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19 May 2021 22:22:31
I’ll cry if Nat Philips isn’t in our team next season the lad is a weapon what a player he’s been! To say clearing off the line is better then scoring wow I love him!
He’s a no rubbish old skool defender!
Take a bow lad.

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19 May 2021 22:45:12
The debate as to whether to keep him or not has really shifted in his favor. The man will go through a wall for you. No nonsense whatsoever. And I'm sure he'd be an asset in the dressing room, because all the others know his commitment to the team.

19 May 2021 22:46:53
Player of the season?

19 May 2021 22:53:35
Player of the season is between Nat and Salah but he’s definitely in the conversation. Not put a foot wrong and even bounced back after the manager clearly giving him the vote of no confidence at the outset.

19 May 2021 23:07:09
Nat deserves a lot of credit for his effort but he’s still nowhere near good enough unfortunately. It’s very difficult to control a game of football when the one ball over the centre backs head gets them in behind every time.
He got away with some shocking defending today as did Williams and their poor positioning kept us under pressure and never allowed us to settle.
He’ll get credit for clearing it off the line but it was his fault they got to the byline before he got done by Charlie Taylor and fouled him. Had he just dealt with the long ball initially none of that happens.
I really don’t mean to have a go at him he’s doing his best and he’s not let anyone down but if he’s our centre back next season we are not winning anything. I love the lad and I’m so grateful for him helping to get us this far but we can’t be fooled that he’s the next Maldini.

19 May 2021 23:10:41
Jamie Carragher made a very good career doing what Nats doing. Nowadays though because it’s not glamorous it’s seen as not good enough. Love a bit of good old fashioned defending myself. A defenders main priority is to do what’s necessary to stop the opposition scoring. Nat does that very efficiently with the tools he has. Personally think he’s be a great partner for VVD.

19 May 2021 23:11:46
Firstly, I also loved his interview and his performance!

Secondly, no chance for player of the season - that is Salah, clear as day. If Nat is in the conversation then so should Mane as he had a great start to the season, just as Nat has had a great finish.

Finally, I did previously favour Kabak over Phillips, but it really is a no brainer. If Matip isn't leaving, and Konate is staying, so should Phillips. Another season playing with the first team and alongside VVD in some games, I could see him taking over from Matip as 3/ 4 choice CB.

I do think his attitude is a major part of what makes him a great personality! No nonsense, defend first.

19 May 2021 23:15:47
beckers - for arguments sake, would those balls over the top be as simple if say Nat was partnered alongside VVD? I think not as he would have a proper leader next to him that may lift Nat to another level.

19 May 2021 23:22:32
Please refer to Zeddicus for my thoughts.

19 May 2021 23:31:49
Please don't misread.

I am not comparing dias and Phillip's for levels.

I am comparing them to spirit.

It's the old style coming back. The attackers want the goals and the defenders want the clean sheets. Actually proud to call yourself a defender and not be a center mid in disguise.

Lovely to see!

20 May 2021 00:15:22
The debate is not about whether he's the next Maldini or Van Dijk. It has never been that. It has always been about whether he is good enough for 4th or even 5th CB. Is it that difficult to keep things in perspective and comment accordingly?

20 May 2021 01:06:11
ArAy people are talking about him as player of the season! Come on! He’s done ok but he’s just not suited to our style of play at all.
He’s a sit deep, get your head on it and throw your body in type of defender. He simply has no idea when to attack a long ball, when to drop off and let the attacker have it or when to push up and play offside. He just tries to attack everything and leaves gaping holes behind him.
Like I said I’m not trying to bash him he’s not let anyone down but in a PL title challenging team he shouldn’t be anywhere near it. It’s testament to his attitude and grit that he’s doing ok but we just can never be comfortable in a game when we are getting done by 1 long ball every 5 minutes.
Chris Wood is not blessed with great pace but he was getting in behind Phillips time and time again it was way too easy. Had he had a bit more quality he would’ve punished us.
Nat seems like a great lad with a great attitude but he’s a very limited defender in my opinion.

