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17 Oct 2020 20:34:18
Now the dust has settled a little, a few points,

1. The refs got it wrong with Pickford, no pen but definite red in my opinion. Don't think there will be any retrospective action has the VAR didn't deem it a red.

2. The offside was tight and they have gone for and against us in the past, but no fans were complaining about these offside calls it was the ones where they got it wrong and someone was a yard offside. Ditch the lines and use the naked eye, let the linesman call them like they did and go with their decision like umpires call in cricket if its that close. We watch football for goals and not whether someone's armpit hair is on or offside.

3. There is no conspiracy against us, the refs made a mistake, like they have on various occasions. But please don't try and paint it like they have an issue with us it just looks petty.

4. Hopefully the two injuries aren't as bad as first feared but if they are we need to crack on with it. Imagine what it would be like to win the league without our best defender. That would shut the doubters up.

So let's keep our heads up and move onto the next. This team is still quality even with VVD injured we will just need to find new ways to win games. Bring it on I say.

{Ed025's Note - aah the voice of reason that is WYred, i agree with all of that mate..

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17 Oct 2020 21:07:12
WYred my problem with var is the refs running it are making far more mistakes than the refs did before they had it so instead of making the decisions better there making them worse to slow the game down.

17 Oct 2020 20:54:13
Cheers ed025, I try!

Think a few fellow blues on your site thought I was being biased earlier but I couldn't be bothered arguing 😂

There are always tackles that fly on in derbies and you expect it (fans demand it sometimes) but you never want to see players injured on either side.

I know robbo kicked out and was petulant but were any of our early tackles nasty? I didn't see the first 30 mins so have no idea.

{Ed025's Note - no more than at other times mate..

17 Oct 2020 21:00:50
Great read WYred - let's hope both of our lads who got put in hospital are ok after those potential career ending horror tackles.

Nice touch by Richarlison for apologising for his horror tackle that put Thiago in hospital. Pity about Prickford through, set of studs to VVD’s knees looks like his season is over, and maybe the delayed EUROS, nice one.

17 Oct 2020 21:22:09
Bang on grino, but it’s across the board, it’s not just us being negatively effected.

The problem is there are so few good referees you end up with a mess.

I still think VAR can work but they need to stop pratting around with the rules and get ex players trained up. They don’t need to make a decision but they would be better advised to tell the refs to look at the screen. An ex player would be barking at them to check it out.

VAR was brought in to minimise errors and help the refs out, fans weren’t annoyed that someone said toenail was offside.

I genuinely think of that was called onside even the most ardent blue wouldn’t complain.

But above all the game was competitive and the best derby at Goodison for a while but we are talking about the officials which no one wants.

17 Oct 2020 21:28:18
Wyred, I agree with most of that. My understanding is that VAR didn't review it for a red, only whether or not it was a penalty, but there is so much out there, who knows the truth. I've always said that great teams overcome bad officiating. We had more than enough chances to put that match away. If one call costs the match then it wasn't deserved. That's just my view. Take advantage of the opportunities you have and you don't have to worry about poor officiating. Just one person's opinion though.

18 Oct 2020 00:50:03
As far as I am aware VAR didn't look at Pickfords challenge so he absolutely should receive a retrospective ban and if he does not I want a full and proper explanation as to why not.

18 Oct 2020 05:20:39
VAR certainly didn't make the correct calls today but you can't state that less correct decisions are now being made than before. Far more right calls are being reached now that the ref or linesman didn't make in real time but they never get talked about as positive impacts and only the bad decisions get attention. The referee today didn't choose a red card for pickford either so it's not as if without VAR the call is made correct. Chelsea getting a correct red card when the ref was otherwise making a bad call was never a talking point for example. We've completely forgotten the shocking standard of officiating that was happening before VAR and now they are being excused for the large number of errors they still make and correct decisions would be far less in number if they were in sole charge.

{Ed0666's Note - why should be applaud mediocrity? VAR should be getting the decisions 100% correct. They have a few minutes to make an informed decision with the plethora of technology at their disposal. Don’t forget the VAR idiots making the decisions are officials who should know the laws of the game inside out. There is no excuse for these clowns to be making any incorrect calls. Im not being bitter because I’m a red but the level of officialdom today on and off the pitch was absolutely catastrophic. Not only did they cost us three points but they made the game off football a farce.

18 Oct 2020 12:30:26
I'm ok with VAR getting offsides correct to the n'th degree. but I haven't seen a pic yet that looks like Mane is offside. there is one where the line looks like it's drawn at his elbow. another where the offside line is crooked. Just didn't look that convincing, but could be biased.

18 Oct 2020 13:09:02
I am not sure VAR was created to disallow goals in such close to non existent offside situations like the Hendo goal. Cos if it was, no one would agree with it. Also, how is it possible that you check for a penalty on the VVD incident knowing full well that there cannot be a penalty if play has been stopped YET you don't check on the tackle itself? Sorry, that is a cop out to save the VAR assistant who knows he messed up.

If you can send off a player or manager AFSTER the game is over then you can send off a player for a dangerous challenge after play is stopped for a foul or offside.

18 Oct 2020 15:40:02
that's absolutely correct Ed, that's the whole point of VAR, isn't it?

{Ed0666's Note - I think it’s pathetic we are applauding a correct VAR decision when they have all the tools not to get anything wrong. I can’t remember the last time my boss applauded me for coming in on time or saving a file on a desktop correctly.



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