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20 Apr 2017 11:34:33
In the Irish press yesterday

Hart to LFC is a done deal.

29 million quoted to City as he has still 2 years left on his contract.

I know its been mentioned on here before but
I thought it was just hype

Now I'm not so sure.

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20 Apr 2017 11:46:12
The Italian press are saying he's the second worst keeper in Italy. If they get half of 29 million they will have done well but it won't be us.

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20 Apr 2017 11:54:48
I hear that Klopp has completely ruled this out so sounds like nonsense to me.

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20 Apr 2017 12:40:00
Hart is a flapper simple as that, no better than mignolet.

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20 Apr 2017 12:40:35
Can we please just stop talking about Hart, we are not signing him. He is beyond average, he's had a torrid spell in Italy. He is no upgrade whatsoever. Klopp stated this morning we have no interest in him at all.

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20 Apr 2017 13:41:36
I just cannot see any scenario in which signing Hart makes sense other than Mignolet leaving, Karius leaving, Ward being the bencher, a new GK coach, improved defensive coaching and new defenders. And I mean all of those not just some. Since the evidence is there that all those aren't going to happen I don't see a point to considering the signing. Plus he isn't enough of an upgrade on Mignolet or Karius that if you improved Gk and defence coaching and the quality of defenders available you wouldn't just stick with improving those two we have already.

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{Ed001's Note - Hart would struggle to make the team even if the only other option to playing him in goal was Coutinho on crutches.}

20 Apr 2017 15:34:50
I would rather we brought David James out of retirement than pay 20 million for Hart.

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20 Apr 2017 17:56:39
I have to be honest thought Mignolet has looks okay towards the end of the season, Could definitely have someone more solid, but got to give him credit tbh. Hart wouldn't be an upgrade on minners imo.

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20 Apr 2017 22:52:36
Hi Ed001 is that as in wouldn't get selected regardless not just an ability opinion? I thought Klopp was very quick and very exact in killing the story so was wondering if your comment reflects a wouldn't touch with a barge pole feeling at the club?

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{Ed001's Note - it reflects the feeling in most clubs right now, the guy has shown himself to be utter dross over the last few seasons.}

21 Apr 2017 15:19:31
Agreed Migs has looked better this year. Still not the top level we need really but difficult to find someone better that will come to us right now. Hopefully Karius can step it up next season, still holding out some hope for the lad.

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22 Apr 2017 17:10:12
Hart has looked average at city for seasons now. And made to look better by having played behind a very good defensive line and a strong attacking side. Klopp has now spoken and I couldn't be happier.

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22 Apr 2017 19:58:21
Hart has been complete dross for ears and for Torino this season, he has succeeded in actually getting worse. Only his buddies in the media are trying to sell him to us cos no team with a functioning brain would sign him. Karius and Migs are way ahead of him IMO and if he wasn't English, NOT a soul would care about him.

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20 Apr 2017 10:03:47
Morning Eds,

What are the possible (plausible I'll throw in too) destinations for Sturridge If he were to be sold? Is there any mooted interest?

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{Ed001's Note - there is a bit of mild interest from West Ham. Palace, Stoke and West Brom would all love to sign him as well, the issue is that I am not sure he would have much interest in them. Maybe Palace could persuade him, they have the funds, but I can't see how they would use him in their current system. Stoke need a striker desperately who can score goals, but they look to be going backward under Hughes. West Brom just don't look to have the money to afford a deal for him.}

20 Apr 2017 10:29:06
What a shame that that's the level of club he'll probably end up at. He should be in his prime right now. Wish he could've stayed fit for us.

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20 Apr 2017 10:40:46
Ed do you think a move abroad would suit him better France or Spain.

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{Ed001's Note - yes, but the clubs that have the money to afford him are not the ones likely to need or want him, sadly.}

20 Apr 2017 12:17:21
Ed, do you think there is a chance he could stay or do you think Klopp is fed up of how little he is available?

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{Ed001's Note - there is every chance he could stay, it is just more likely he leaves due to his injury problems. Klopp would prefer someone more reliable but that is all it is.}

20 Apr 2017 15:51:28
sad but he will never be fit for more than 5 games in a row.

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21 Apr 2017 22:50:47
5 games at a push. On his day quality in front of goal but that injection of pace he had is long gone, the guy doesn't even lok interested in chasing a ball in behind anymore. The injuties have got to him which is probably fair enough considering the amount he has had but for LFC it's time to move on and get a decent price for him. He will score goals for whoever he signs for and best of luck to him but we need someone we can rely on up top if we are to push on.

