shooter.

They are similar in terms of physique, mobility and style of play. Both players like to pick up the ball and drive forward (more with power than skill) . Can tends to start from deeper though and at the end of his runs he usually looks for a pass whereas Goretzka would have an eye on the goal every time.

Both great players. Similar in some ways, but as Ed002 suggested, very different capabilities. Germany won the Confederations Cup with them both playing alongside each other in midfield. So Juventus wouldn't hesitate to sign them both, I'm sure. Hopefully we end up with one of them in red next season; whichever it is! Neither really thrive when it comes to pressing, but perhaps Klopp now realises that not every midfield player has to just run around like a headless chicken!

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13 Nov 2017 16:58:19
Mk I wasn't questioning whether they can play together, just thought juve had a few cms already, as we mentioned plus pjanic and wondered if it would be one or the other, but as we says they are not related.

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13 Nov 2017 17:26:57
Hi ".....

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14 Nov 2017 17:15:25
Completely agree with Ed that none of L. Suarez, Mascherano, Gomes, Rafinha, Rakitic, D. Suarez, Vermaelen or Turan are good business, either because they’re not good enough (Rafinha, Gomes, D. Suarez) or because they’re past their prime and would be a liability on the pitch (Rakitic, Mascherano, Turan, Vermaelen) or a complete lunatic and a liability on the pitch (L. Suarez) . A big sack of cash or no deal for Coutinho.

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{Ed002's Note - Coutinho wants to go, it is a case of negotiating the best deal - this "big pile of cash or no deal" will leave Liverpool screwed if they have such ideas as well.}

13 Nov 2017 09:05:51
What is happening with Markovic Ed's? Anyone interested?

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{Ed002's Note - Liverpool will look to sell him to Fenerbahce in January or he will look to walk away in the summer after invoking a clause in FIFA regulations allowing him to resume his career.}

13 Nov 2017 09:32:07
I can't believe he's still here now to be honest, bad for his career not to mention for us financially.

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13 Nov 2017 10:00:00
Thanks mate! I hope we do him a favor in January. The lad must go.

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13 Nov 2017 10:00:00
Thanks mate! I hope we do him a favor in January. The lad must go.

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13 Nov 2017 19:00:35
Hi Ed002. Interesting comment on Markovic invoking a FIFA clause. A little digging and can I assume this relates to article 15 (Sporting cause) because of appearing in less than 10% of eligible games? Has this ever happened before cus it’s he first I heard of it?

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{Ed002's Note - Yes, that is what I was referring to. It has been invoked on a few occasions but the DRC are not required to publish the results of the hearings publicly.}

12 Nov 2017 20:51:42
Read that goretzka is joining lfc in january and that he have turned down barca. Any truth in that?

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12 Nov 2017 23:54:11
Quality player, but not sure he is what we need right now. Doesn't he play the same position as Keita, Gini and Lallana? Looks like Hendo will continue as our deepest midfielder next season with Grujic as cover if Goretzka is who Klopp wants.

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13 Nov 2017 06:26:17
Indian Buzzer. Grujic does not play deep hence cannot be cover to Hendo.

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13 Nov 2017 07:42:34
All red, I'm pretty sure that Grujic has been playing deep for the u-23 team so he would be covering Henderson.

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12 Nov 2017 10:49:19
Papers now claiming Can heading to City in the summer.

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12 Nov 2017 11:51:56
'papers' says it all mate.

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12 Nov 2017 12:02:27
And Sky Sports as well.

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12 Nov 2017 13:39:11
Please Pep.
take him now.


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12 Nov 2017 16:39:24
Then he should be dropped to the reserves for the rest of the season as his heart isn’t in it.

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12 Nov 2017 17:27:19
Good shout Mr Dennis, can’t wait for Naby to join next season after a year in Liepzig’s reserves.

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12 Nov 2017 20:05:21
I thought players can't agree anything pre contract wise from the same league or country.

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12 Nov 2017 21:07:33
let him go nobody bigger than the club.

