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06 Sep 2020 15:09:41
wondered what people thought to the 15 mill gini price rumours, when we see for example players like wilson going to newcastle for 20 odd mill, IMO no where near same class etc?

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06 Sep 2020 15:32:24
Contract length, age, not English, not a ST, all these reasons basically.

06 Sep 2020 15:36:36
Last year of contract. Not offered a new one by the club. 15 mill is still more than free.

06 Sep 2020 16:00:14
I’d take it, give him a pat on the back and wish him the best of luck.
I’d then give Grujic a chance and also more minutes for Jones. We don’t need to replace Gini.

06 Sep 2020 16:01:31
Last year of contract, getting 'old' as you would put it. I personally don't think Lpool would accept £15mil, £20mil would be the only figure I'd accept. The market is peculiar however, Chilwell going for same price as players like Werner.

06 Sep 2020 16:06:18
OP personally, I think that bid should be rejected immediately. 15m for a bona fide Dutch international, a CL and PL winner in the past two seasons? No freaking way.

I agree that he has one more year left on his deal BUT I have seen players who have not achieved anywhere near what Gini has achieved at LFC, go for way more than that. Now this could just be Barcelona trying to take advantage of the fact that LFC need cash right now BUT I will be surprised if Gini goes for that amount. Obviously, it could happen.

06 Sep 2020 16:11:33
Wijnaldum has become over rated by sections of the Liverpool fans in my opinion. He's a very good player, but some genuinely regard him as world class just because he plays key a role in a world class team. People will often point to his performance against Barcelona as evidence, but that was about 15 months ago now. World class players do that regularly, not once a season.

Essentially, Gini can occasionally pull a world class performance out the bag and he always seems to raise his levels in the big home games, but he is infinitely frustrating because he rarely if ever performs to the same level in the smaller games or virtually any away game. He is always a 6/ 10 to be fair because he runs his socks off. He's more of an enabler than a star player though. He allowed Robertson to push on without worrying about leaving gaps but you have to trust that Klopp has a plan to either change the system or replace Gini directly.

I'd have preferred to keep him because he sets a good example and you can rely on him. If he wasn't 30 with 9 months on his contract, he'd probably be worth about £40-50m in today's market when you see the kind of price players like Jorginho and Fred go for.

A player is only worth what a club is prepared to pay though. That's how a subjective market works. Nobody will pay much more than £15-20m for a player who they can sign on a pre-contract for nothing in 3 months time. Not to mention they'll be committing to a big contract for a player coming into his latter years who is heavily reliant on physical attributes. It would be illogical and frankly stupid.

He's played his part in the last 4 brilliant seasons. He's genuinely been great for us, and I'll wish him the best of luck in his next venture for that. The timing just feels right to me though. Especially with the way Jones and Keita are playing right now. I'm not sure Wijnaldum would even start on current form!

06 Sep 2020 16:18:24
More minutes than any other midfielder, does Klopp over rate him too?

06 Sep 2020 16:39:23
Irish Rover, that is because he signed before any other midfielder in the squad except Milner and Henderson. Hendo has struggled with injury and Milner is an aging squad player. Don't try and play the stats card unless you are prepared to go into more depth and add some context. He was key to the system we've been playing for the last 4 years and he's not had a single major injury. It's that simple to explain your stat. I'm assessing his individual ability using my eyes and he is not world class or even top class. What he is, is a very solid and disciplined team player who allows others to thrive.

Either Klopp has a plan to replace him or plans to change the system. It's Klopp who has decided not to offer him a new contract. Clearly you only read the first line of my post. I made my positive feelings towards Gini very clear. He has been a great player for Liverpool for sure. I am simply highlighting why he is not going to be sold for mega bucks.

06 Sep 2020 16:55:13
HMB, I don't believe he will be sold for meg bucks either (20m would be fine with me, personally) BUT you make some very valid points in both your posts, man. I agree that Barcelona could get Gini on a free in Jan if indeed he wants to still go there and that could lend more credence to the 15m bid they have put in here. From Barca's side, it would be a case of like, "Sure we want Gini now BUT do you want to lose all this money (that we all know you need) you could make on him now or get nothing for him when we get him on a pre-contract in Jan"? . Liverpool could blink first in this scenario, IMO.

06 Sep 2020 17:03:44
I think that stat refers to last season 👍. don't think we signed any midfielders last season, so I think the stat is pretty firm.

That's the problem Harvey, you are assessing him but Klopp kept picking him. I'm more inclined to go with Klopp.

Lastly you would pick Keita and Jones on current form? A couple of friendlies, Arsenal and Blackpool? Come on, you're not serious. That for me is scraping the barrel.

You seem to think that hard working midfielders that are excellent at keeping the ball are a plenty, I disagree and although he isn't world class he is certainly a top midfielder.

06 Sep 2020 17:06:18
Also, I believe Gini was offered a contract last season which from my understanding he choose not to sign.

06 Sep 2020 17:19:11
I don't think we should be selling a player of his calibre for 15mil. If he is Barcelona priority then why don't we rinse them? What's the worst that can happen? They walk away? Oh well. Good.

06 Sep 2020 17:52:34
Barca signed a less consistent midfielder off us for 140 mill.

06 Sep 2020 17:53:01
The last thing I will say is that before you even go into how good a player is, that it's important that a player can stay fit, something which Gini does well. No point in having a "baller" in the treatment room. Which in no way takes away from Thiago's quality but it's still worth consideration when, by the sound of it he will be the highest paid player at the club (€12 million a year, I believe), age, change of league and formation.
Saying that, Klopp likes him and i don't claim to be an expert at all.

06 Sep 2020 18:04:10
You keep talking about the past though Irish. Last season he played a lot? Last summer he was offered a contract? I'm talking about next season and the long term beyond that. Klopp looks likely to change the system in the coming season. If not for every game, then for quite a few or even just for periods within games.

Wijnaldum hasn't had a bad season for us. You are missing my point. My point is that he isn't worth much more than £15m. Maybe £20m tops. He was a vital cog to a team Klopp built around the players he had. Park Ji Sung was vital to Ferguson too but nobody would've paid big money for him at any point in his career. You can be a key player to a world class team without being a world class individual.

You are talking as though you are on Klopp sides here but it's the complete opposite. Klopp is the man letting him go and wanting to replace him with Thiago. Jones and Keita have looked better in the last 4 games. Friendlies or not that is current form. Either way, my points above are why we won't get mega bucks for him.

06 Sep 2020 18:19:45
Reading reports Barcelona are about to offer 12 mill for him.

06 Sep 2020 18:33:16
We can only go on what we know Harvey, not guessing what might happen in the future.

Park was a very good player for Utd although I highly doubt (without checking) that he consistently played the amount of PL games as Gini.

I am far from being on Klopps side as you say, merely stating facts, he has played Gini consistently and the club did offer him a contract.

I will stick my neck out Harvey and say that if Gini does stay that he will start before Keita and Jones 😉. We shall see.

If he does go to Barcelona for the fee discussed then Barcelona are getting an incredibly good deal. That's just my opinion again as I'm no expert.

06 Sep 2020 19:06:22
I agree with you that Barcelona are getting a great deal.

If Gini stays i think he'll start more often than not too. He's our third best midfielder on overall ability, just not on current form.

I don't really think we disagree re-reading the thread. Just both misinterpreted each others points.

07 Sep 2020 09:54:54
Age and remaining years on contract.



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