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11 Sep 2020 08:17:11
So hypothetical how much would u value the players that we are looking to sell.
SHAQ 20m
Brewster 20m with buyback or sell on clause
Origi 25m
Grujic 20m
Lauroci 6m
Marius 4m get what we paid back.
Gini if being sold 22m.

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11 Sep 2020 09:02:10
Wilson 12
Shaq 15
Brewster 15
Origi 25
Grujic 15
Larouci 2
Karius free
Gini 15
Keita 40

110 million corpus get thiago for 30 and a cover for front three - my pick would be chiesa.

11 Sep 2020 09:12:16
£25 mill for Origi lol. Who in their right mind would pay that mate? The thing is there are no buyers for most of those why we are selling Brewster.

11 Sep 2020 09:37:43
I think Origi could fetch a decent price. I’m also a fan of his though. I think at a different club he might have had a very different career so far.

11 Sep 2020 10:31:01
I agree with me. I think if he was a regular starter at another club he could be pretty damn good and would be a real eye opener. I hope we keep him but who could blame him if he wanted out? We'll have to see what happens, fingers crossed he keeps at Liverpool.

11 Sep 2020 10:52:08
Origi has no motivation to succeed. he is happy sitting on the bench. we should have sold him when his value was high. we did not. now that clubs know he doesn't play why would they offer a large sum. based on what? he is at David Ngog's level. It's terrible we will now need to sell a 19-year-old kid to bring money in.

11 Sep 2020 11:03:51
Origi would get any non top 4 team 15-20 goals a season, that's worth a minimum of £25m.

11 Sep 2020 11:20:24
Origi isn’t a 20 goals a season player. Not even close.
Judge him on the games he started for us, he was awful nearly every time.
He is usually a late sub for us and plays with a world class squad around him supplying him and also against tired legs, this is especially true in Liverpool’s case as the way we play drains the life out of the opposition.
If he played for a mid table club he would struggle to even start each week in my eyes.

11 Sep 2020 12:14:56
Origi is certainly no starter in the top 6 let alone top 4, he is good to bring on when legs are tired but has always frustrated me when starting, in the same mold as Heskey, but Heskey had a few good seasons, Heskey had the tools to be the best in the league but didn't use what he had, Origi is the same imo, not to be the best in the league but to be better than he shows when starting.

11 Sep 2020 12:33:57
Harry, you and your hyperbolic statements are becoming tedious. "Origi has no motivation to succeed". Do you even hear yourself and the rubbish you spout? Origi was a WC goalscorer at 17. Signed with one of the biggest club in England at 19. Has scored 35 goals for LFC while being a bench warmer for the most part. Scored goals that led us to the CL final and WON us the CL final. A CL and PL winner.

Oh yeah, what a wet sandwich Origi is. The guy could retire now and would have a career millions of ex and current players can only dream about. Comparing him to David Ngog is just bitter nonsense as he is miles better than him. If Divvy wants to go, he is free to go. If he wants to stay, he has my blessing. Not bothered about all the other rubbish coming his way cos if he was a world beater, he would not be here for you and the others to bash. Just facts, bro.

11 Sep 2020 12:52:16
Origi has no suitors. Not a single one that Ed02 knows about it. He is not good hence there are no interested parties. He will forever be a bench warmer and I have explained the reason above. I would myself leave the job if I am no longer wanted. Origi couldn't get anywhere near Bobby who IMO had the worst season in his entire career.
he is free to go lol where? Nobody wants him. We are trying to raise the cash by selling a kid whose ten times better than Origi while being 5 years younger to him.

11 Sep 2020 12:59:30
Dont think Origi will ever score 15 league goals in a season in his whole career personally! I like the lad but he's not at that level.

11 Sep 2020 13:44:51
Perhaps he’s no suitors because we’ve priced him out of any moves. To say he’s not good is a little unfair a statement. You can argue that top clubs might not spend 30 or 40 million on him (just an example) but I would imagine many clubs would be Rey interested in the right deal. Probably not top 4 but he’s still a young player capable of doing good things on the pitch.

11 Sep 2020 13:55:50
Divock Origi is at least as good as someone like Josh King, who Bournemouth are looking for £20m+ for, so in that context it’s perfectly reasonable to ask the same. Given that Big Div has performed at a higher level.

11 Sep 2020 14:51:09
Exactly, AOE. "Origi has no suitors" is such a misnomer to the point of being laughable. It is also patently false. Even Wolves came with a 25m pound bid for hin in Jan of 2019 BUT he either chose to sat or was convinced by Klopp to stay and we know the rest.

Also, How is Origi going to get suitors when he does not play for the most part? Would you go in for a guy who has barely played and bid 25m for him to make him a starter whereas he is a bench warmer with the best front 3 in the league ahead of him?

6Times, I also agree with you that Origi would score 15 or more goals a season in a team that played to his strengths cos after all, he scored 11 league goals in his first 2 seasons at Liverpool.


11 Sep 2020 15:09:50
Personally I think Origi is alright, decent enough player and has scored big goals in critical moment, just ask the Tyrannosaurus Goalkeeper at Goodison, or a certain sulky Senor Messi, he’s worth at least 20m and I think if he was a regular starter he’d bag 10 goals a season minimum easily. Like I say, if Josh King is worth £20m, then Origi definitely is.

11 Sep 2020 17:14:01
Fully agree, 6Times.

11 Sep 2020 21:30:10
Seem to remember him starting against some Catalan outfit and not doing too badly.

12 Sep 2020 01:58:55
The thing with origi is that he still looks the same player now as he was 4 years ago. He's at the age where his value won't increase any more as a squad player and with his contract currently having a few years left I think we should look to cash in and replace him. I'd value him at little more than 20mil and at similar price to Brewster I'd much rather see origi move on. He's never in his career to date been a regular starter yet at the age where we see most forwards peak. People here often say he's a 15 or 20 goal striker for any other club are basing that on no evidence whatsoever. At lille and Wolfsburg he flopped big time in seasons where he was expected to be starting and a crucial forward. I think only 1 season to date he's managed double figures in all competitions and 11 goals his career best season. Grujic and Wilson I think should demand a higher fee as both are younger and have proved they can play regularly and suit a certain team while still young enough to have their best years ahead. Wilson being HG adds value to any PL club interested while grujic performing strongly in bundesliga where Origi struggled make them both stronger cases for being worth more. Shaqiri with his age, injuries and lack of settling at any team he's played with so far makes me think I'd be happy to accept any offer close to what we spent on him. If gini signalled he was commited to another strong season but wanting a free move next summer I would value his importance and reliability at minimum of 15mil but would want us to seek 20 million as any interested club would be eager to avoid waiting a year for a 30 year old who's currently playing his best football and likely only has 3 or 4 seasons maximum at a high level so we can price him to suit. 20mil for a season of peak gini is fair in my view. Arsenal banked 35mil of us for OX in his last year, Everton also got that for Barkley and both those were publicly seeking to move while wijnaldum is professional and happy to not disrupt or get distracted by transfers to see us forced to settle for a low offer. Lovren at 31 and backup demanded 12mil for us so gini at least 20mil or I'd rather he was kept another year instead.

{Ed0666's Note - why is Brewster worth the same as Origi when the latter is more decorated, experienced and a better player than the former?

12 Sep 2020 13:46:23
I think because of his age and the fact that he already looks more clinical in front of goal than origi who has hardly shown any signs of improvement over the years where Brewster has much higher likely potential ahead.



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