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16 Jan 2022 17:28:46

If Salah does agree an increased contract would we then require to sell to buy in the summer after last 2 seasons of C.V. affecting budgets or will the Red Bird Investment and Nike contract permit us to proceed with planned signings?

In terms of outgoings if Salah stays I'll be surprised if 1 of Firmino or Mane are not moved on to start the rebuild, with the likes of Diaz, Bowen, Neto, Sarr etc all on the radar but do you know if plans are afoot for operation Bellingham to arrive in 18 months time with his hero in Steven Gerrard most likely to replace Klopp the summer after?

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16 Jan 2022 18:12:32
Please understand we are not going to sign more than a couple of players. There is absolutely no need to sell mane or firmino. They can run their contracts out.
There is nothing wrong with the squad. Some players can be sold to fund some moves.
We are not going to spend big as long as Champions league is guaranteed and we do well and keep winning odd trophies. Its sustainable and team is competitive. Its hard to win the league but we have been doing very well over last 5 years.
The owners are in no mood to change a working and paying business and football model. Granted it doesn't please us but it works a pleases investors.

{Ed0666's Note - why would we let mane & Bobby run their contracts down especially when they are under performing? How does that make sense? Hope you’re not running a business mate.

16 Jan 2022 18:21:19
1 needs to be moved on when have some sort of market value and it would be great for Klopp to be given 2/ 3 1st team starting signings for his last 2 seasons at the club .

A midfield including Bellingham and Elliot in 2/ 3 years time would be special.

16 Jan 2022 18:20:08
Ed0666 on Manes behalf mate I’d say there’s a difference between no performing to the standards he was a couple of years ago and underperforming.

He’s currently the 4th joint scorer in the league. I’m pretty sure 19 other clubs in the league would be happy if their left winger was in that position of the goal scoring charts.

{Ed0666's Note - still means he’s underperforming in my eyes mate but I respect and appreciate your point. And by that token if he’s still performing to that level as you say let’s get some money for him and invest in our future. Let me preface by saying I absolutely love and adore Mane. He’s a living legend of this football club but we need to evolve and For me he’d be one of the sacrificial lambs.

16 Jan 2022 18:41:43
Replacing them means investing 100million and replacements don’t guarantee nothing. There is no other team that has wingers that score consistently 15 goals every season bar city maybe. I think we grossly undervalue our players.
I run plenty a business to know what's good value to remain and keep along. Mane and firmino are zero fuss low maintenance elite players. There salaries are manageable and they deliver the goods albeit not the standards expected by us fans.

16 Jan 2022 18:47:59
Personally think we need to sell mane and Bobby as the premiership has become to familiar with our style of attack and is becoming a bit predictable. mane could be replaced with a Diaz or Raphina style player but who replaces Bobby? What profile player do we look towards, similar pacey player who interchanges, a dybala type who links up play or a more out and out striker like vlahovic?

16 Jan 2022 18:48:17
And letting them run down their contracts still means investing £100 million only a year down the line but no money received for both players.

16 Jan 2022 19:24:13
I read earlier that Salahs new demands would cost 80 mill in wages (not sure if it’s over 3 or 4 years or even if the figure is true)

But let’s just say it is. The only reason not to give Salah the new contract is money. So say we sell him for 50 Mill how much would it cost to replace him and then throw into that the wages. How much money would we actually be saving in the long run.

What Salah brings to the party there’s no other player in world football that offers it in the premier league. And that’s proven by goals and assists. Yes Kane can put his hand up for goals over the season but to get rid of Salah because of 80 mill we’re never going to replace with a 100 mill transfer fee before we even look at wages.
The only 2 that come to mind that could are Mbappe and Haaland but both are absolute non starters for the exact same reason.

80 mill over 4 years is the equivalent of buying a new 20 mill forward every season. And I’m sure if we did that and added all their goals and assists they wouldn’t get near Salah’s tally.

For contents these players are roughly rated at

Kane 120 mill
Lukaku 96 mill
Grealish 100 mil.

If you combine all their league goals up this season they are still 5 short of Salah’s and they are worth 236 mill more than what Salah wants.

16 Jan 2022 18:38:01
Ed0666 the fact there’s no murmur on his contract tells me that he could well be the sacrificial lamb as well mate. Either that or the SAS are negotiating his contract with him as it’s that far under the radar.

Looking at what he’s paid (extremely low compared to others) and reading stories about him and his charitable nature I would have thought a new contract would be quite easy as he doesn’t seem to be bothered with a pay rise as he’s never asked for one since being here. So that hints to me that he’s probably not been offered One.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d be flabbergasted if he’s not not had a pay rise since he’s been at Liverpool

16 Jan 2022 19:41:03
£80 million in wages and £50 million in a transfer fee. that's a new player right there JK. There's no way the new player will be given £400,000 a week. I can't think of a player Liverpool would actually want to sign who would demand those wages. For instance Chiesa, would he command those wages? And I'm not saying we are signing Chiesa, its an EXAMPLE before all the balloons start shooting me down 😅.

16 Jan 2022 21:26:02
Great post JK. Full of logic and reason. I hope the owners see sense.

16 Jan 2022 22:16:50
I would keep Bobby for as long as possible, even if he's mid 30s he could keep doing what he does, even if he was 2nd fiddle for many seasons.

17 Jan 2022 10:03:52
JK, I do get what you're saying and it does very much make sense. The only problem is, your theory is based on Salah performing as he is now for the next 4 years (I read the same article, pretty sure they said 4 years) . Plus, it will also be likely that the new contract will have a signing fee of some sort. We also have to factor in that at the end of the new contract, there is zero return financially on the investment directly related to the player. Yes, we could get a return if we win more competitions etc, so that has to be considered.

I vaguely remember an ed saying that some LFC players have clauses which means they have to be the highest paid or match the highest salary in the club, if this is indeed true, a monster contract for Salah could open a huge can of worms within the club. Personally, if Salah loves the fans and clubs as much as he says he does, I see no reason why he can't take a £200-£250k per week base with a heavy focus on incentive bonuses. f he wants to be the best in the world, prove it - earn your mega contract by helping the club win trophies.

17 Jan 2022 15:05:04
Cheers for the reply Stuie and 100% agree mate. I think Salah and Fsg will have to find a middle ground to get this one over the line.



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