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12 Nov 2017 21:40:22
As far as I’m concerned Can has made a decision that he doesn’t see his future at Liverpool. He sees it at Man City, which is fine. But since he has been a liability at times this season, his place would be better taken by Grujic who will be here next season. Can should be a bench warmer at best.

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12 Nov 2017 22:11:29
I can't see him going to city, if he's worried about a long term starting spot then they would be a disaster for him. I can't see anything other than a free transfer to Juve in the summer.

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13 Nov 2017 00:54:04
Amazing how people just believe whatever the papers say and launch into a player without any confirmation, even though these reports constantly get shown as rubbish.

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13 Nov 2017 12:17:08
Hahaha he won't start at Man City. Gundogan doesn't start and only makes the old cameo how the hell will Can see the field behind him, Fernandinho, Yaya even!

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{Ed002's Note - Gundogan ruptured his Cruciate Ligament keeping him pout for 9 months.}

13 Nov 2017 13:40:02
Damn fair enough Ed! I'd just rather see Can move abroad.

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{Ed002's Note - Once he has left Liverpool it should be unimportant to you.}

13 Nov 2017 14:06:00
Tell that to Chelsea fans re Nemanja Matić.

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13 Nov 2017 14:06:46
Of course.

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13 Nov 2017 22:57:08
If Can's "heart isn't in it" he certainly has a funny way of showing that when he puts the shirt on. maybe he should take a lesson from Coutinho about how to perform when your heart isn't in it.

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14 Nov 2017 12:35:16
Faithinworks that is why I don’t get the abuse. He is still putting in a shift, might not always be a good one but by all accounts the situation is one of he wants to be playing and the recruitment policy suggests to him that he won’t be a regular next season. Nowhere near the situation of Coutinho s amazing success in ruining his standing with the fans.

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11 Nov 2017 17:54:38
So Couts wants the clubs to reject bids from PSG! After his behaviour over the past few months the club should flog him to whoever comes up with the biggest wad of cash, and I mean cash, not spurious ‘bonus’ payments that might never be triggered. £120million and off he goes.

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{Ed002's Note - it doesn’t work like that and if Liverpool screw around everyone might welcome bids from other interested parties.}

11 Nov 2017 23:50:15
And don't believe what the rags say.

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12 Nov 2017 00:18:16
I think it's pretty clear he only wants Barcelona so we take what we can and move on.

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12 Nov 2017 01:56:31
Den82 what do you mean we take what we can? £10 million? £15 million? This isn’t a used car this is one of the best footballers in the premier league, we take what we think he is worth and nothing less.

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12 Nov 2017 03:31:36
I disagree and to suggest we would be offered £10 mil is ridiculous. I would imagine it will be around 10 times that much and we will no doubt squeeze as much as is humanly possible but at the end of the day Barcelona know that he only wants them and they will only pay what they think he is worth to them.

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12 Nov 2017 05:29:31
Well if we are talking about being ridiculous maybe you shouldn’t suggest we should ‘take what we can’ for a player that we valued at over £120 million. Do we just give in and let Coutinho hold us to ransom because he only wants to join one club? If Liverpool is bigger than any player surely we can’t allow Coutinho to bully us into getting his way on his terms. We should sell him but only for an amount that the club deem acceptable.

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12 Nov 2017 06:46:59
I thought Coutinho wan to play w Neymar. Now Neymar is in PSG coutinho should go there. May the Sheikh offer Liverpool 150mil pound! Get the $ and we dump it on GK, 1 CB and 1 striker. Off load the deadwood.

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12 Nov 2017 07:25:09
It seems unlikely FSG is going to be bullied into accepting a ridiculously low sum, and Barcelona probably aren't going to be bullied into paying over the odds for someone they know wants to leave for them.

Lets just accept what we think is a reasonable figure and allows us to replace him with similar quality and move on. I don’t think that's 150m but neither should we accept less than lukaku or Pogba so around 100m would me more than enough IMO considering few players go for over 70m.

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12 Nov 2017 08:37:22
Obviously the player will get what he wants, in his move to Barcelona but FSG has to make sure we get every penny we want from Barca. Nothing less will be acceptable and no pathetic player exchange either, unless they give us Messi 😂.

