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20 Jun 2022 09:45:54
My boss who is a massive red and has a lot of inside information coming out of Anfield told me this morning we are toying with the idea of bringing Gini back. Personally I would love him back. Not sure if this is true just passing on what I’ve been told. Y. N. W. A.

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20 Jun 2022 10:06:56
Hope not. Never considered him as good enough for Liverpool.

20 Jun 2022 10:11:42
Thanks but no thanks. He was good at times but I don't think he was half the player most people thought he was. Team needs to evolve. If we buy a mid they need to be a young dynamic BTB midfielder who can play a few positions. There was a reason we targeted Tchouameni. He could cover Fabi but was also comfortable at attacking too.

20 Jun 2022 10:20:46
Was all over the Twatter-sphere last night as well.

20 Jun 2022 10:24:58
I can't reply with a GIF on here, so you'll have to use your imagination.

{insert The Office, Steve Carrell shouting "Please God, No! " below}.

20 Jun 2022 10:30:55
So if true! Klopp tried to sell him for ages because he wasn’t good enough then moved to PSG not good enough there then we sign him back on loan. Good lord it really is crazy season.
My question is who would we prefer Gini or keita?

20 Jun 2022 11:39:20
Jurgen loves him as per his comments, and this makes sense as a stop gap until Hey Jude .

Whilst he may not be everyones cup of tea, how any real fan can dislike Gini is beyond me. We won the F lot with him on board.

He is unlikely to help us beat Real or Spurs, but he is a brilliant cog in the machine and would require zero bedding in time, and have a lot to prove.

20 Jun 2022 11:41:17
Your boss is probably just reading the gossip online. Ed002 mentioned below Gni will be moving elsewhere. If he does return to England, a Newcastle return would probably be a good fit.

{Ed002's Note - And not out of the question - they are one of the three sides who have declared an interest.}

20 Jun 2022 12:03:44
Thank you Ed002 for responding. So happy you are back. You have LOTS of support here.

20 Jun 2022 12:22:17
Yawn not another Suarez / Coutinho is coming back story. Tomorrow it'll be Keita swap for Gigi and mbappe.

20 Jun 2022 12:47:42
Selling us short there Remzy lad. Now if PSG were to throw in a couple of bags of crisps. we'd have a deal.

20 Jun 2022 15:00:14
“Never considered him as good enough for Liverpool. ”

Won the league and CL with him as a mainstay in midfield but not good enough for Liverpool?

4 people actually agreed with him.

Do people actually think about what they post?

20 Jun 2022 15:51:33
Ginger lfc: "i think i'll log in to a discussion forum, where people can share opinions"
People: *share opinions*
Ginger lfc: "well that's not what i signed up"

20 Jun 2022 15:52:59
Do you Ginger?! Because I said it 100 times and I will say it again. Gini was the best at doing disaperring acts. He was invisible for 95% of his games with the club. Only turned up for the big games and that is why as a club we hadn't won nothing since 2005.because we didn't do as well in the not so big games. Most overated player ever.

20 Jun 2022 16:24:38
I don’t think people are “overrating” Gini, more coming to his defence against some of the needless and ott criticism of him.

The guy won trophies with us and left years ago, I just don’t get the hate. ?‍♂️.

20 Jun 2022 16:58:19
So Gini, who won the league and CL with Liverpool, but who isn’t good enough for Liverpool, also disappeared for 95% of games?!

So basically Liverpool won the title and CL with 10 men on the pitch?

I didn’t think your original statement could get any worse, but lo and behold….



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