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22 Apr 2017 17:13:30
With a World cup around the corner I am sure he will want to be playing.
I hope he finds some fitness and gets his career back on track.

We have all seen how good he can be.

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19 Apr 2017 20:47:47
Evening Eds
I've listened to skarkpod#12 and even though our 1st choice for the full back position could be sessengong (excuse the spelling ) could you see us rekindling our interest in chilwell looked great and accomplished when he came on the other night .

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{Ed002's Note - Maybe - and he would be a good option but perhaps a risk as first pick?}

20 Apr 2017 16:16:23
Cheers Ed much appreciated.

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19 Apr 2017 09:56:36
Eds, what's the play with young Allan Rodriguez. What are the chances he gets his permit next season. Are the club wanting to fight to keep him?

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{Ed001's Note - the club would love to keep him, it is most likely he gets another loan move next season.}

19 Apr 2017 12:39:57
How good is he eds? Not seen much of him. Cheers.

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{Ed001's Note - he is highly rated by the club and in Germany.}

19 Apr 2017 22:00:11
i know i was surprised that he managed to get loaned to a german team in the top league.

What would you say is the reason for him not getting much game time is it literally a case of him just not what the manager wants in his starting 11?

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{Ed001's Note - he is young, still getting used to the country and not really ready to be a regular starter.}

18 Apr 2017 17:17:50
Hi ed002, hope your well?

How often do you do the Sharkopods please? Do you expect our targets to change much from the last pod?

Thanks in advance.

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{Ed002's Note - They will always change to some extent - I have others to do before returning to Liverpool so it will be a little while.}

18 Apr 2017 19:49:37
Where can I find the Sharkopods?

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{Ed001's Note - here: podcasts

18 Apr 2017 20:12:14
Many thanks Ed001.

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{Ed001's Note - very welcome Goda.}

18 Apr 2017 21:19:38
The Sharkopods are great. Info aside, which is brilliant, love the little musical interludes. The Rolf Harris advert had me in hysterics.

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18 Apr 2017 21:19:46
Ok mate that's fair enough. Look forward to it.

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18 Apr 2017 22:56:53
Hey ed, is there a chance for one of your quick updates for the names in the Sharkopod with the likely/ unlikely scale? I recall that I have seen you using it on other pages and it is always an entertaining read.

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{Ed002's Note - I provided an update on some yesterday.}

18 Apr 2017 15:02:22
Rumours of Trent Alexander-Arnold to Chelsea. Does anyone know of any truth in it?


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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any interest. It would seem very unlikely as Chelsea has two youngsters who much is expected of in the same position - he would not be experienced enough for Chelsea at this time.}

18 Apr 2017 22:29:54
Probably agent trying to get his name out there.

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19 Apr 2017 05:20:26
Why would he leave? Pretty sure Klopp has told TAA he is eventually bound to replace the supremely average Clyne. Could be our first choice RB for the next decade or so.

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19 Apr 2017 08:33:16
Would be a massively negative to sign to all potential transfer targets if he left. Club with ambition should be holding onto the likes of him.

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19 Apr 2017 12:17:23
Should have said negative signal to potential signings - stupid auto correct.

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18 Apr 2017 05:39:52
Eds, any recent interests from other clubs on Lucas?

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{Ed001's Note - since January nothing mate, but I am sure there will be offers in the summer.}

18 Apr 2017 08:06:46
Really appreciate the reply Ed01. Guess that him leaving is inevitable. Hope that it will be a good move for him.

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{Ed001's Note - he will go eventually but his heart kept him here last January, so it is not certain he will leave this summer.}

18 Apr 2017 09:18:34
Would like to see him given a run of games now, I believe he gives us that little bit that's missing when we play the so called lower teams.

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18 Apr 2017 09:19:33
A true professional who deserves a new contract. Hope he stays.

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18 Apr 2017 10:02:42
Not as a starter but i sure hope he stays as he can be valuable squad player next season when we will have European games (be it cl or europa league)

He is also the longest serving player at the moment and from what i hear is a good influence in the dressing room.

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18 Apr 2017 13:20:35
Agreed. And whether he stays or goes, it'd be nice to see him get a testimonial in the summer.

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18 Apr 2017 15:16:53
Lucas should be given a testimonial and a new 2 year contract. He is still one of the best holding midfielders in the game and can also do a decent job at the back.

Also, he seems to have taken over the Gerrard mantle of settling new players into the club and giving good advice to the youngsters. As a dedicated professional he is also well respected in the dressing room.

For someone who came from another continent at a young age and was asked to change his natural position, he overcame dogs abuse at first to become the best in his position in the country. After a serious injury he has fought back to be a valuable player in the squad. For me, he was MOM in the Derby game, overshadowing the much-vaunted Guaye.