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12 Nov 2017 08:56:04
Relaxlabrudder - Why should we buy a keeper with the money when Karius and Ward haven't had their time to prove themselves? we don't need a keeper we need to drop Mignolet that's all, buying another keeper would be forcing Ward and/ or Karius straight out the door without their chance, that'd make us look absolutely wonderful wouldn't it. We don't need a striker either. Yes we do need a CB and possible a Couts replacement in Jan/ Summer. But that's as far as it goes.

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12 Nov 2017 09:56:57
Of course we need a keeper. Klopp doesn't want to play Karius or Ward in the premier league. If he did then they would be playing it's as simple as that. It's not to protect Karius as Mignolet gets pelters every week. How important is a keeper to a team that wants to challenge. Well look at De Gea, Courtouis, Cech and Lloris, they are all top class keepers or better and are easily in the top 10 keepers in the world. City had Bravo in net last season and they were a shambles. Look at them now this season after replacing him. As much as I would like Ward and Karius to work it they are nowhere near the standard of the 4 named above. The less said on Mignolet the better.

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12 Nov 2017 10:40:32
Jayden I understand what your saying but you say 'As much as I would like Ward and Karius to work it they are nowhere near the standard of the 4 named above. ' How would we know that since they've been give no chance? they need to be thrown in mate before we can say thing's like 'they are nowhere near the standard of the 4 named above'

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12 Nov 2017 10:49:17
Corleone because If they were the standard of the keepers named above they would have given Klopp no other choice but to play them and as he's not playing them there would be managers beating down our doors to sign them. This is not me saying their bad keepers but saying they are nowhere near the level of the 4 and I'd bet my mortgage on that.

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12 Nov 2017 09:56:11
What you mean by"screw around"Ed?

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{Ed002's Note - If they have financial expectations beyond what Barcelona will pay.}

12 Nov 2017 11:58:17
Why would he ask the club to reject a bid from PSG? even if the club accepted a bid it doesn't mean that he has to go there.

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12 Nov 2017 13:48:47
I like Coutinho but Im at the point where I think its over he just needs to go i agree the club should get the best deal they can for him but come 1st Feb. he should be a Barcelona player or whoever i just don't care now a good solid offer, I don't ind addons as long as they aren't stupid like ballon dor and that

adeus e obrigado pelas lembranças e a melhor sorte no futuro.

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12 Nov 2017 12:49:25
Ok thank you.

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12 Nov 2017 12:56:42
"Take what we can? "and "screw around? ". if it was us wanting to buy a player Ed002 would be saying we should pay whatever the asking price is and all the moaners would be saying we should just hurry up and pay the asking price. ala Salah this summer.

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{Ed002's Note - I rather doubt you would find me saying such things. Barcelona will make a low offer including another player - time will quickly come where they turn to someone else on their list.}

12 Nov 2017 16:41:20
I’d hope the club turned down Barca’s lowball offer, there isn’t a player on their release list that would improve our starting 11. End of story.

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13 Nov 2017 06:34:36
Barcelona didn’t just take what they can when they sold Neymar. If they can’t afford the asking price then walk away. If I walk into a car Showroom selling Austin Martin’s would they just take what they can purely because I want the vehicle but can’t affford it?

We’ve seen the TV deals inflate the price of players over the last few years, you just need to look at average players cost £40m

The clubs are happy to take the money.

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13 Nov 2017 08:05:08
Dennis, i like your sentiments. However the third best player in the world, Luis Suarez, is on their outs list!

Pretty sure he improves any team in world football. If he hadn't acted how he did before, we'd be mad to reject him. With his behaviour considered though, even his world class talents don't seem like enough to offset the embarassment he brings!

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12 Nov 2017 22:02:09
Ed I take it the player is likely Rafinha?

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{Ed002's Note - They are talking to another side about Rafinha, Andre Gomes is more likely initially.}

15 Nov 2017 06:36:07
The problem is you can't tell with this story if it is just the media making stuff up to have something to write, player/ family/ agent to be self serving tools or Barcelona leaking it to get what they want. After previous events all 3 are equally possible. As someone said why does he need to say don't entertain offers and why does it need to be public.

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