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30 Jul 2019 23:17:05
Literally devastated that United may be getting Dybala. one of my favourite players outside of us!

What a deal for them though, lukaku for dybala!

{Ed0333's Note - not sure he’s that good mate. I think it’s like for like talent wise. You have to ask why Juve are thinking of selling him if he’s that good?

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31 Jul 2019 01:00:24
Dybala has a reputation for being inconsistent and disappearing when the pressure is on.

31 Jul 2019 01:06:56
Hope this falls through.

31 Jul 2019 01:58:12
The premier league going to be a bit too fast for young Dyabala. you never know though. he may up a gear and become their Ken Aguero.

31 Jul 2019 02:02:57
Personally I think it's going to be another comedy signing from United.

31 Jul 2019 03:44:28
Both players are coming off poor seasons. Dybala is definitely the more talented of the two, but Lukaku to Juventus makes more sense in my opinion. Sarri will likely play his preferred 4-3-3 and a more traditional striker like Lukaku will fit in well into the system.

Meanwhile I have no idea how Dybala fits into the united team? Especially with them making it clear they want Rashford playing up top. He has good acceleration but I don't think he's quick enough for the wings. They could play him at CAM, but they'll quickly lose the midfield battle as he can offer little defensively (Particularly if Pogba is one of the two behind him) . Plus Bruno Fernandes seems to be the player United want there. Doesn't make any sense.

31 Jul 2019 05:48:36
Ok this is just jealousy here. Dybala is a coup for United. We would have been very very happy to add him to our squad.
What i don't get at all is why are juventus even considering this? They have higuain ronaldo and mandzukic already. It doesn't make sense for them.
Anyways it makes united strong. Lukaku off dybala in, that's just commendable business if it happens.

{Ed001's Note - seriously you need to watch Dybala before making statements like that. It is not jealousy to say he is not right for the Prem. He has ability but doesn't use it. Nothing to do with jealousy, so no need to be such a self-righteous arse about it. Perhaps if you took the time to watch Juve, and see that Dybala can't get in their team because he is not performing, you might understand why they want rid so badly they are willing to throw him into deals. One of the laziest players around.}

31 Jul 2019 02:46:34
He hasn’t pushed on like he was expected to. I thought he looked superb from 2015-2017, but he hasn’t improved a single aspect of his game since then. It would be a classic Edward Woodward signing - literally launch money at the wall in the faint hope it will work.
Wan Bissaka will be their player of the season next year, I really think they’ve done well there, but they are still an absolute mess of a club.

31 Jul 2019 06:47:13
I thought Dybala was a great player to be fair. I've not seen him play in over a year though so if he's gotten lazy and not kicked on then let's hope United sign him. The last thing they need is another mega money super star not applying themselves!

31 Jul 2019 06:48:40
He only got 10 league goals last season didn’t he?
On a team that largely dominates

Poor return.

31 Jul 2019 06:57:35
The thing with Dybala type players that are lightweight, is once they are targeted, man marked they lose their potency. Joe Cole was a prime example, give him time and space they can look world beaters, remove the space and they become passengers.

{Ed025's Note - but sometimes a change is as good as a rest tyler, the guy has the ability thats for sure but he has to apply himself on the pitch..we shall see..

31 Jul 2019 07:01:58
ed001 after the season before last what was Dybala best for Juventus do you think he might feel a little pushed out after the Ronaldo signing wants they signed Ronaldo you know everything is going to be set up just to get the best out of him.

{Ed001's Note - he wasn't outstanding and has never justified the hype he gets. One good game a season is not the mark of a top player.}

31 Jul 2019 08:42:22
Never liked him. overrated and overhyped with a sucky attitude. If he moves there it will be another Alexis Sanchez/ Di Maria senario mark my words.

31 Jul 2019 08:49:36
And ZERO jealousy. I would be a lot more worried or "jealous" if they sign Bruno Fernandes.

31 Jul 2019 09:15:20
Honestly dybala reminds me a lot of coutinho. Similar style, plays similar positions and similar stature and ability level.

Is he talented? I'd say so but so far he's lacked consistency and drive.

31 Jul 2019 09:34:14
Difference of opinion ed. Dybala is a coup for united. He is a good player.
Most liverpool fans would have him.

Not every player needs to work hard and put a shift, some players just have gifted ability, dybala is one of them. He had a bad season last one maybe because every pass was supposed to be made to ronaldo but he did carried juve a season before that.
Also its not like you are the only one watching games. I have watched enough of juventus to form an opinion of the player and he is a good player and definitely not as ridiculously lazy as you make him to be.

{Ed001's Note - if they would have him then they are clueless about football. Dybala does not affect games and he has never carried Juve. You are clearly utterly ignorant of not just how he plays, but how we play. Pointless conversation this, he is not only not what you blindly believe him to be but the exact opposite of a Klopp player. Oh and the only difference Ronaldo made was showing him what a top class player can do. One who does actually carry a team, rather than, like Dybala, being carried by the team.}

31 Jul 2019 10:43:40
I must admit at one point I really liked him, I thought he'd be the next big thing tbh. Once he got more let's say 'well known' I think personally it got to his head a little too much and his performances aren't the same nowadays, he's boring to watch and doesn't try hard enough, hasn't for along time and never will. Typical United signing if it happens, he will be a failure, the hype is there because of his name but it means bugger all. Let them have him.

31 Jul 2019 11:16:12
Clueless about football? Come on Ed no need to be a self-righteous arse about it! ;)

{Ed001's Note - fair point but it is true, he is hopeless for our system and not good enough at Juve where they can carry a couple of players easily.}

31 Jul 2019 12:01:05
He's a shirt seller that's what Woodward always tries to do.
I think he's too lightweight for the prem.
Like di Maria and Falcao he will go missing.
I am not jealous of any signing United have made as they don't improve our First Eleven.

31 Jul 2019 16:00:14
To be fair, Lukaku's no better at carrying or leading a team, so it's not exactly a loss that they're shot of someone who inexplicably has a worse first touch than Wayne Rooney did.



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