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03 Apr 2024 04:34:28
7 Wins and a draw away from the title!
91 points wins it this season ??.

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03 Apr 2024 06:40:32
Aren't there 9 games left?

03 Apr 2024 07:33:34
I don't think we have enough of a head start to just not turn up to one of our remaining games ?.

03 Apr 2024 07:41:38
Let’s just keep it simple and win all 9. ?.

03 Apr 2024 07:57:06
9 wins away from the title. We can win all of our remaining games.

03 Apr 2024 08:57:04
Let's keep it even more simple. Focus on just one game at a time.

03 Apr 2024 09:29:56
Oli in chess top players often play 9 games at once. I like the concept of us focusing on all 9 games at the same time ?.

03 Apr 2024 09:31:50
I think we should keep Arsenal and City excited by not turning up to the next one, and then drawing the one after!

Seriously, we are 9 x nervy 1-0 wins from the title!

03 Apr 2024 10:03:25
Lets start by spanking the Blades. Get the 3 points then go again.

03 Apr 2024 10:28:04
Hoping arsenal and city can lose some more points tonight, both are tricky teams for them, fingers crossed. If they did lose points and we win tomorrow? We'd be laughing. Big if though, I know. I used to be a betting man and every single time I'd bet on days like this it never went as expected, guaranteed. One of Arsenal or city will lose points tonight - one can only hope.

With us, we will win the majority I think. Only one I have real concerns about is the man u game.

03 Apr 2024 11:26:42
100% Klopp and the players will be taking it one game at a time.

Fans not taking it one game at a time or thinking 9 games ahead has zero bearing on the players or outcome of the match.

03 Apr 2024 12:12:02
Unfortunately Salah, I don't see City and Arsenal dropping any points tonight as much as I want them to.

I hope they both make it through in the CL and face each other. 2 intense midweek games against each other is perfect for us. I understand we will also have additional midweek games but I would much rather face Benfica or Marseille than I would City or Arsenal.

I also see Arsenal dropping points against Spurs - The best thing for Spurs fans this season would be to stop Arsenal winning the league.

Man City I see picking up max points from now to the end of the season. It is what they do. So let's hope we can do the same and take home No. 20.

03 Apr 2024 14:47:43
I think City will drop points Lamborini. They are good front runners as it feeds their inflated egos but they are not good chasers.

They’ve always gone on runs when they know they’ll win the league if they win their games. Having to rely on us to drop points doesn’t suit them and they will blink first.

Arsenal could win all of their games but I agree Spurs is a big one for them. I’ve always thought the lack of a striker will come back to bite them and nothing I’ve seen makes me think otherwise.

It’s there for us, we just need to keep players fit and we have an unbelievable chance of lifting the title.

03 Apr 2024 15:37:46
How do we explain the 2 or 3 seasons we were top at Christmas and City were decent chasers to win the leagues.

03 Apr 2024 17:58:21
Villa are massively weakened tonight with injuries and suspensions to key players. Arsenal will easily beat Luton at home.

03 Apr 2024 19:43:21
It actually doesn’t matter what City or Arsenal do, us fans can’t impact what they do, the team or club can’t impact what they do. We can only focus on what we can do. One game at a time and play the game like it’s the last game we’ll ever play and give it everything. After the match then we can think about the next one.



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