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16 Dec 2021 22:11:07
Eddie Howe “the game was decided with two players down in the box” clearly he didn’t watch the game the players never collided heads could of got up and it finished 3-1…. Poor poor manager least it’s just a stop gap for Newcastle. He also moaned about player safety but refused to take saint maximum off for 10

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16 Dec 2021 22:32:31
Eddie Howe is silly and he is just keeping the manager’s seat warm.

16 Dec 2021 22:40:41
Eddie how is embarrassing the 2 players went down none holding there heads so what's the issue Joe Cole and the like are talking about Mike Dean done nothing wrong in this instance would the same have been said at the other end of the field people are quick to say the referee was wrong but are scared to pick up a whistle and do it themselves should either put up or shut up.

16 Dec 2021 22:48:27
Exactly Andy poor manager.

17 Dec 2021 08:33:49
It was decided long before a ball was kicked when he dreamt up them tactics.

17 Dec 2021 08:52:13
What do you expect from a crap manager? The guy is deflecting. His team got absolutely battered and could have shipped in 4 goals in the first half alone. There was nothing wrong with Hayden nor the other player the other guy got up and got on with it.

Hayden was about to get up and when he saw we had the ball, he slumped over holding his head. Mike Dean saw that and didn't buy it. "Haden was dazed after the game for 5 mins". Really, Eddie? Then, how did he finish the game? Why was he not taken off for concussion protocols, Eddie? Why did you endanger the safety of Hayden by keeping him on the pitch if he was dazed, Eddie? Take a day of, Eddie. I think you're the one who's dazed and confused yourself here, man.

Now the only thing worse than his pathetic moaning from Howe, was Jenas and Joe Cole on BT, saying TAA escaped causing a penalty for his tackle on Fraser. Yeah, only deluded sore loser pundits looking to throw shade on LFC's win cos their teams dropped the ball (Magpies and Chelsea) would say such nonsense. Their tears tasted delicious, tho.

17 Dec 2021 09:52:56
Trents tackle was an excellent tackle he got the ball Fraser was collateral damage a don't rate Mike Dean never have and never will even he didn't think it was a penalty that's why he didn't point to the spot incidentally Michael Oliver is by far the best referee in the league any disagree with that if so why?

17 Dec 2021 11:16:46
I personally like the media silence on Lascelles shoving Ox over with 2 hands in his back. That was a much clearer penalty. Although admittedly if it were the other way around i'd want a penalty for the Trent tackle on Fraser, It was not clear and obvious unlike Lascelles on Ox.

Also, Hayden clearly faked the head injury. He landed, sat up, looked where the ball was and then grabbed his head. I had a discussion this morning with an Arsenal fan and we both concluded that faking a head injury to try and stop the game should be a yellow card like diving for penalty is. It's a clear attempt to cheat and it could have deadly consequences if referees stop believing players are genuinely hurt.

What made it funnier is Howe saying afterwards that Hayden was dazed for 5 minutes after the game in the changing room. So he basically just claimed that he left a player with symptoms of concussion on the pitch for about 70 minutes. I mean anybody with a brain can see Hayden didn't take a knock to his head and was faking it, but Howe lying to try and implicate Mike Dean, only made himself and Hayden look even more ridiculous.

One thing that Dean did definitely get wrong was running across the front of Trent's wonder goal. Were Shelvey or Dubravka affected? We'll never know but i think it certainly didn't help them.

17 Dec 2021 12:43:50
Howe is just deflecting and finding excuses for why his team were well beaten. Same as why he calling for a stop to the league so basically the window opens.

Every manager does this it’s not alien. Even our very own world class gaffer has complained about wind, grass too long etc when results haven’t gone our way.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a manager come and and say the players were crap and lacked effort (this is aimed at all clubs) . For this they will only get paid half their wages and have to struggle by the next 7 days on 50k rather than their usual 100.

17 Dec 2021 12:32:58
Correct MKS, that was definitely a two handed shove by Lascelles on Ox. Penalty all day long. I understand that referring has its (small) degree of subjectivity, but week in and week out, we're seeing how inconsistent refereeing in the EPL is becoming.

I thought TAA clearly got the ball first, and then his foot went upwards and made contact with Fraser's foot. That's a clear tackle.

As for Howe, just simply another manager who is out of his depth. His remit is probably just to keep Newcastle out of relegation and then be gently nudged aside in the summer with a nice severance package for mission accomplished. He'll fail.

17 Dec 2021 15:24:19
Spot on, MKS re: Lascalles. Maybe we should ask Eddie Howe about that blatant shove in the back on Ox after he had clearly won the ball. Wonder what he has to say about that.

JK23, I fully agree BUT I hate it when managers do this type of thing which is essentially, bearing false witness and lying on a ref accusing him of cheating. I hate it when Klopp blames the wind and all that and I disliked the way Eddie Howe was insinuating that the ref cheated him out of winning point by lying about his player getting a head injury whereas he clearly didn't cos we all saw him finish the game. I don't care who does it. It's wrong no matter who does it.

17 Dec 2021 20:31:58
When Newcastle are challenging for honours in 3 or 4 years does anybody seriously expect Howe to be in charge of the team?

He’s looking for salvage to cling onto from the wreck of the SS Newcastle which is sinking into the Championship.

17 Dec 2021 22:04:05
I think Frazer played for the penalty but didn’t expect Trent to get a touch on the ball. If you watch closely (like BT Sport obviously did but came up with the wrong answers again! ) Frazer should have got the ball first but he put his foot across Trent to try to initiate contact instead of just playing the ball. Trent got his foot under Frazer’s foot and got the ball, great tackle.
Had Frazer actually played to score and got his foot on the ball first Trent would’ve cleaned him out and it would’ve been a stone wall penalty. Frazer has no one to blame but himself.
As for Jenas trying to compare it to the Soufal challenge on Lacazette it’s comparing apples with oranges! Soufal came from the front, over the top of the ball, was out of control and cleaned him out with the trail leg. The ref said after the game he gave it because he felt the tackle was out of control not because he caught him with the follow through.
It’s so frustrating how the media invent these controversies that really aren’t there and people actually follow like sheep without having their own minds! Crazy!



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