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09 Feb 2020 14:10:27
Hi Eds

I hope all of you guys are doing well. I have a question about work permits. It has always been very confusing to me how some players get permits and others of the same nationality and age dont. For example Martinelli, a young Brazillian gets it but other young Brazillians dont. Utd in the 90's could always sign Argentian, Brazillian, Check, all nationalities and others had difficulty.

{Ed002's Note - A good question - right now it goes something like this:
- If the player is an EU citizen he is allowed to work in the UK without the need for a Work Permit or Visa under the provisions of the treaty covering free movement.
- This also applies to uncontracted players under the Bosman Decision.
- Players from outside the EU need Government Body Endorsement and a Work Permit and the rules are stricter than they were (see at the end).
- There are different types of Work Permits available and typically two apply to footballers. Tier 2 means that the player can stay in the UK with a two year extention if they have 70 immigration points (which requires an FA endorsement, 10 for providing proof he won't be a strain on the state and 10 for the command of the English language (important). A Tier 5 WP only lasts a year where failure is on the English language test. It allows him to play and then master the language, sit a test and then apply for Tier 2 WP. Extensions can be provided to the length of contract.
- Moving forward post Brexit there is no decision but it has been discussed. One idea on the table is that any new application for EU citizens to move to the Premier League or move between PL clubs) will be the same process as for non EU players, and that players already at PL clubs will be given an exemption for the length of their existing contract.

If the player is not an EU citizen, the Work Permit requirementsare something like this:

The player needs a minimum of four points and summary goes something like this:
- The value of the transfer fee (alone) that is to be paid is between the top 75% and 100% of all transfers to Premier League clubs in the previous 2 windows - 3 points
- The value of the transfer fee being paid for the player is between 50% and 75% of all transfers to Premier League clubs in the previous 2 windows - 2 points
- The basic wage (excluding bonuses) being paid to the player by the new club is in the top 25% of the top 30 earners at the club - 3 points
- The basic wage (excluding bonuses) being paid to the player by the new club is between 50% and 75% of all the top 30 earners at the club - 2 points
- Subjectively, the player’s current club is in a recognised "top" league and the player has played in 30% or more of the available domestic league minutes - 1 point
- The player’s existing club has played in the group stages or onwards of the Champions League, Europa League or the Copa Libertadores within the last 12 months and the player has played in 30% or more of the available domestic league minutes - 1 point.

There is still an exemptions process.

What used to happen:

The situation with work permits used to be that a player will be granted one if (a) he had played 75% of games at full international level for two years for a country ranked reasonably high up by FIFA (top 75), (b) if he was deemed to be a major talent as reflected in his price, or (c) if an exemption is applied for and granted under the "exceptional talent" provisions. For example, if a case is made to the authorities that a young South American is a demonstrable talent and clearly one for the future, it should be reasonably easy to have an exemption granted. If however, a pretty much run of the mill or average player was being bought and it was clear they are not appreciably better than those which could be found locally, or are being bought because they are cheap, then it will be much more difficult to obtain a work permit. The downside of the system in the UK is that the "bigger" English clubs can cherry pick the decent talent available and can obtain exemptions, and the rest of the players are assumed not to be talented enough for an exemption (as Chelsea or Manchester United etc. don't want them) and therefore obtaining the exemption is much tougher. Some players can obtain work permits through their parents or grand parents being English.}

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09 Feb 2020 15:04:02
Ed do clubs have people in place that already scout players who could fit in the wp criteria or scouting is completely unrelated?

{Ed002's Note - Scouts are not concerned with WPs at all.}

09 Feb 2020 16:31:44
When I first read these new rules seem to give at least a bit of hope for players from lower-ranked countries. But again, it seems the monies involved in the transfer need to be astronomical for a player that is unproven which then makes it almost impossible.

{Ed002's Note - They are there to stop clubs filling out the squad with cheap imports to try and give HG youngsters a good shout at a chance.}

09 Feb 2020 17:18:21
Ed, do the Bosman rules apply outside of Europe? And if they don’t, do you see there being any chance that things could change here post Brexit?

{Ed002's Note - it is related to European Union law and it could theoretically be impacted by Brexit but common sense will likely prevail with tweaks to UEFA rules. It is not finalised yet.}

09 Feb 2020 18:50:09
Work permits reminds me of one of the harder football quiz questions I've had
Who has won league titles in 3 different leagues.
Has an italian passport but never played in Serie A.
Signed for 6 clubs but only played for 4.
Won less than 50 caps for the country they represented.

09 Feb 2020 20:08:19
martin Demichellis.

09 Feb 2020 20:17:14
name an ex footballer, and yes he was a good one, is the only premier league player whose last name is completely made up of Roman numerals.

09 Feb 2020 22:38:24
Ed 2 I love the bit about the english language, half the players in the premier league would fail that test.

{Ed002's Note - Keita did as you know, and Minamino has yet to learn English.}

10 Feb 2020 05:00:23

10 Feb 2020 14:40:53
Thank you so much Ed02 for the detailed explanation.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

11 Feb 2020 07:20:10
Do you think clubs ever try and push through a work permit by offering money or something to those in charge of are the consequences of such actions too serious for anyone to try any funny stuff with?

{Ed002's Note - Many years ago clubs had committee members watch trial games to support talent based applications but that was stopped.}



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