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03 Mar 2020 09:12:00
Maybe people will disagree but now the "records" are out the way I'd like to see klopp rest our key players in the league and use them in the two cups.

It's incredibly unlikely we won't win the league now we can afford a few slips in the league. We can afford zero in either Cup.

Trophies are the only record we should be interested in. A treble winning season is more memorable than 100 points - which I thought was irrelevant even when City did it.

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03 Mar 2020 09:41:01
I agree Nevada. There is an argument that Klopp should play his strongest team against Chelsea to try and play themselves into a bit of form anyway and, as you say play a few fringe players in League games. Hoping for a big response tonight.

03 Mar 2020 09:58:04
On the one hand I agree, but also think we need to get back into rhythm and consistency performance wise, to get the form for the cup matches. .

Last few games have looked slow and laboured and maybe one or two do need a rest, but coming off the winter break it shouldn't be an issue, Especially considering the fuss that was made over it.

Up to the boys to refocus, and get back to their best and put the fear of good into a few teams. Chopping and changing might disrupt too much.

They should be chomping at the bit to rediscover the form after the last few dissapointing performances, and maybe not tonight, but at some point they will give a team a good pasting.

But isn't it good we can now be shocked at such defeats, when a few years ago we would have half expected them.

03 Mar 2020 10:50:50
I think Klopp will not deviate from his plans. We're most likely to see a combination of youth and experience for tonight.

03 Mar 2020 12:11:00
As a 27 year old, who has never seen us win the league, I disagree.
Full strength in the league until it is guaranteed, then if we're still in a cup we can think about resting.
There is nothing to say the league is won, so let's not get complacent.

03 Mar 2020 13:44:39
Ghost goal I'm with you mate, I couldn't give a damn about the cup. I hope tonight it's all of our youngsters playing, give them their time, if they fail then they fail, who really gives a damn? The league is priority.

03 Mar 2020 13:48:44
After just coming off the winter break the lads should not be tired but we are definitely out of sorts. We got the results against Norwich and West Ham but the performances were not great. I would also love to see us go for the Fa cup and CL but we still have some tricky league fixtures to go and I'm not sure which ones we should rest any big names in.

Bournemouth - You would think this is 3 points in the bag but after recent performances i'd like to see us play this one full strength.
Everton- We should never go into this unless full strength. Bragian rights for this game is a must win.
Palace- Not sure if they are but to me they feel like one of our bogie teams from the past. never an easy game and another i'd prefer to see us go as strong as possible.
City - 100% full strength.
Villa - this could be a chance to utilise squad players.
Brighton - maybe another squad option
Burnley- always a tough game and will try and bully us like Watford did.
Arsenal - Would prefer a strong a team as possible but suppose it depends on if league is already won by then
Chelsea - same as Arsenal above
Newcastle - Could see the likes of Lallana etc get a final farewell run out.

Only my opinion on each game above. Interesting to ehar everyone elses thoughts.

03 Mar 2020 16:19:32
Gotta play the first team, and get the first team playing.

Last three games have been shockingly slow.

03 Mar 2020 17:36:04
Obviously I'm speculating since I'm not the team sports psychologist (Jurgen if you're reading I'm available with an excellent resume) but (from an external perspective) the team looks a little stagnant over the last few games, maybe that's pressure of going for the records but I think it's likely there's a lot on pressure and tension in general because it's a very gruelling season psychologically. Loud and commanding players help to ease that tension on the pitch by absorbing the attention and helping other players feel less responsible.

Henderson was doing this before which is why we still managed to eke out wins. Another way to allileviate this tension is to change a player or two as it changes the dynamic between the rest of the team. My picks would be van dijk and salah.

03 Mar 2020 17:56:50
Nevada interesting read mate. Is it as in you would rest Salah and VVD. Have I read that correctly. If so who would you replace them with. Personally I think we could do without Mo for a few games but rake VVD out and with Gomez injury niggle that leaves us with Matip and Lovren.

03 Mar 2020 18:12:56
I honestly think that the whole unbeaten thing is a bit of a monkey off the back to be quite honest. It had even reached a point where a draw would have been considered a failure, and a huge failure at that. The game is simply about winning trophies, not going unbeaten. Had we gone through the season unbeaten I’d have been hoping we lost the 1st game of next season to be quite honest. It’s a pointless distraction with artificial pressure that can only act as a distraction and a potential hindrance to the boys playing their natural game.

03 Mar 2020 19:48:47
For me, we finish the season strong by playing our strongest team possible in the PL and CL, just as we have been doing. That relentless approach is what got us here and not taking things easy and resting players for the fun of it. Nothing should change, IMO.



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