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04 Apr 2017 08:30:48
Hey eds n reds. just wanted to say that i really do wish Sturridge was happy to play out wide as this is the perfect time for him to come in for Mane. he was unbelievable on the right of a front 3 a Couple seasons ago. Coutinho Firmino Sturridge is a good looking interchangable front 3 on paper. a different option is having coutinho drop back to play the Lallana role and go with Firmino Origi Sturridge. having said that, i have a feeling Sturridge still doesn't get a start even with no Lallana and now Mane. feels like a bit of a case of what could have been with him at the moment. or maybe there's a big twist to the sturridge tale before seasons end.?

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04 Apr 2017 09:00:56
If he twists his tail he'll be out for 6 months.

04 Apr 2017 09:38:26
I say Sturridge has him time. Yes he is quality but give Origi ago he's younger and he's should be giving games now.

04 Apr 2017 11:45:38
Sturridge has had to many injuries now and his once lethal pace has gone and that has been for everyone to c when he has played for us it's so obvious he could never play out wide now. he doesn't run when he's through the middle never mind out wide. open you're eyes when he plays and you will c what I mean. pity mind but I think the player of old is gone but really hope I'm wrong.

04 Apr 2017 14:03:35
Sturridge wants to play centrally and that is where he is bloody good at. It's pointless filling and throwing names here and there to occupy a space. Why not play Wijnaldum on the right? A more pragamatic 4-2-3-1 with Wiji playing on the right wouldn't be a bad choice. He works hard and would do exactly what Mane does except the end product of course.

The best bet would be to use a youngster ( Wilson or Ojo ) Genuine wingers who needs game. The fans have been raving about the quality of youngsters through the year. Let's give them a chance against Bournemouth.

04 Apr 2017 14:06:25
Sturridge no longer has the pace to play out wide and he certainly doesn't have the stamina required by Klopp. Gutted to say this, but his Liverpool career is over.

04 Apr 2017 14:11:23
I was playing around with some numbers earlier. Studge had better goals per minute, better assists per minute and the team performs better with him in it than Firmino this season. It's a small data pool but it does suggest that the talk of his demise is premature.

04 Apr 2017 14:39:45
The Studge people speak of is the one of THREE years ago. That player with pace and power, no longer exists so let's all stop calling him "quality" whereas that "quality" has been non-existent this season. Sturridge is finished at LFC even tho, I hope he can do a job for us this season so we should all just move on and stop calling him something he no longer is.

04 Apr 2017 15:26:09
He's a mentally weak little princess who's lack of desire to fight for our cause means I've no wish or want for him to ever play for us again, regardless of how talented he is.

Get rid of him asap and end this debacle once and for all, I'm sick of even hearing the pr! cks name at this stage.

{Ed001's Note - how do you know that? Have you met him or have the medical team ever told you that? As for calling him a prick, you might want to look in the mirror first before saying that about someone who has done far more for our club than you ever will.}

04 Apr 2017 15:38:28
Spot on ed.

04 Apr 2017 15:49:44
I would love Sturridge to get back to full fitness he is England's best forward when fit. shame he has suffered so much but the injuries he has picked up do affect his game more than others explosive pace, when you pull a hammy or anything in your legs you lose trust in them and don't want to push it so much because you are worried it will break on you again he actually needs 4-5 months of pure playing without anything bothering him before he fully trusts he can sprint without anything going wrong Irishkopite absolutely pathetic post.

04 Apr 2017 16:22:39
To Irishkopite i wish I could describe to you how wonderful a person Sturridge is, calling him a "prick" or "weak little princess" is so wide of the mark, he's constantly trashed by fans yet does all he can for Liverpool and the young players (a lot more than he needs to actually) at the club he's had injury problems but that's hardly his fault, he'll always have my full respect.

{Ed001's Note - I find it embarrassing that so many are so keen to get on his case without knowing anything about the lad.}

04 Apr 2017 16:50:42
Some fans are fickle ed001, he could come back into the fold and be key for the final part of the season, then attitude would change, who knows.

{Ed001's Note - only until he gets a knock or has a bad game, as we saw with Coutinho. Everyone wants rid of them unless they are outstanding every single game.}

04 Apr 2017 17:30:27
It's sad. Whatever happened to YNWA.
I've never thought Sturridge wasn't committed to the cause. He's been a good pro too. He's got my backing. 🤠.

04 Apr 2017 18:06:37
Nobody expects every player to be outstanding in every game, being fit to play in them or wanting to play in them is another discussion. No I don't know him but people who do know him have questioned his mentality in the past, Klopp and carra being two that spring to mind initially.

If it was a case of him just being unlucky with injuries and that's all there'd be no talk of him leaving this summer. Hendo has been unlucky with injuries too but he won't be going anywhere and here's no talk of him going home anywhere either. Why is that?

