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16 Aug 2020 23:43:54
Ed001 I asked you this the other day what are your thoughts on Diego Carlos I have not seen him play just watched his season highlights on youtube and there seems to be loads of last second sliding tackles what for me seems to say there out of position I can't remember VVD making hardly any all season. As they said in days past before the pitches of today you could tell the best defenders by how clean there strip was. You said you have not seen much of him. From the few games I have watched now Ed I would never put him in are team ahead of gomez. I think with VAR he will give a lot of pens away over the season if we was going to sign him Ed am glad we are skint lol.

{Ed001's Note - I have to be honest, personally I have not seen anyone I would prefer over leaving Gomez alongside van Dijk. There are very few top class centre-backs.}

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17 Aug 2020 08:56:43
I could not agree with you more Ed I all so don’t buy into Gomez is injury prone 2 bad injuries and a leg break can happen to any player Cara had a leg break. An injury prone player would be somebody like Redknapp or Anderton players that broke down all the time. At just turning 23 and with the time he has lost with the 3 injuries I just think his pure class and will only get better and playing along side VVD will only help him he should be one of the first names on the team sheet with Alisson and VVD don’t think they need to be rested to much if you look at ground covered in a game I bet they could play nearly every game all season.

{Ed001's Note - agreed, centre-backs and goalkeepers are capable of playing almost every week.}

17 Aug 2020 09:47:08
I think it would be nice to have someone to push Gomez to reach his full potential. If Matip stays fit he can be that player. I'm not sure we actually need to replace Lovren anymore. If Thiago signs then we even have Fabinho who can cover there without losing much in midfield. Then you have Van den Berg, Hoever and Koumetio in reserve.

I don't think we'll miss Lovren at all, replacement or not. Gomez just needs to work on his aerial presence. There must be some kind of focused training these expert coaches know of, to improve that area of his game though.

17 Aug 2020 09:59:57
If we wanted to spend big on a CB my pick would Milan Skriniar at Inter.

17 Aug 2020 10:01:05
Nat Phillips would make sense as a senior 4th choice centre back. I really think Fabinho looks awkward at centre back, ready to be torn apart - fine for an emergency but 5th choice and if a small game then play either Hoever or Van Den Berg instead.

17 Aug 2020 10:52:38
I don't personally feel we should improve at CB. Only need one if Matip moves on.

17 Aug 2020 10:53:03
I would just use Fabinho as a 4th choice CB rather than splurging money on another CB if Thiago is joining. Even if Fab has to fill in for a considerable time at CB due to an injury crisis, there would still be enough options and quality in midfield to make up for Dan's absence in midfield.
The money can be put to better use by getting in a quality wide player to cover/ rotate with Salah and Mane.

17 Aug 2020 11:18:56
because we can't spend huge i think Klopp will settle with Gomez alongside VVD, use this pre season to have a look at VDB, Hoover, Phillips, Koumetio only problem being they are all children still so its a lot pressure, do think Phillip will be sold and the 3 left will be given a chance.

{Ed002's Note - Phillips must be in his 20s now.}

17 Aug 2020 11:39:07
he is 23 now, whilst that is still young for a CB i think he will probably want to leave to play regular football.

Kloppers when you say the problem is is that they are all children, how do you know they won't be successful given a bit of time on the pitch. take trent for example would you of said the same thing before he made his debut?

17 Aug 2020 11:43:33
yes he is Ed didn't think he was that much older then the others, for his own sake he needs to move on and carry on playing football I thought he did well on his prevs loan do you know if they are happy to take him back?

17 Aug 2020 12:26:30
I might be in the minority here. But for arguments sake, let's say we could buy another VVD-level player for 100mil and we had the funds, I would rather stick with Joe. There is something about showing some loyalty to our own players especially when they are starting to fulfil their potential. I think there is a real player there in Joe, still young and can only get better with more game time.

I am all for the VVD-Gomez partnership moving forward.

17 Aug 2020 12:49:21
For me an in form Matip is as good as in form Gomez. I don’t think there are many clubs around that have a world class centre half and then their 2nd and 3rd choice centre backs as good as what Gomez and Matip are. Our midfield rotate around with no real drop off in performance and the same can be said with Gomez and Matip. The only time there is an issue is when both are injured which does seem to happen quite a bit. If both stayed fit then I think they would be capable of moving up another level again.

17 Aug 2020 13:22:10
Jk23 I like Matip when fit but he is not at the same level as Gomez apart from VVD I can't think of to many CB in the league that are as good as Gomez. Laporte but he lacks the pace of Gomez and Alderweireld who as dropped in form bad over the last couple of season. Apart from the games after we had won the league I can't remember Gomez having any real bad games. I would rather we spend money on other players than a CB I would Keep the 3 we have and use Phillips as 4th choice and let the 3 young players have a bit of time in the cup games.

17 Aug 2020 13:41:35
Grino I’m a big fan of Gomez but I do believe Matip is massively underrated. He was injured a lot this season but last season when we just missed out to City in the league and won the CL for me he had a terrific season. The only time our back 4 suffer was when both Matip and Gomez are injured and Lovren would step in. Nothing against Lovren but he could go from having a good game to doing something that you wouldn’t even see in pub football on a Sunday morning.

17 Aug 2020 14:32:19
Matip has been brilliant for us, hopefully he can stay fit. Lovren did very well for us but he isn't suited to being backup/ rotation - I think he needs a few games to get up to speed and was liable to make mistakes then when he came in to play for the first time in a while.

17 aug 2020 14:46:52
i've seen him play once or twice i guess.

grino mate, vvd doesn't need to stretch often but liverpool do concede goals on rare occasions. sometimes the ball falls awkward and last ditch defending is needed. some who is wc at that would be the perfect partner for big v. but we have that in gomez. he doesn't use last ditch tackling, he uses speed. thing is, lovren has left, hw needs replacing. we need 4 senior cbs.

17 Aug 2020 15:31:49
If it came to Philips getting his 4th place senior cb, I'd be okay with that. As long as we know the plan. You need 4. People are forgetting gomez and matip injury record. That leaves 1 cb. I hear people saying fab should fill in. No he shouldn't. He plays in the middle of the park and he should play there week in week out. Fab was played once in an easy game. It like suggesting we play Firmino in cm.

17 Aug 2020 18:37:36
Matip may be better than Gomez but not by a lot, I still think Gomez is better suited to partnering VVD than Matip is even tho Matip played out of his skin in the final 6 months of the 18/ 19 season.

Matip just has to be able to stay fit cos if he can't then, I believe we will have to look to bring a CB in at some point. As for the Diego Carlos fella, I watched him last night and I know it is only one game BUT I was not impressed. Now his CB partner Kounde tho? That guy is solid and has great potential, IMO.

17 Aug 2020 19:23:46
Matip isn't better than gomez. More experienced and maybe better on fifa (I have no idea) gomez is far superior imo. But we need another cb. I bet we sign one. Might be skint but klopp isn't silly. If we had to play our first choice midfielder at cb with 4 Senior cbs, it's probable we'll have problems with 3 eh. Either Philips will get the shot (doubt it) or we buy someone.

18 Aug 2020 08:43:01
Rotate Hendo and fab in that position if required.



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