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30 May 2021 18:43:41
Let's play devil's advocate. and who would have Sterling back?

{Ed0666's Note - that is a great question Baz. He is a bit good and under klopp and Ljinders tutelage he could be a real weapon again! Would have to be as a mane replacement: I’m for it but I’m sure countless others on here won’t be and they would have good reason to think so.

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30 May 2021 19:19:44
But would he want to come back IF the chance arouse?

{Ed001's Note - I doubt it would arouse him mate, just you that would be aroused by it. Oh and Ed666, but he is aroused by the bin men taking the bin out or the sounds of cats yowling. Christ even Jordan gets him going.}

30 May 2021 19:43:45
No. I hope he rots on City's bench and misses the deciding penalty in the Euro 2020 final. He has a special place in my cold black 'heart' right next to Suarez, Coutinho and my blood sucking ex-girlfriend.

30 May 2021 19:49:13
No. One dimensional, only relies on pace, poor finisher too, if we’re talking big money for an England winger it should be Sancho, Sterling will be finished by the time he’s 28/ 9 as he’s played for such a long time, like Rooney and Owen were. Notwithstanding the way the rat b*stard left.

30 May 2021 19:52:49
Ed mentioned that Sterling could be a weapon again.
He's already a weapon, no 2 ways about that.

30 May 2021 19:54:13
Yikes, MKS. Tell us how you really feel.

30 May 2021 19:35:35
Nah Ed0666, I think I’ll pass on Sterling, thank you very much. There are other prospects out there I would look at and ones like Sarr from Watford that Klopp can build and mould into a real weapon rather than a Sterling who may have already reached his ceiling at this point. Just my opinion.

{Ed0666's Note - I can see you’re point mate

30 May 2021 19:55:44
Sterling as a Mane replacement, never. Sterling has been as bad as Mane this year and I know who I support to get us back on track next year. Mane was in the top 2 of our best players when we won number 19. Ed 066 have a word with yourself.

{Ed0666's Note - I knew I’d get flak 😀

30 May 2021 20:11:40
I’d take him but I wouldn’t pay as much for him as Sancho. He’s probably worth, to us, no more than city paid for him.

30 May 2021 20:23:53
I can't Oli. The Eds wouldn't post it 😂.

{Ed014's Note - well write it anyway and we’ll at least have a laugh! 😉🤣

30 May 2021 20:52:47
I'm not allowed to get aroused anymore since I got married.

30 May 2021 21:08:36
Never. All he did yesterday was moan to the ref (who I thought was terrific overall - amazing how the play acting stops when refs don't reward it) . He should be lighting up a game like yesterday. Spends most of the time trying to draw a "foul". Hoping he's dropped by England as he's not as good as others.

30 May 2021 21:20:08
Terrible finisher we have enough of them already. I’d prefer Mahrez though he’s not coming either.

30 May 2021 21:35:38
Nice one ed, you can’t be right all the time 😊.
Baz I know the feeling mate🤣.

31 May 2021 02:58:35
Players come and go, each for varying reasons. But the way you depart matters.

As such, for me, players like sterling, Suarez, Coutinho would never be welcomed back.

Unlike Fowler, who no fan wanted him gone, just as himself, and when he’s back, everyone was chuffed.

31 May 2021 05:15:54
Sterling for Mané is a funny idea. Complete non starter. The guy can't run except in a straight line, is a perpetual whinger (pun intended) and has definitely reached his development ceiling. How he's given the captain's armband from time to time is beyond me.



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