20 May 2021 02:26:23
BP I'm in agreement with you. I think Philips has done exceptionally well with the tools he has. Having said that he is not good enough to be along side VVD. when everyone is fit we are one of the best club teams in the world and it's not an insult to say players are not at that level. Philips is not at that level and I'm fine with him being 4th choice giving guys a rest and playing in cup competitions. we have been lucky not to get punished for our positioning in the back. Poor finishing and Alisson saving us have covered the cracks.

{Ed0666's Note - I cannot for the life of me understand how burnley didn’t score? Maybe the footballing gods have taken away but they giveth aswell. We may have a couple of Skodas as centre backs but they are playing like Tesla’s. We need some luck and we’re getting it last couple of games for sure.

20 May 2021 03:16:44
I don't think Nat's value will ever be this high again not even because he won't get better or worse but he'll never have a run of games like this again for Liverpool. If someone came in with say 15m I'd probably let him go maybe even try negotiate a buy back clause. don't want to do another Origi after the final, new contract that in hindsight wasnt worth it. Kabak I'd still prefer I think (still not my first choice), he's 3 years younger than Nat he's only a year older than Rhys and he's going to represent his country at the Euros and already has a league title to his name, but I don't think he'll stay. Matip id let go for anything. VVD and Gomez we don't know how they'll be when they return and Konate has injury problems. We won't win the league or the CL with Nat as a regular and don't want to be in this position again next season. If we can get good money and bring in a Caleta-Car maybe who we wanted in January or someone else for not much more and let Nat go be a regular elsewhere I think it works for everyone.

{Ed0666's Note - 15 million for Nat Philips? I’d be flabbergasted if we got that mate.

20 May 2021 04:07:49
You guys! Very mighty of you to think that after this monumental effort phillips is going to be satisfied with 4th CB position at lfc. Every club bar top4 would be happy to snatch him from us as their first choice CB.
I will say it once again a lot of great players come and go some world class players come. BUT THERE ARE FEW PLAYERS THAT MAKETH AND DEFINE THE SPIRIT OF THE CLUB. Nat philips embodies what lfc are as a club. He is a player who is playing beyond his capabilities for us and he is some one who reminds me of a young hendo trying to make it.
Along with VVD, Nat is a starter for me guys. He is someone I keep.
I think you will see kloppo doing the same. Saving the bucks for a fancy yet very unproven konate etc. See the light of the day, he is the real deal.

{Ed0666's Note - Akira you been at the crack pipe again mate not sure any club outside the top 4 would have him as their starting centre back, that’s not a slight on him but I don’t see Leicester, Spurs or Arsenal buying Philips as a starter.

20 May 2021 07:51:09
I’d be happy to keep Phillips over matip any day, I’d also rather keep Phillips than waste money on kabak. BP you’re right that Phillips isn’t a guaranteed starter and yes he makes mistakes but the lad gives 100% and you can rely on him, if we don’t keep him as fourth choice there’s something wrong. Matip is made of glass and kabak is no better than phillips.

20 May 2021 08:50:30
For me defending is 20 percent ability and 80 percent attitude and mentality.
Nat has the 80 percent.
Dare i equate him with a player called john terry who was in his initial years was limited in ability but his awareness, Physicality and attitude was beyond any defender. And with experience he improved his ability.
Nat doesn't have the ability or experience but his attitude towards defending is what I like. On the pitch all he wants to do is defend. He will head it no matter what. Yes he might fail against some pacy attackers one on one but pair him with VVD and we are going to be as solid a defense as you can get.

21 May 2021 12:47:16
Akira, that's a really good point. It's almost as tho we valued the 20% to get us out of our defensive crisis when what we needed was pure dogged fight to settle the shop and let the rest of the team do their thing.



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