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06 Aug 2020 22:32:32
I'm sure this has been pointed out but if not and to reiterate, points wise the teams finishing in 3rd and 4th this season where closer to the relegation zone than they were to winning the league.

That is the magnitude of what we achieved league wise, this year. Stop panicking.

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07 Aug 2020 01:07:29
I think we were playing at an elite level last seasons, levels of which have only been seen recently with the likes of us and city in the history of the PL. But beyond that, the points total suggests how poor this season was in terms of quality, especially from the top teams. Second place finishing on 81 points, third and fourth finished on 66 points and it didn’t take much to keep you in the league this season as opposed to others. I didn’t subscribe to the idea that the league was generally poor compared to others in recent years, but it was. Arguably poorer than the season city did 100 points and that’s me being as objective as possible. Saying we will be alright, is all fine and dandy and I do think we have a good enough squad to easily finish top 4 next season but to challenge for the league and retain the title next season, we need to freshen up a bit. 2 and a half seasons of what we have just done with pretty much the same set of players and very minimal activity in the last couple summer transfer windows, whilst your closest rivals are doing business and intend on doing much more, is cause for slight concern. Not concern for us to do well next season, as I’d expect we still would, but to put on a genuine challenge and retain the title, I think we’re at a disadvantage straight away. It depends how you want to evaluate it but I just don’t see it being possible to do little or nothing this summer and retain the league next season in the modern era of football. Either the parts of our game that were becoming stale, somehow improve and quick or we run the risk of having more of the lacklustre performances we had at the back end of last season (slightly before the break and just after) . Firmino for example, needs to improve. I do think we’re trying to do as much business as possible, in and out of the squad, but we just have to accept we’re somehow broke and that might result in us having to settle for much less than we’ve seen the previous two seasons.

{Ed0666's Note - A good read mate but you strike me as defeatist and fatalistic when you say where at a disadvantage already before we’ve kicked a ball. You do realize we finished double and triple digit margins ahead of our nearest challengers? Man City buying Torres and Ake isn’t suddenly gonna make them red hot favorites for the Premiership. Just because Chelsea will buy a plethora of sexy players on paper doesn’t translate to League champions. United aren’t even close to competing even if they buy Messi, Mbappe and Maradona in his prime. How was the league an inferior quality when we won it? Didn’t we beat nae decimate the most expensively or one of the most expensive squads in Footballing history in Man City surely we deserve kudos for that and not patronizing? We have a dozen or so world class players in their position and even if we don’t purchase I really think we’ll still challenge we really are that good. But I do agree refreshing the squad with a couple of quality additions would be golden and make us favorites.

07 Aug 2020 02:25:37
But those teams are all buying shiny new players and we have no money are stuck with the same old dross that have made us Premier League, European and World champions. We need to worry and whine on a daily basis.

{Ed0666's Note - yes but you can’t win anything again with a team that’s comprises of Becker, TAA, VVD, Robbo, Hendo, Mane, Salah, Bobby

07 Aug 2020 03:16:16
I actually googled what the Latin phrase ‘nae decimate’ means 😂.

07 Aug 2020 09:18:13
Kman I agree a couple of new faces would be good to push some in the first 11 but that is what the club is working on. The club just doesn't have the money to buy the players Chelsea, Utd and City can go after.

You need to give the current team and management a bit more credit tho, two seasons back to back breaking 90 points. That's some consistency. Whether they win it hard to ask, but they'll challenge again.

07 Aug 2020 10:53:27
One advantage we will have is a squad that know each other well and won't have to bed in new players. Pulisic for example, not seen the best of him until well after Christmas, by which time it could be too late for them.

07 Aug 2020 11:17:19
The teams in 3rd 4th getting low points tallies doesn't imply the quality wasn't there. I'd say it shows there is quality ALL through the division. I mean, remember playing Watford? When we lost. They didn't fluke the game. And they're relegated!

And the fact we got so many points, just shows how relentless, how talented our team is. Was so proud of them.

07 Aug 2020 11:49:25
People said the exact same thing before last season. And the season before last wasn't our first good season in a while. We were champions league finalists. We have had 3 high, high class seasons with these players. What makes you think they are suddenly going to fold.

Imo our form dropped a little after the break because we had tied up the title. That relentless mindset was no longer needed. But we still played well I thought.

Have no fear, we will be challenging again next season. I disagree a little with ed666, in that if utd sign sancho and Jiminez I think they're in with a shout. I don't think they'll win it but I think they'd be much closer. Only if they sign a top class CF though. If it were Jiminez I'd be slightly concerned. Only slightly mind.

07 Aug 2020 13:10:41
E pluribus unum.

07 Aug 2020 14:53:34
Non torsii subligarium.

07 Aug 2020 13:51:34
Think you're Spot on Ed, great post 👍.

{Ed0666's Note - Mange tout mange tout unbearable

09 Aug 2020 18:41:51
I couldn't disagree more kman, I think the league has been very competitive but we have been a completely different level to the rest. The likes of Wolves and Leicester (before implosion) where much better then years gone by. And the same could be said for the likes of Southampton too making points much harder to come by.

Yes, the likes of United weren't close to us but that is because of how good we were rather than vice versa. It is exactly why they are spending to try and catch up. because if they don't they won't be able to compete.

As regards our financial situation, the situation hasn't helped but I would much rather the club be frugal then just spend like there is no tomorrow. It hasn't exactly done us, remember we were on the brink of administration prior to FSG, or the likes of Leeds any good. You can also include clubs further down the pyramid like Portsmouth and Bolton too.

We have a fantastic 11 plus players who can challenge the starters. Then we have a few youngsters who are highly regarded so rather than clamouring for the biggest transfer or spending for spending sake, let's look to what we have and build. For instance if we spent £60m on a Bentdner it doesn't automatically improve the team.

The mentality of the team alone is enough to win us certain games, just watch back some of our games and you will see how poorly we played in some but still got the win. let's trust the likes of Klopp and Edwards to keep us moving forward.



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