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25 Mar 2024 13:47:46
Just wondering if you know of any updates on the manager search over the last few weeks?

{Ed002's Note - The situation remains largely the same as I understand. Alonso remains first choice but there is interest from Bayern Munich which might be more attractive and asuming he wins the league, then I think it will be tough for him to lead som he has the option to stay and wait for the Real Madrid job. Manchester United may offer Amorin an option - another option may be Liverpool, but not first choice - but I think they will move for him if Alonso does not join. If needs force the situation and given the likely link between the club and Sporting, Chelsea may start pushing. Then of course Roberto de Zerbi. Brighton would fight to keep him but another who will certainly be discussed by Barcelona, Liverpool and Manchester United with Jim Ratcliffe having an interest in him. A significant issue exists in the cost of Brighton releasing him. Deco has de Zerbi as his preferred option which he has shared with Yuste and Laporte but it will not be Deco's decision. Not top of Chelsea's list, but on the list.}

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25 Mar 2024 16:43:27
Top class knowledge Ed, as always, thanks!

May I Ask,
Where do you get all your reliable info and contacts. Were you a scout?

{Ed002's Note - No I was never a scout Joey.}

25 Mar 2024 17:38:36
Dib dib.

25 Mar 2024 17:02:32
Hi Ed02. Just come back to this site. Are you able to say who would likely cost us the most to sign one of 3 managers suggested? I'm reading all of them have high release clauses?

{Ed002's Note - Alonso would cost the most but there is no termination clause that is relevant this summer - Leverkusen will ask for €30M and accept €25M.}

26 Mar 2024 00:01:42
Thanks for the post, Ed. Sorry to bother you, but one question: when you say "another option may be Liverpool, but not first choice, " do you mean that Liverpool isn't Amorim's first choice or he isn't ours? I'd hate to see any promising manager go to United, let alone one I'd like to have here!

Also, who in their right mind would want to manage Chelsea in their current shape?

{Ed002's Note - Alonso is first choice for Liverpool. There is plenty of interest in Amorim.}

26 Mar 2024 09:49:10
Curious to know why Bayern would be more attractive than Liverpool to Alonso, or any other ambitious young coach? The club, the stadium, the current playing squad, the training facilities and the academy are all in great shape for any new coaching team to inherit. Other than being enamoured with Bavarian lifestyle, is there really much difference between the two?

{Ed002's Note - Bayern Munich have an astonishing stadium and a junior and youth set up which has been hugely successful. They have a scouting network in Bavaria that is exceptional and a world-wide scouting network that only perhaps three sides have bettered. They have a work ethic that runs through the club. Their recruitment process is far better than most. Liverpool's summer recruitment may be over-influenced by the departing manager which will be a concern to any new manager.}

26 Mar 2024 10:51:58
Thanks, Ed. Interesting perspective. Out of interest, where do you think Liverpool ranks in the world-wide scouting network league?

I am surprised to hear that Klopp may have influence on this summer's business. I had naively thought with Edwards plugging back into the existing Spearman/ Fallows/ Hunter machinery, it would be able to operate without too much of Klopp's input, other than gathering his feedback on existing playing staff.

{Ed002's Note - OKish but they focus on England and Wales with perhaps 10 in place then one for Ireland and Scotland. In Europe there are four perhaps and I think now three covering Argentina and Brazil. They have taken back Sven Dworaczek recently to cover just Germany - which is a good thing. Some are ex-players and Liverpool, like many clubs use specialist scouts as needed. All of this comes under Dave Fallows and Barry Hunter.

In terms of Klopp, Hunter and Fallows will have been involved in all of the discussions about players with Klopp and the scouts - so that list remains valid. Edwards will not be in a position to change that. An early decision on a new manager/coach may be one thing that will change that - but right now the likes of Leroy Sane are still on the list of potential targets - and Sane will be available with a bit of a clear out coming in Munich.}

26 Mar 2024 12:54:26
Cheers Ed. Very interesting.

26 Mar 2024 13:44:53
Great questions Former flypelican and unreal info in the answers from Ed002. That was very very interesting reading.

Thanks to you both.

26 Mar 2024 16:31:48
Whilst Bayern might have a good stadium ( and I have been to the Alliance to watch Liverpool v Bayern ) the redevelopment at Anfield isn’t far off, especially when it comes to hospitality in the main stand. And whilst they may have a decent scouting network,
Bayern Munich has been known to pilfer top, in-prime talent from Borussia Dortmund over the years….

For me, a big influence for Alonso would be how settled the family is in Germany, schools etc etc.

26 Mar 2024 17:10:29
Personally I don't see the purpose of conquering Germany with a smaller club in Bayer Leverkusen and then jumping ship to Bayern just to do it all over again. It's like completing a video game on hard mode and then playing again on easy mode.

26 Mar 2024 19:27:25
Xabi Alonso could end up anywhere. Us, Munich or staying at Bayer Leverkusen.

But to me what does he gain exactly by winning the league with Munich. And that’s me removing myself as Liverpool supporter from the equation. I would find it a bizarre career choice, whereas others might see it differently. Each to their own I guess ?‍♂️.

26 Mar 2024 19:41:08
If Xabi wins the league this year then the next step for him is Champions League. Id reckon his chances of winning that at Bayern are much better than at Bayer. And he would know German league pretty well by now so that would make the job easier.

26 Mar 2024 20:00:50
It’s why Ed02 is priceless because the information they kindly give us we would never get anywhere else. Thanks Ed02 and your comments are always read with interest by this poster anyway.

26 Mar 2024 23:28:40
I’m surprised Bayern would be seen as more attractive if he wins the league. I would have thought winning it with Leverkusen would be job done in Germany.

27 Mar 2024 03:45:42
read an article today that reckoned that RM are very much front runners. When they extended Ancelotti's contract, it "coincidentally" lined up with when Xabis new contract at Bayer expires. And apparently Bayer renewed Xabis contract when it looked like ancellotti was going to leave RM last year.

27 Mar 2024 18:08:17
I personally think Xabi is going to stay at BL for another season. Play, and experience, Champions league football with them, then see who us available (Real Madrid? ) in the summer. I also think that would be best for him as well. (Not Madrid, but to gain experience)



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