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23 Jan 2021 00:39:24
Some utter tat posts on here the team has been pounding everyone everywhere for last 3-4 years. Champions league runners up "next year we'll win it. " League runners up, "next year we'll win it. " 5-6-7 weeks of bad form and some of the wam getting chatted on here . Drop Bobby sell Bobby sell Salah sell mane sell origi buy a cb. These people put themselves through all sorts for us yet now they not getting hat tricks you want to let them walk alone! I can't wait for big brother or X Factor to start to give you something to do, maybe even make a call that counts . The results aren't getting me down it's you lot😞🤦🏻‍♂️.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not seeing many of them ‘putting themselves through all sorts for us’ mate. They deserve plaudits when they are winning and shouldn’t be devoid of constructive criticism when they aren’t performing. Selling origi and buying a CB are not outlandish remarks. I would endorse them. The guys who should be getting the criticism are FSG. Klopp strongly recommends buying a center back to help alleviate this injury crisis and he gets a firm rebuttal. This club was not anywhere near winning anything when Klopp came on board he made Liverpool FC feared, respected and a giant in world football again and this is the gratitude he gets? I understand there’s a pandemic and you have to cut you’re cut accordingly but what happens if we don’t get champions league football next season? When you’re poor and you’re kids want Xmas presents you make sacrifices and make it happen. Same applies here. We are desperate for a defender if you don’t want to commit to a permanent signing just get a 6 month loan surely there has to be someone in world football, that’s surplus, that’s affordable and that can do a job. If we don’t qualify for the champions league I really hope FSG don’t point fingers at Klopp because it’s themselves they should be taking a good hard look at. If this were there beloved Redsox going through and injury crisis I wander if they would be so frugal? End of sermon I’ll get down off my soapbox.

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23 Jan 2021 04:10:27
I'm with you spouse. Constructive criticism is with the intention of making things better. People on here acting like toddlersjust opened their present but are playing with the shiny wrapper instead. The speed at which people are disbanding embarrassing and fits the narrative other clubs have about some of our fan base.

The team are an impossible, yet not unforseen situation. We had to expect a dip in performance coming, had to. Add that to the injuries, cover and current financial situation, Kopp and Co don't have many other options right now other than to deep deep and find the spark themselves.

Given Milner's social media post you know the players are feeling the dismay from fans so why not use that for positive energy instead of beating up on our own players. Sack KlopP? some people need to give themselves an uppercut.

23 Jan 2021 04:20:39
Criticize fsg for buying 3 very expensive (and 2 very good) players we didn’t have the money for huh?

23 Jan 2021 06:44:43
I was ask was Thiago Alcantara actually needed when we should have got a CB to replace lovren
. could we have lived without TA this season and not a new CB.

We had Hendo Fab gini mili shaq Keita ox Jones and taki for CM. but VVD Gonez and Matip for CB. I know which position we were short at.

23 Jan 2021 07:28:19
SL8, how on earth can you say we don’t need a new CB?
In the first instance, did we replace Lovren? No
And in the second instance we have VVD and Gomez, both could be out for the season and then there’s Matip who is more injury prone than sick note ( Darren Anderson ) ex Spurs player!

{Ed047's Note - Jack Wilshere will be offended that you’ve used Anderton as an example over him! 🤦‍♂️🤣

23 Jan 2021 07:42:34
With the 20/ 20 vision that only comes with hindsight, as much as I love Thiago, the mistake was probably buying another CM over a new CB.

23 Jan 2021 08:34:40
I read nearly every post on this site and I’ve not seen one saying sack klopp! Am with eds666 on this if we haven’t got the money then get a loan. Michael Edwards has had nothing but praise since he joined us but now is the time to stand up and show us how good you really are. Work you magic Micky!

23 Jan 2021 09:07:39
I have seen one and that was from a new poster I think. Suggesting freshening up the front in the summer is out of order either. We need some solutions.

23 Jan 2021 07:39:15
ED0666, don't apologise, you articulated my fears on hearing Jurgen's post match presser on Thursday. That line about ‘transfers are not up to me’ (para-phrasing) . I hoped that was a throwaway line, but i worried it wasn't.

Obviously I'm not saying spend money we don't have, and I understand how difficult it is to buy in Jan. But if promises were made about help coming in this window that have not been kept (for whatever reason), and Jurgen has interpreted that as the board aren’t backing him after everything he’s achieved, and everyone isn't pulling in the same direction anymore - maybe that could partially explain the change of mood around the team since the turn of the year.

On a more positive note, imo, yesterday's presser looked like a man who's pressed the reset button, and has moved on from something that was affecting him.

{Ed0666's Note - that’s my whole point I’m not dumb I know we can’t afford a defender but that’s because we’re being frugal and being faithful tot the business model but sometimes you have to make exceptions for the greater good and this is an exceptional circumstance.

23 Jan 2021 08:52:06
Haha, just didn’t want to offend you on this fine Saturday morning 47 mate 🤪.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣 love it!

23 Jan 2021 20:46:18
Problem is Ed if you’re poor and your kid wants a PlayStation 5 for Christmas do you make the sacrifices to buy it and then end up losing your house?!
No point having a PlayStation 5 with nowhere to plug it into!

{Ed0666's Note - Liverpool FC are not on the breadline. They are not receiving housing benefit or claiming the dole. A short term 6 month loan for a CB is not beyond our means Becker.

24 Jan 2021 06:51:14
We are in the privileged position of being able to question decisions without any pressure to make a decision or actually be accountable for it. I am sure the club weighed up the transfer situation in summer and they obviously decided to use the funds for Thiago and trust the resource within the squad to handle injuries vs purchasing a 4th choice CB. They made the call to bring in a talent like Thiago and who knows, it may still pay off. I mean the season isn't finished yet is it.

{Ed001's Note - what funds? The whole point was that the money could be paid later, which was what we couldn't do with any of the centre-backs wanted. If there was one available on similar terms, that was of interest, he would have arrived.}



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