One answer is give is their mentality, Hendo will run through walls for this club, you only need to see it whenever he plays to see it, in my humble opinion I don't get that impression from Sturridge.

If you don't like the language I used so be it, I'll stand by the sentiment of my argument regardless.

{Ed001's Note - so what you are saying is that he doesn't look like he is trying so that means he mustn't be? Ok then, ignorance then. I will just ignore you as you are ignorant and basing on the fact that Carra, who has a history of criticising any player not from Liverpool for their mentality, and Klopp, who was new to the club and had not had the full situation explained to him at the time, had digs at him.

It is not mentality that has decided who will stay and who will go, it is the nature of their respective injuries. It is nothing to do with how they look either. That is the idiocy that saw Crouch and Sakho take so much criticism. Sturridge tracks back, chases round the field trying to get the ball, he also does far more off the pitch for the youngsters than just about any other player at the club does.

Sturridge gets so many unfair, and quite frankly moronic, criticisms over how he looks 'sulky' or like he is not trying, because no one seems to notice when he covers at full back or chases back into midfield, as they are too busy whining that he doesn't look like he is trying.

If there is one thing Sturridge really wants, it is to play football. He dedicates himself to his profession, unlike so many other players. The criticism he has received has been unfair.}

04 Apr 2017 18:38:32
I could choose to take your route (which I've notice you do quite a few times) and throw insults at people for not agreeing with my opinion but I won't as its not my style. I take your points on board but I still don't agree with some of them.

On his day he is one of the finest strikers around, which is why this whole thing is such a shame, but I'm Not as convinced as you are about what else he offers the team and its why firmino will always be ahead of him in the pecking order even when he is fully fit.

{Ed001's Note - no you are too busy insulting and denigrating one of the players for the club you support instead. As for insult, why is it an insult to call someone ignorant when it is true? I hate the way people get all precious and assume something is insulting when it only hurts them because it is the truth. You are ignorant. You have not got a single clue what you are talking about and you are happy to abuse a player out of sheer ignorance. You are lucky I am not abusing you for what you said about Sturridge, you would deserve the abuse that I have deleted from other posters aimed your way. Instead I have kept it to pointing out your deficiencies in informing yourself, instead basing it on your assumptions from how he looks.

Now get off your moral high horse, as you failed from your first post to do anything but take the low ground with your nasty little dig.}

04 Apr 2017 19:46:13
Ed001 just dropped the mic 👏🏻.

04 Apr 2017 19:48:54
Irishkopite, I am a critic at times of Studge BUT not once have I attacked his personality nor his mentality as I do not know him personally nor do I know anyone who knows him personally.

You are throwing insults at him without knowing him nor his attitude and that is bang out of order. You can criticize a player's game on the pitch as that is what we all can see. But to start defaming and assassinating his character just cos "he looks like he is sulking" and calling him a prick w/ o ever having dealt with him personally, is a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself.

And by the way, stop crying wolf playing the victim just cos Ed gave you the response that your embarrassing posts deserved. You know who else does that? His last name rhymes with Dump and he's the President of the United States. Grow up, bro!

04 Apr 2017 23:38:53
Im sure as a person he's a lovely lad but the info i had first hand was his heads not been right for a while, i've shared the details before and id love to see him come back to us and be 100% but its never happening really is it, there's a real quality player stuck in there somewhere but I think its obvious he's moving on come summer.

Ill remember the season he had up front with Suarez as he was mint that year, but love him or loathe him if he plays we support him end of.
Big shame about all the injuries i reckon.

04 Apr 2017 23:43:37
BLL that comment killed me haha!

I love how Ed001 and Ed002 just turn the heat up when people are being ridiculous. I cannot wait for the day Ed002 completely pies me with one of his one liners. It is on my bucket list!

05 Apr 2017 04:07:54
Completely agree with Ed001 on this Sturridge recieves a ridiculous amount of flak for the sin of being injured - it is frankly ridiculous. From what I have heard he is a model professional and a good bloke - he has been injured, he's had a rough time of it, but he is trying to get fit - has there ever been any other player to receive such a large amount of criticism for having the gall to be injured?

Also do not understand were the idea of a perceived 'negative attitude' comes from either - what has Sturridge done do make people think his attitude is bad? Truly bizarre - I hope he comes in for Mane and smashes the goals in for us.

05 Apr 2017 14:16:05
Is it that Sturridge has been unlucky with injuries and has rushed back before he was fully match fit?

Or is the lad so worried about the criticism he gets that it has got into his head a little bit.

Earlier in the season when he was fit he was overlooked countless times in substitutions by Klopp.

I have wondered that when he was ready to play after an injury layoff that he wasn't played in the less intense u23s to gently ease him up through the gears till he built up strength.
Inges was used this way.



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