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03 Oct 2019 09:25:04
Good morning Ed001

On last nights game, I am pleased we got the job done and he points in the bag but jeez it was a struggle.

Gomez looked rusty but the worrying thing for me is that we looked tired. Gini Hendo and evening Fabs looked very jaded and offered little protection to the back 2. I say back 2 as our full backs spent most of the game in the opposition half of the field. We just looked so open and I've not seen a like that in a long while.

Do you think we did look tired and could be the amount of games taking its toll, or just a case of us underestimating our opponents on the night? We need to sort it for Leicester else we will struggle to get the points.

{Ed001's Note - it was nothing to do with tiredness. It was just that it was so easy for the first 30 minutes the players took the foot off their pedal thinking they had it won and mentally relaxed. That is why the passes got sloppy and they got back into it.}

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03 Oct 2019 10:51:30
As Klopp said, it was a valuable lesson learnt. You can not be complacent against any team as they all have the ability to punish you. We started being sloppy after robbos goal and them equalising gave us the kick we needed to get the job done.
Man city had a similar lesson against Norwich, the difference was we were able to also get the required result.

03 Oct 2019 11:20:55
Players defs took their foot of the pedal, but the change in tactics helps them also.

Playing the 2 on our centre backs 2 on the full backs and pushing up on Fab, didn't realy give us time to play out from the back.

But mainly our lads thinking it was a done deal.

03 Oct 2019 11:54:09
It was a great game for us. We would have learned very little if we had smashed them 6-0. Instead, we won the game and exposed weaknesses in our side that we can now address and work on. Hopefully, goal difference will end up being meaningless in our group and we can look back at this game as a 3 pt learning exercise.

03 Oct 2019 12:13:44
I was super impressed with our first 30-35mins, we were absolutely unplayable at times, and we haven’t clicked like that for a while. Thereafter I agree with Ed, we just switched off and got a bit nonchalant thinking it was all too easy. Fair play to Leipzig though, I thought they were very good value at exploiting this fact, and Minamino was exceptional in the spaces between the lines.

What impressed me also however, was how we then seemed to steady ourselves and press back for the win. Hard to do when you’ve conceded 3 in 20mins, and in previous years we wouldn’t have had the confidence to harden the f up and get back into that game. We probably would have gotten completely panicked, backed off and ended up conceding a 4th. Thought Milner and Origi really helped steady things and Origi’s hold up play when we cleared the ball was better than I’ve seen from him in a long while which helped us keep possession more.

I agree with Virgil the scare may not do us too much harm in the long run.

03 Oct 2019 12:44:41
I love the way we play and it’s a case of live by the sword die by the sword and by that I mean we take risks at the back by pushing our full backs so far forward and that was evident by Robbo’s goal. Our right back was in line with their 18 yard box crossing the ball in and our left back was in the 6 yard box scoring. Sometimes the reward outweighs the risk. Sometimes it doesn’t and bites you in the backside. Thankfully for us at the moment we seem to be coming out with the win every time.

03 Oct 2019 17:13:26
Spot on, Ed. The first 30 mins was or seemed WAY too easy for us to just get in behind them and core 3 goals. In fact, we could have scored 5 and no one would have blinked. However, RBS got enough chances too to score at least 2 goals as well. As someone said, that is the risk-reward side of our play.

What I did not like was the lack of structure, discipline and control of the whole team. Everybody's head just left the building it seemed like. Even Adrian who was sound all game, got in on the act. We were careless in possession and lacked any type of tactical nous. Against a team like RBS who IMO, are a scary team esp. on the counter with their pace and movement upfront, you are asking for trouble and we got what our slack play deserved.

However Klopp reacted brilliantly by introducing Milner who brought some calmness and structure to our team and when we steadied the ship, we got the goal (Sadio should have had a 5th) and RBS never got a sniff till the end. We must learn to control games better which to me, should be the next level of our progression and even Klopp knows that cos he has been saying it all season.

{Ed001's Note - Millie and Divvy turned the game when they came on. It is disappointing how everyone just got sloppy all at once though. That can't happen again.}

03 Oct 2019 19:47:19
ed001 I thought we was sloppy all night. but like you said it was easy and in the first 35 mins we did a few good movies and looked like we could score a will and after the 3rd went it them moves just stopped. but I thought in side the ground the atmosphere was the same I think we thought it was just turning up was good enough and it nearly was. But I don't think it was probably are best result all season because of the lesson we learnt you normally get something like that now and again to just to remind you not to take any team for granted but you normally lose or draw them so happy with the 3 points.

{Ed001's Note - hopefully it is the kick up the arse needed and not going to confirm in the players' minds that they can get away with it.}

03 Oct 2019 19:58:20
I can't imagine Klopp was very pleased with the performance. He'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

03 Oct 2019 22:00:55
I agree Milner and Origi got us back control. Milner for me is positionally our best midfielder, he can take the sting out of the game and regain control. This for me is where some of the other players can improve.

Orgi also did very well and for 2 games in a row he has really contributed to the victory. Very impressive given his lack of game time. It seems a good idea to me to give Origi more game time. Take of the least performing forward (or even midfielder) and give him 30 minutes. A good way to keep the front 3 on their toes.

Gomez is a player who needs games, when he was returning from injuries he had some poor performances for the under 23's. He really just needs a proper run in the side. Matip is playing so well it might be difficult.

03 Oct 2019 21:42:45
Our game management has been brilliant in the last 18 months or so, we tend to do enough to win and little else and almost coast until the games over while not allowing the opposing side a way back in.
So it was disappointing to see us completely switch off against RBS, that wasn’t the usual game management it was a lack of respect, you can manage a game but you can’t completely switch off from it, you’ve still got to put in some effort.
However it was also good to see us switch back on again when we needed a goal and we got that goal.
So positives and negatives from that game but at least we can learn from the negatives.



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