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19 Jan 2022 01:01:14
Hi all,

This has been bothering me for a while. I've posted a couple of times recently and was told I was being patronising by JK23. Apologies if you felt that way, I didn't mean to but I want to express myself in the face of increasing negativity around the team recently.

So how bad are things really?

So far this season we are in all 4 competitions. We have lost just 2 games all season, that's right just 2!

We still have the potential to reach 96 points. With the exception of 3 years, that would be a championship winning total.

Manchester city are amazing. Sometimes it's right to take your hat off and applaud an amazing team and manager. Yes they have had money but so have others and they are not doing the same thing. Pep has done an incredible job, I wish he hadn't but instead of bashing my team as not being good enough, it's a case of recognising dominance from another.

I agree that this team needs to rebuild but that doesn't mean where we are this season is calamity. City have moved the goalposts, where we are now is 2nd to the greatest team in premier league history. I want to be number one too but to read some of the comments on here is crazy, the way people are going on you would think we were Everton!

We pride ourselves in our fan base, both at Anfield and around the world. I was told on here that responding to someone saying they are sick of positive people like me, with reminder of YNWA was wrong. I believe in my team and fellow reds. I don't think we don't all have the right to an opinion but things recently are way out of proportion. The owners are leaches, the squad is crap and we're heading for disaster. Does YNWA actually mean anything or is it just another clever revenue ploy?

We're 2nd with only 2 loses all season, we have one of the best managers in the game, we have some world class players. I remember the 90s, I remember 2008 and the fallout. This is a great time to be following our team. Sorry if I sound patronising but someone should be allowed to push back against the tide of doom mongers.

I genuinely stand by you all as a supporter of this club and hope this is taken in the spirit it was intended in.

{Ed0666's Note - there is no room for context and common sense on this site mate so fu*k off with that bollox! No seriously we’ll said mate.

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19 Jan 2022 01:51:00
Pretty sure moving the goalposts is against the laws of the game. If this is what City have been doing someone should look into it.

19 Jan 2022 02:23:13
Ed0666 🤣.

19 Jan 2022 05:08:52
Pot when did I say you were being patronising mate?

The fact you say this has been bothering you for a while bothers me massively. I like to debate and banter with anyone and everyone on here and a lot of the stuff I say might be tongue in cheek or to some appear argumentative but I’d never set out to make someone feel like crap.

I only ever offer my opinion on here and that’s all it is. I never claim that it’s an opinion that everyone should have and I enjoy reading everyone else’s regardless of what side of the fence they are on.

19 Jan 2022 06:17:53
Hi JK23,

I didn't mean to single you out (although I did) . I could have chosen many more posters but I picked you because you do come across as reasonable and I wanted to address the negativity around as opposed to a slanging match with other posters on here. Hence choosing your fine self.

Having said that .

14 Jan 2022 08:04:46
The super positive fans talking down to the fans who dare raise any concerns couldn’t be anymore condescending if they tried.

14 Jan 2022 10:31:21
WDW as they say mate there’s two sides to every story and I leave reading both.

Regardless of what any fans opinions is though to be told perhaps they should support another side or do you know what YNWA means isn’t really a point. It’s being condescending.

Only my opinion though. Now where’s my big star.

I thought you had a point about being condescending (Not patronising), hence my apology. That's why I tried to write a new post clarifying my point of view and trying very hard not to be condescending 😂

And the bit about being bothered was not about you but the general doom and gloom about everything LFC related on here recently. I agree about opinions (like arseholes, everyones got one) but sometimes a little perspective from the mob would be nice.

Sorry to stress you out, nothing but love man!


19 Jan 2022 06:42:36
JK23 is easily one of the best best posters on the site along with Mcgoveb.

19 Jan 2022 07:09:39
Potclay cheers for reply mate and I remember the post now. To be honest although I commented it on your post it wasn’t directly aimed at yo mate. . For me it’s a bug bearing (my bug bearing) when people use the YNWA in a debate.

People are more than entitled to use it in their arguments but they are always quick to forget about it when they have a little moan (be it Naby, Couts or any range of LFC topic, even Klopp moans when things don’t go well)

For me no fan is bullet proof enough to stand on that pedestal to say that to another Lfc fan or even worse you should support another club nonsense that I’ve see people post numerous times.

We regard ourselves as the best fans in the world and we all have different opinions but the one common denominator is our love for this great club. And we all hurt and react differently when things don’t go well be it over 90 mins for some fans or longer for the more patient fans.