On top of all that, he actually really loves the club and there are not many you can say that about these days.

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18 Apr 2017 19:16:12
Those who slated Lucas through out his time here should forever hang their heads in shame for the way they treated a very good player and a True Red.

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19 Apr 2017 04:51:04
It all changed for him when he cut his hair. hahahaha.

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19 Apr 2017 10:43:35
it changed for torres too when he cut his hair redrooboy.

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19 Apr 2017 14:07:08
Hahahahaha. sure did.

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20 Apr 2017 13:43:35
I know this is difficult to comment on but do the Eds know what his focus is? Seems unlikely he'll be a regular starter but likely he'll be in or around the match day squad. Is that going to fit what he wants to do?

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{Ed001's Note - his consideration is playing time, he wants to get as much as possible here. If he is not going to even be around the first team squad, then he would be certain to go. While he is in and around the team, playing an active part, then it becomes very difficult for him to leave, even to a club that can offer him guaranteed first team football every week. Despite the boo boys, Lucas has fallen very much in love with Liverpool, both the club and the city, and is finding it very difficult to leave.}

17 Apr 2017 19:27:51
Hi Eds, can you guys provide any updates regarding some of these players and if they are closer to coming LFC players:

Ricardo Perreira
Franck Kessie
Jacob Murphy
Rafa Silva
Moussa Marega
Sardar Azmoun
Ben Brereton

Thanks Eds great site and work. Cheers.

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{Ed002's Note - Try the Sharkopod.}

17 Apr 2017 20:55:14
Was hoping for an update, whether contact had been made or more serious narrowing down if targets. Cheers Eds.

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17 Apr 2017 21:55:52
Franck Kessie has gone to Roma.

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18 Apr 2017 15:26:00
Dennis, hm no he hasn't?

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{Ed002's Note - Ricardo Pereira (RB/LB) - remains of interest to both Arsenal and Liverpool. As I said before, don't hold your breath about Kessie moving to Liverpool. Nothing has changed with Murphy. Rafa Silva is not first choice for Liverpool so nothing has changed. Moussa Marega remains of interest. Azmoun is of interest but not keen on a move to Liverpool. Nottingham Forest are aware of interest from Liverpool and another EPL side.}

19 Apr 2017 18:57:15
Roma have had a €28m bid for Kessie accepted. So he's not coming here.

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17 Apr 2017 18:22:18
Heard we are looking at Koulibaly eds? You know if we have expressed interest with Napoli? Quality defender tall, strong, quick, would be perfect partner at centre back with Matip. Probably be priced out of a move as I think Chelsea were quoted 40 million last summer and couldn't agree a deal? Would rather him than VVD anyway.

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{Ed002's Note - Gosh.}

17 Apr 2017 19:17:44
Sorry I asked ed.

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of Liverpool making any approach to Napoli.}

17 Apr 2017 20:04:54
Thank you ed.

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17 Apr 2017 23:00:25
I am glad Liverpool have no interest In Koulibaly, who is clumsy, is an incredibly poor passer and is not that good positionally. And it would cost an MOAB to sign him from Napoli and the nutter De Laurentis.

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18 Apr 2017 19:18:29
Not wrong about De Laurentis there, AG. A real piece of work, that guy.

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16 Apr 2017 19:13:54
Keita and van dijk will seriously strengthen the depth of our spine, add to that ox or Brandt and a left back and I'd be happy. Only think we will secure these players with champions league though. come on reds one game at a time 🔴.

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{Ed025's Note - liverpool have the same chance of getting VVD as they have of signing messi and ronaldo KM..

16 Apr 2017 19:42:15
we have a loyalty card with Southampton ed0025!

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{Ed025's Note - love it KK..

16 Apr 2017 19:46:47
But messi and ronaldo wouldn't get in, we've got mane and coutinho.

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{Ed025's Note - fine reposte decimus..

16 Apr 2017 21:27:57
Thought we had first chance of signing ronaldo but wouldn't pay the fee, so he went to united.

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17 Apr 2017 08:33:27
Thought that said "same chance of getting VD" then Ed025 - wondered what we'd been up to! ;-)

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{Ed025's Note - well its the same chance as the pope getting VD johnny.. :)

17 Apr 2017 15:00:46
youve opened yourself up to all sorts of things bringing the pope and vd into it there ed, possibly less opening yourself up so easy would lead to less vd?

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{Ed025's Note - being an evertonian makes my place in heaven assured shane, so i can say what i like mate.. :)


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