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30 Mar 2021 09:44:23
another interview with Salah hinting of his desire to play in spain, a bit of wishful thinking from him or maybe there is no smoke without fire.

i can't see Barcelona or Real Madrid being able to afford him or have him as their top priority but we shall see.

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30 Mar 2021 11:31:25
My worry with the possibility of Salah leaving is if we replace him with someone like Adama from wolves that’s a lot of goals we are losing unless. Guess that’ll be the concern whoever arrives tho just can’t see Adama ever hitting the 30 per season Salah pretty much guarantees every year.

But this is football players leave if we get good deal for him he’s helped win a premier league and champions league he leaves on a good note in lfc history.

30 Mar 2021 12:04:48
I don't see madrid getting both haaland and mbappe. I don't think th3y can manage even one.
And since hazard has had a horrid time too they will might be tempted to bid for salah or mane. They 100 percent need players. And so do barcelona who will be clearing a lot of players
Salah mane could well be second or third choice for both spanish clubs.

30 Mar 2021 12:07:45
The very idea of signing ADAMA gives me nightmares.
He will be lucky to retire on 30 career goals nevermind scoring 30 in 1 season.
Totally agree with your last paragraph though and as well as the goals, Salah has been everything Suarez was not, image wise and the way he has conducted himself on and off the pitch.
One of liverpool's best ever signings imo.

30 Mar 2021 12:11:53
If salah doesn’t want to play for us then sell him simple as that. I only want players who are fully committed.

30 Mar 2021 12:32:23
he did not say he wants to go he said its not up to him and does not want to talk about it then asked if he would like to play in Spain one day he said he had played in Italy and England and hopes to play for many more years so maybe one day.

30 Mar 2021 13:31:54
OP, slow news day, man. I wouldn't sweat it. Salah answers these same questions the very same way every time and what has happened? Nothing. Also, Salah has been giving interviews to Spanish outlets for 2 years now about this very same topic and what has happened? Nothing.

People need to chill out and stop taking the bait EVERY time. Salah is going nowhere cos NOBODY can afford him and neither RM nor Barcelona are even interested in him, as far as we know. It is inter'l week so the journos are bored hence, are quick to spin things out of control to get clicks and it has worked. Not bothered, really.

30 Mar 2021 13:58:15
Plus, he's basically saying the same thing Wijnaldum has been saying all along; "it's up to the club". Meaning if the club gives him what he wants and thinks he deserves, he'd love to stay. Maybe Salah has an idea as to what he's worth and is hoping the club agrees to it too? And if that is so, how and why is that such a bad situation between employee and employer?

30 Mar 2021 17:37:39
I think the mane thing is that Traore would be a catastrophically bad replacement for Salah, in a million years we should not entertain that, he is so bad he makes Jesse Lingard look like a footballer, and that takes some doing, and if Madrid or Barcelona come without over £150m in cash up front or try offering their useless cast offs and unwanted failed signings (like Dembele, Griezmann, Isco, Assensio any other of their footballing detritus) the answer should be a resounding no.

30 Mar 2021 18:42:16
If the Salah left and Adama came in, he wouldn't be a direct replacement for Salah. Very few could fill those boots.
It would be because Klopp feels he can do a job in the front 3 that will give us an advantage.
Klopp is open about his admiration for Adama, whether that means he would sign him is a different matter.
But I have faith in Klopp. I remember people's reactions when we signed the likes of Wijnaldum, Robertson and others.
The same players who are currently Premiership champions despite being written off as not good enough by many before they'd even kicked a ball for the club.

30 Mar 2021 19:54:58
Thing is Flash, aside from Salah where are the goals coming from as there are very very few in our team at the moment and taking out Salah and bringing in Traore means even less. Traire literally has no end product. Bullying fullbacks is all well and good, but with nothing on the end of it is just pointless. He’s no better than Jesse Lingard, and he’s widely accepted as being rather Crap.

30 Mar 2021 20:38:59
Stop taking the bait and giving yourselves heartburn over a dead issue. If Salah really wanted to go, he would have kicked up a fuss already and forced the move, period. I’m starting to wonder if Salah enjoys these types of interviews where he drops fake feelers about a move and the media run with it and like clock work, our fans start sweating literally for no apparent reason.

Nothing has happened and nothing will happen regarding his departure for reasons we all know about yet people keep panicking over pointless comments the guy makes every time he is away with Egypt.

As for Adama coming in, yeah I’ll believe that rubbish when it happens. I won’t be holding my breathe, tho.

30 Mar 2021 23:24:20
6Times in some respects I'm inclined to agree with you.
But Klopp has a proven track record of taking potential and turning into something a bit special.
If he wants rather than just likes Adama, it's because he believes he can help him step up to another level.
And as for goals, it's only a matter of time before Mane kicks into gear again and Jota certainly knows where the goal is. We need more goals from around the team in general though, that's for sure.



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