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23 Apr 2021 20:26:25
Ed001, u love your football, may I ask over the last year or two with all that has happened in football. Has your love for the sport wavered at all?

{Ed001's Note - very much so. VAR hammers at my soul, the lack of fans squished it flat and then this abomination of the ESL kicked it out the park. I barely watch any games nowadays other than Liverpool, when I do watch them I don't get any enjoyment out of the games, just frustration.

How about yourself?}

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23 Apr 2021 21:07:40
I'm the same mate. Like yourself it started with VAR, tbh I think that has had the biggest affect on me. I don't even cheer now when a goal goes in. The days of me running up and down the stairs in joy r gone. Now my first thought is what will they disallow that for.

{Ed001's Note - exactly. They are bleeding the game dry trying to copy the bits from other sports that don't work, instead of taking the bits that do!}

23 Apr 2021 21:29:14
For me mate I never was a fan of VAR. Football is to much of a subjective sport. What might be clear and obvious to u might not be for me. I watch games now and tbh they put me in a bad mood. That's why like urself I only watch Liverpool.

For me mate football is done for. I will always love and follow liverpool. And I feel privileged that I'm old enough to remember real football not what the soap opera crap r kids will come accustomed to.

{Ed001's Note - I find I am burying myself more and more into researching articles and writing them. Even when a game is on, like now, I end up spending most of my time looking away. The only time I watch games other than Liverpool now is for profiles. Then I still get the old enjoyment as there is no VAR to worry about and the result is irrelevant, it is just watching how a player or team plays the game.}

23 Apr 2021 21:37:40
Salah goal disallowed vs Brighton spelt the end of football as we know it for me. When he scored, didn’t celebrate, just shook his hand as if to say might be offside. As a player when you reach the point you don’t even celebrate what should be the best feeling as a footballer, you know the game is done.


{Ed001's Note - agreed. And the ridiculous reasons they come up with for ruling them out are not helping. The rules state level is on, but players being level are ruled off by VAR, that is when they even know which player they are meant to be looking at.}

23 Apr 2021 22:26:59
Just keep goal line technology I say. If you have to use var for offside, just go with feet placement. If a clear error can't be spotted within 5 second, goal stands.
Like you guys, I barely celebrate. The last full on celebration I had was Lovren header against Dortmund.

23 Apr 2021 22:52:44
I 100% agree with you about VAR taking the joy of a goal completely away.
I lay the blame totally at the feet of Sky and their pundits.
It was they that started all this drawing of lines on the screen, castigating referees and analysing decisions to the nth degree.
Now it’s like they’ve stepped back and it’s all someone else’s fault.

23 Apr 2021 22:53:12
Speaking of VAR anyone see the penalty call in Arsenal v Everton tonight?

Ref initially gives it. Replay shows that Ceballos barely got touched, but they didn't disallow it for that. Instead they disallowed it because he leaned forward earlier in the move which put his shoulder 1mm offside.


23 Apr 2021 23:29:20
its getting really silly now .

23 Apr 2021 22:29:39
For someone involved in the sport ed. That must be very tough on u mate?

{Ed001's Note - it is horrible mate. I love the game, but it is no longer the game I am watching on TV. The players are not even able to put a tackle in any more.}

24 Apr 2021 08:46:03
The main frustration I have with football is that despite the fans, pundits, journalists, players and managers all agreeing on most of the issues in football like VAR, FFP, racism, kick off times, player welfare, over priced tickets, too many games, meaningless international games, boring group European group games, cup competitions that need revamping to name just a few issues, nothing gets resolved.
All the solutions are out there but nothing seems to happen to fix these problems. Just incessant complaining by the media pundits and the weekly acceptance of goals canceled out by lines on the tv, everyone praising certain clubs despite their blank cheque football team, social media trolling by racist. you get my drift, I’m kinda frustrated.

24 Apr 2021 09:09:59
Was absolutely desperate for us to win league in 2019, imagine it League and CL double in the last yearthat really mattered, I knew it would be. City were awesome that year definitely worthy champions.

Football matches are just so boring to watch especially with all the negative tactics even in high level matches and players flopping to the floor constantly, refs continuously blowing the whistle for absolutely nothing.



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