Ps I’m sure lots on here would disagree with you calling me reasonable lol.

19 Jan 2022 07:15:25
The problem is that a lot of posters lack objectivity. I would have to say that JK23 certainly isn't one of them. I find him to be a measured and reasonable poster.

A few ifs and buts in your post Potclay but I can't argue with the positivity. I just hope you haven't just jinxed us for Thursday night tho, being in 4 trophies and all that.

19 Jan 2022 07:41:40
Nice posts lads, JK23 is sound as a pound and you seem cool to Pot. All about opinions lads.

19 Jan 2022 08:24:33
TT I am truly heartbroken that you did not include me on that list of"Best Best Poster's"I shall be taking this complaint further.

19 Jan 2022 08:40:59
I think one of the issues is that Klopp and the players have set the bar so high, we as fans sometimes forget how lucky we are and as someone said recently (JK I think actually), if City weren't where they are now, it would likely have been us winning multiple league titles. Is our team still world class? Yes, just look at our CL group progress this season. But we still need investment as this time won't last forever.

19 Jan 2022 10:02:03
Cheers lads you’re going to make me blush lol.

For me I think the season so far has been a very good one with the CL and League Cup so far being the real icing on the cake.

With regards to transfers I think it’s proven that just throwing money at transfers doesn’t always work (Utd, Everton etc) but buying quality does.

City and Chelsea weren’t winning titles prior to their take overs but both play the percentage game. Due to their finances they can afford to buy in bulk and not every transfer has to work out. Buying quality was the difference for us to eventually winning the Premier league and becoming a European force again.

You only have to look around Europe to see the teams who dominate their leagues are usually the ones who spend money and buy quality. Barcelona aren’t the best example at the mo but they have been competitive in Spain and Europe over the last however many years spending money on quality (it’s only the last few years they been throwing money at everything bar quality)

For me I don’t want the owners to spend big money Willy Nilly on signings like our main rivals City, Utd and Chelsea but I would like us to be buying quality. Not spending any money at all isn’t going to get either. And more worrying the quality that we do have Salah (world class) and Mane (who can be amazing on his day) seem to be stuck in limbo with regards to contracts.

As Pot says in his first post. There’s loads to be cheerful about this season and we are very much still in the running for 4 (maybe 3 trophies) but that doesn’t mean we can’t also be a little concerned about the medium and long term plan of our beloved club.

19 Jan 2022 10:28:16
Ahh see we can all get along, group hug everyone 🤗.

19 Jan 2022 10:55:34
No hugging until you buy me dinner 1st, house rules.

19 Jan 2022 11:07:02
@Barry, you have the best Display image for any poster 😍😍.

19 Jan 2022 12:34:53
Ok I'll take that TT. The little dude on my knee will be 7 in 2 weeks and the dudett with my arm around will be 10 in March. He was only a few weeks when that picture was taken.

19 Jan 2022 12:16:33
Irish - couldn't agree more! Objectivity is the key. Hope I haven't jinxed us too!

Stuie - Also agree, things have been pretty great in the recent years.

JK - Mate I totally understand why YNWA could be a bug bear when used in a debate. It's a sort of win all argument that could be used at any time. I also feel that it's something that we should live up to and not just sing about. It's like being a friend and what that means to each of us. For me it means I'm there for you in the tough times, not everyone sees it the way I do.

Interesting what you say about Keita, Couts, etc. For me it's pretty simple. It swings both ways. A player like Coutinho feigned back injury to leave the club, he didn't have my back (pun intended) and so I don't feel like he deserves the YNWA treatment. Keita, for me, is a red, he plays for my club, he wears the shirt, he gets my support. I get why people are on his back but I don't really like it, all I know is that he takes the field and I want him to score a beauty. I remember when Stevie G said he was leaving for Chelsea, I took my screensaver of him down! YNWA means looking after your own until your own turn their back on you. Torres, Owen, etc. wanted out. God, Garcia, Enrique, players who didn't want to leave, YNWA.

Thanks all for the chat and for the objectivity, YNWA 😉.

19 Jan 2022 13:59:32
I remember that well Barry 🤎.

19 Jan 2022 20:29:55
"JK23 is a lovely, accommodating poster who always aims to please" - Big John.

20 Jan 2022 07:32:17
Haha brilliant Zed.



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