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29 Dec 2019 19:52:13
Couple of things from today.

1. Antony Taylor is a disgrace
2. Wolves are a good side and I said it would be tough today
3. Wolves fans - A joke, a typical championship lot
4. VAR had to correct Taylor's poor errors
5. A hard fought 3 points.

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29 Dec 2019 20:02:38
Exactly what I said after the match Drogie. Taylor caused the problems not VAR, he was lucky VAR was there to bail him out.

29 Dec 2019 20:24:07
Spot on Drogie 🙌🏻.

29 Dec 2019 20:56:06
OP, it was this same useless ref who actually awarded a foul to Spurs after their GK came flying off his line, missed the ball completely and clatters into Alonso in the box vs Chelsea. Had VAR not been there to bail him out like it was there today, he would have been the butt of all the jokes. He is a dreadful ref.

As for Wolves, I was not surprised at all. They are what I always thought they were. Nuno Espirto Santo is a top 5 PL manager, IMO and will get a chance at a big club some day cos yeah, he is that good. You can see they work on stuff and it pays off in the games. I knew they would be difficult and would cause us probs and well, they were as advertised. Just happy we dug it out and got the win cos men, our boys looked knackered esp. TAA, Gini, Bobbie and Hendo. Happy 2020!

29 Dec 2019 21:20:15
Back from game. Normally agree with you, Drogie, but how can Taylor be at fault for Wolves goal? It was millimetres. We all thought it was a goal. VAR worked for us today. Move on.

29 Dec 2019 21:34:15
Who said anything about their goal Rome mate? You were there, it was his overall performance.

29 Dec 2019 21:47:57
Forgive me, Drogie. Agree with you there, mate.

29 Dec 2019 22:49:41
And can I ask why the wolves fans were a joke drogie. watched the game at home with a poorly grand daughter so volume wasnt loud.

29 Dec 2019 22:59:18
This is getting stupid. I know it worked in our favour today, but guys being milimeters offside is irrelevant unless they're actually the one toeing the ball in (and even then it's going to be questionable more often than not) .

The VAR decision on Lallana's shoulder was correct, though.

29 Dec 2019 23:16:38
Rome I think you’re missing the point on VAR. it didn’t ‘work for us’ at all. He was offside. By millimetres but still offside in the laws of the game.
VAR just showed what was there.
It’s the rule that needs changing, VAR doesn’t ‘work for’ anyone it just shows what happened. It’s up to the people who run it to use it in the best way for the game. At the moment that is not happening.

30 Dec 2019 00:47:57
Beckers, I'm going to go ahead and disagree.

The Lallana shoulder ball. Yes, that was a good VAR call. That's what it should be for, a ref disallows a goal for a handball that wasn't actually a handball and it's overturned. 'He blew the whistle before it went in, so it should've been chalked off' my arse. He blew it a millisecond before it was in and Wolves players didn't let it in by not playing.

But their goal? Come on. A player being a few millimeters offside in that situation doesn't actually give him any sort of advantage. That's not a clear error that VAR should be overturning. The stuff they're at is beyond nitpicky.

30 Dec 2019 08:00:28
Rome - that’s ok mate!
Magico - That was a bit tongue in cheek my side mate, I had an argument with a city fan, he was saying he’d been to Anfield twice but said Mollinuex had a better atmosphere.

Having said that, they still do represent the championship to a degree with some of their chants .

Oh and their page is in meltdown regarding VAR, claiming they have been the hardest done by with VAR, when it’s Sheffield United that’s been the hardest done by with VAR.

30 Dec 2019 10:10:40
The problem is both goals, as per the current rules and interpretations were correct. The issue is fans are no longer enjoying it as people in Milton Keynes are deciding if someone’s offside by mms.

The Images are frozen so are often pixelated, you can’t guarantee it’s frozen in the right frame from when the ball is kicked as it won’t necessarily be in the same image as it could of been from a deep free kick.

As a fan I would be happy for them to look at it from the lineos angle, if it’s a clear offside, easy enough to call. In instances like yesterday just give the goal. If it turns out to be offside by a mm fine but go with the linesman’s call and let them flag as they didn’t last year rather then waiting for var to tell them one way or another.

The linesman has gone through the training and has the best view 99% of the time.

VAR works, as proven with our goal, although the ref nearly ballsed that up by blowing his whistle to early.

VAR should be their purely as an aid for the officials not to officiate the game from MK, or you may as well scrap the officials and just have a whistle and a message over the tannoy when an infringement is made.



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