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17 Sep 2020 07:56:08
I know it's early days yet lads. But what are your predictions for top 4 with the squads as they are now. For me it's

Man City
Man utd

Disclaimer: I do not drink, do drugs or intoxicate in any way.

{Ed025's Note - i have to challenge that disclaimer mate.. :)

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17 Sep 2020 08:22:41
That is a very poor attempt to spell Chelsea in 4th place.
And don't Everton belong in the kiddies playground?

{Ed025's Note - now now IB, its not totally out there mate, we will be a lot stronger this campaign and yes it will be a massive push, but as you well know every 30 or so years the odd surprise happens mate..

17 Sep 2020 08:27:12
When I seen Everton I thought you were predicting the bottom 4 mate.

{Ed025's Note - cheeky sod, we will do ok JK and will take points off some of the better teams im sure, yes its a bit of a stretch but we have a great manager and are certainly on the way up so who knows?..

17 Sep 2020 08:47:02
Top 4 looks improbable and a bit too soon for Everton even for the Toffees fans, Billy, doesn't it? But then again Leicester have won a league title just in the past decade. Everton will most likely compete for a european places this season.

Although transfers can still change the equation but right now my prediction would be like this:
Man Utd

17 Sep 2020 08:53:58
Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Arsenal.

17 Sep 2020 09:06:30
No European football. Bin the cups and Everton could well get Top 4. Goalkeeper still their weakest link for me.

17 Sep 2020 09:02:55
I don't think its that much of a stretch, united have ole but some good players, Chelsea have lamps and some good players and Everton have Carlo with some good players. Carlo clearly being the better of the three.

Everton will be tough to beat and if they can sort out beating the teams they should beat week in week out. And take the odd result against those challenging for Europe anything can happen.

Personally I reckon third to seventh is a toss up between Chelsea, United, arsenal, everton and wolves (they will be great without european football imo) . If Spurs keep playing like they did on the weekend and they won't get near the european places.

17 Sep 2020 09:03:05
I wouldn't go that far. Everton looked good but still only managed to be a very below average Tottenham 1-0. I don't think I've seen a worse performance from a team in the Prem since that awful Derby season.

That midfield looks great now with the new additions. A very bold move by Ancelotti to throw in 3 new midfielders. I'd never been impressed with James since the 2014 World Cup and always thought he was just decent but nothing more. He stood out massively.

You're going to have some fun watching him this season Ed025.

{Ed025's Note - i am actually more excited with the addition of doucoure and allan than james epic, dont get me wrong hes a talent if somewat of a luxury player and very welcome he is too, but our main problems were having a soft centre and i believe this has been addressed now so really looking forward to the new season mate..

17 Sep 2020 09:28:38

17 Sep 2020 09:41:57
Ed0025 i think Everton will have a good season this year but it will all depend on injuries and the fact that games will come thick and fast. You don't have the greatest squad and when your main players get injuries, suspensions or are rested then it would be left to the players that have proved over the last few seasons for you they just aren't up to the job despite some of them costing a big fee and wage.

{Ed025's Note - that is a concern JK..

17 Sep 2020 09:46:33
To be honest I could see Everton sneaking top four ahead of Utd this year purely because of Ole.

17 Sep 2020 10:12:43
Always liked Doucoure at Watford Ed think you've got a player there. No doubting Ancelotti is a quality manager too. I think you'll surprise a few and have you're best season for a long time.

Pickford is still bunk though haha.

17 Sep 2020 10:35:26
The best signing Everton have made in 20 odd years is Carlo Ancelotti. Getting a good coach in is far more important than any one player.

17 Sep 2020 10:00:07
An overall good window for you lot Ed25 mate but the biggest concern is your defense and GK for me mate. To say it'd need strengthening is an understatent. The new signings will help improve Everton I have no doubt but top 4? lol never say never? As we know, anything can happen in football. If I'm an Everton fan though, next Jan/ summer I'd want that defence sorting out and then, maybe just maybe you will have a team ready to push that bit further.

Alot of work is still needed but you're on the right track.

{Ed025's Note - yeah i will have that salah mate..

17 Sep 2020 10:17:21
What the poster forgot to add was that’s the top four after week 2 because, as Ed025 very well knows, it will have all fallen apart for Everton by Xmas and he’ll be cursing the name James forever more 😃.

{Ed025's Note - that may be more hope on your part juicer..

17 Sep 2020 10:19:09
I was impressed with your lads against Spurs, Ed025. Allan was unreal and James was pinging balls around like nobody's business. Never thought you'd get anywhere with DCL up top, but he impressed me too.

{Ed025's Note - we done ok viceroy, early days of course but its a lot better than last season up to now mate..

17 Sep 2020 10:45:55
I'll be honest Ed25 Carlo very rarely has a poor side, he's an excellent manager and I think you lot have made the correct signings this window. Just need a CB adding and maybe a ST if you get rid of Kean and I genuinely think you will be pushing top 4 definitely top 6.

It going to be very interesting this year, Chelsea will be good, UTD will be strong, Arsenal seem as those they are starting to click under Arteta, The Ev wives may get a break this year and Wolves are very good too.

Spurs will be tough but they still seem in a bit of disarray to me and then there is obviously City but I don't know about them yet we will have to wait and see what their business is like, they're an excellent side don't get me wrong but just got a feeling the Pep bubble is about to burst if they don't strengthen significantly.

Not a chance we are having it as easy as it was last season anyway, we are really going to have to step up our game and try to be even more consistent than last year which will be extremely tough!

17 Sep 2020 11:02:41
Ed025 that's a shame, toffees are much nicer with a soft centre haha! 😄.

{Ed025's Note - we are like a worthers original now jeff, hard and tough and bring back memories my childhood mate..

17 Sep 2020 11:09:24
I personally think we will win the league this season, not by same points total but i think it won't be as close as many predict. I would love to see everton do well, seeing Ancelotti at the helm the man is class and deserves respect, i don't think he's there to collect a cheque like some managers are doing currently. but i think squad depth is the issue right now for everton get that sorted and it could be a merseyside 1 - 2 in the next few seasons with the reds being number 1 - sorry ed 25 lol but good luck to everton for the new season already got off to a good win at spurs.

{Ed025's Note - i would take that mate..

18 Sep 2020 01:51:04
I do not see Chelsea’s new signing adapting to the premier league and gelling quickly. The odd player may rise to the occasion but as a team it won’t be easy to get on the same wavelength.

Arsenal rely heavily on a few players having a good day. They are either great, or poor.

Man Utd are great under ole, Tottenham are the same. top 6 teams

Everton, I see having a great season.
If they can keep the manager and have 2-3 good transfer windows, I see them cementing a spot in the top 4 within the next 5 years.

They are no liverpool, but they can have a good few years to look forward to.



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