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22 Jul 2022 07:23:19
So I need to check this with the world because it seems crazy to me, but are we paying Man City in the CS on the Saturday and Strasbourg the very next day on the Sunday?

It seems wild to me, if so surely the Sunday game will be mainly youth players.

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22 Jul 2022 07:59:08
@Maxx, most of the first team will play against Citeh, mostly fringe players and youngsters against Strasbourg the day after. Both games are just pre-season sharpeners.

22 Jul 2022 08:31:37
It's not the first time we've played pre-season friendlies on consecutive days. I seem to remember it happening last season or the season before.

22 Jul 2022 09:35:15
OP, Klopp does this all the time as in, playing a friendly game the day on the Sun after the dress rehearsal friendly on the weekend prior to the start of the PL. No need to go crazy. Some of us are already aware of this for the past several years. We’re good.

22 Jul 2022 10:43:08
I’d like us to go out and win the charity shield. One step in our drive for five!

22 Jul 2022 10:44:30
In the old days clubs played a league game boxing day and return fixture with same opponent the day after.

Maybe they should play one game in the morning and one latr in the afternoon or evening!

22 Jul 2022 11:25:32
We could end up playing 8 or 9 competitive games next April Tommy - things, at the very top level, with club and country commitments are probably worse today than they have ever been.

22 Jul 2022 11:29:35
Players love playing football. I can imagine the lads who don’t play or get 30 mins or less in the Charity shield will be chomping at the bit to play the very next day.

Same as the World Cup. Fans are moaning about it being mid season but I bet the players who will be involved cannot wait. And when it does start the fans who are moaning will probably watch every game.

22 Jul 2022 12:58:42
Again, not everybody JK. The only reason to watch the current crop of international teams would be if England were any good.

Unfortunately with the ‘talking head’ in charge and his preference to play 3 or 4 right backs whenever we play and his insistence on picking Maguire and his reliance on any number of permutations of about 4 or 5 overrated midfielders (mostly adored by the Southern press) it just isn’t worth watching.

Plus, from a social perspective, people should demonstrate their hatred of slave labour and general homophobic attitudes by not supporting / participating / watching the FIFA money making charade.

22 Jul 2022 13:31:26
WDW 100% get what you’re saying mate. But I almost guarantee the World Cup will be watched by hundreds of millions world wide and not one single player (including all LFC players) will pull out of playing in it because of such reasons.

22 Jul 2022 17:19:56
WDW, while we may fully agree with you about "people should demonstrate their hatred of slave labour and general homophobic attitudes" (I'm assuming you're referring to the upcoming World Cup and its hosts), I suggest you first have a talk with the FA. They've allowed (with their blessings) for foreign owners (from the same region) to come in with their money and buy Hull City, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Sheffield FC., and Aston Villa. You can throw the owner of Everton in as well, but he is technically Iranian (however, their government is not too different in human rights and homophobic practices) . You can remonstrate as much you want, but if the FA is not going to listen then not much to do about it. Until it is no longer politically tenable, as has happened with Abramovich. First you take the money then you throw them out like criminals, when it's politically expedient. (When he arrived, he was a hero from an authoritarian repressive country. Same country today. But he's been hounded out like a criminal) .

22 Jul 2022 17:31:41
Why stop there. We have owners along as many other clubs who come from countries where they seem to accept children being shot in schools.

22 Jul 2022 22:05:02
JK23 I like a lot of your posts but that comment is terrible and probably offensive to many.

22 Jul 2022 22:35:28
Billy it’s not meant to be offensive mate. If we’re against governments who still condone slavery and homophobia why aren’t we also against governments who appear to look the other way when there are horrendous school shootings on a weekly basis.

Only today it’s being reported that they are putting bulletproof desks into schools out there.

I find the fact that parents are having to send their children into that kind of environment the offensive part mate.

23 Jul 2022 01:24:06
I don't know about WDW, but what I was alluding to is the sheer hypocrisy of those in positions of decision making and political power that make our societies run. You want club owners from clean, democratic, benevolent countries? Then declare it and execute it. You want safe schools for your children? Then outlaw the guns that make them unsafe. Nearly all of us will agree on what is offensive, inhumane and despicable to human life. That's not the issue.

23 Jul 2022 07:55:09
Agreed Aray,
I live in the US and despair about the ridiculous gun laws, I swear that guns are seen as more important than kids by some people.
It's also an interesting point you raise about owners, we can end up in the old "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" argument and who decides what countries owners can come from?
Also worth mentioning that plenty of people from "clean, benevolent democratic" countries are total rubbishs who you wouldn't want owning your club!

23 Jul 2022 08:30:11
Aray mate my comment wasn’t a dig at you I was actually jumping on your bandwagon to raise the point.

As I read your comment it was actually about a minute after I had just heard on the news the bullet proof desks and I kind of vented my disgust over your post.

I 100% agree with what you said and without turning this great site into a political one I also agree with everything Otts has said.

23 Jul 2022 11:58:51
JK23, I didn't take it as a dig at all. We know each other on here too long, to get personal. We're just discussing, debating and exchanging views. It may get heated at times, but we're still part of this amazing LFC community. That's how I see it.

23 Jul 2022 13:01:29
Aray exactly mate. I just wanted to clear up any confusion on my behalf if there was any.



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