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11 Apr 2024 10:09:19
I'd like to see vvd rested 2nite, played a lot of football recently and I can't see where else in run in we would rest him. definitely need him for all 7 league games and I would think for away games in Europe if we make semi final.

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11 Apr 2024 11:39:07
I'd be looking to give Virgil, Macca and Lucho a break today if possible.

11 Apr 2024 11:59:37
Cant rest core players away in Europe when it's are best chance at another cup get the win and try rest them elsewhere.

11 Apr 2024 13:03:32
I think the time for resting key players has gone for this season. Max of 12 matches left this season, every single one of which is either a cup tie or a must win league match.

If we find ourselves in commanding positions with 30 minutes left in a match, there will hopefully be opportunities to reduce the workload for some players, or if we go into the second leg against Atlanta with a large lead from the first leg.

Looking at it now, I wouldn't want to go into any of our remaining matches with van Dijk not starting.

11 Apr 2024 13:39:21
Fair point mate.

Thing is we can’t afford to slip up in the Europe. Maybe do the thing Klopp did before. First half VVD plays. Then second half Konate plays?

11 Apr 2024 14:29:09
Looks like Salah and Diaz getting a rest tonight, if rumours are to be true.

11 Apr 2024 14:52:19
I’d go all out for this trophy now. We took off players in the FA Cup and got Knocked Out.
The league looks a stretch after failing to beat City and United. This is our best shot as it stands.

11 Apr 2024 16:05:23
This is the only tournament Klopp hasn’t won.

I want this one.

11 Apr 2024 16:19:29
I would prefer to try and get the job done tonight and them rest them in the second leg if opportunity allows, as that's the start of the run of 4 away games in a row.

If we can leave some at home, I'd prefer that.

11 Apr 2024 16:31:20
I’d imagine Klopp is going to go as strong as possible as he can now until the end of the season. He has minimum 9 and maximum 12 games left with this squad.

Saying that I expect some rotation tonight and minutes off the bench if possible for the lads returning from injury but I imagine it will be a starting 11 of the nucleus of players that Klopp would use if needed in big games.

Taimikas is an example of a squad player that is outside of that nucleus at the moment and might explain why he is getting no minutes.

11 Apr 2024 16:45:00
We are at home danny.

11 Apr 2024 17:08:58
With you on that, RR. That ship may have sailed. Besides, VVD has sat out majority of the EL games this season to keep him fresh for the time of the season when you want to go for the comps. you’re still in. Klopp may go big and try to win the tie from the off.

11 Apr 2024 18:31:55
think we have to go all out for this match, we usually win at home and its vital that we take a good lead over for the 2nd leg .
out of the FA Cup, lost the advantage that we had in the league, yes we blinked first, so let's go big time and that Final is in Dublin .

11 Apr 2024 18:54:17
And that shows how much I know.

11 Apr 2024 21:56:53
Lucky the second leg is at Anfield.



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