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24 Jan 2021 20:08:52
Any news on the latest fitness update on Hendo and Matip. With the way we played today, with those 2 back, I would be more confident of getting something at Spurs. Our attackers looked better, but our defence was terrible.

{Ed002's Note - Typically the updates come on a Tuesday.}

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24 Jan 2021 20:28:07
CAB - Matip out again. It's just an absolute joke.

Rest assured we will get 0 points from our next 2 games.

I must also say though what a joke that free kick was today - no way. But it's fine to cheat I guess.

24 Jan 2021 20:49:50
Matip was rested today 🤦‍♂️.

24 Jan 2021 20:51:14
Especially Mane's tackle. Never a booking. Didn't even touch the United player.

24 Jan 2021 20:52:11
Matip was rested i thought.

As for the free kick it was a foul, the player bought it by expecting contact but we'd be shouting for it if it was the other way.

We lost due to individual errors and a good free kick. Not ideal but definitely feel better about Thursday after today's performance.

24 Jan 2021 21:01:26
KBL, is he out because he was rushed back, or is it a new injury.

24 Jan 2021 21:02:35
KBL. Did Fabinho touch the ball? No. Did his knee come through the back of Cavani? Yes. McTominay touched Firminhos foot and threw himself to the ground outside the box. Very soft but there's contact, only difference is that the stewards are still looking for that ball in the stands after Trents free kick.

I get being upset after losing a cup game to your rivals, if you want to talk cheating. Robertson art of defending is to scream in the oppositions ear when they take a shot? Mane could have walked for his wild tackle.

There are no clubs that can talk about diving without having a few offenders in their ranks, but Liverpool certainly can't with your forward line. Salah and Mane being amongst the worst in the league.

24 Jan 2021 21:20:35
Mumbles you left out The fact that Van der beek broke the world record for the loudest decibel screech when he tripped over his twisted sock. Pogba even tried to compete with it in the 2nd half but I believe he tripped over his tampon. Mane’s could have been a red card but that’s only because the game has gone soft and not because it’s as you described a wild challenge.
However I thought you boys played well tonight. Far more ambitious than what I saw last Sunday and I thought Pogba was excellent for you. He battled well. Congratulations You’ve won today’s battle but the war goes on.

24 Jan 2021 21:26:48
Cavani rolled Fabinho , minimal contact, Mctominay stamped on Bobbys foot, you don't mention Vab der beeks clear dive in the pen area, nor rashfords dive. Man Utd have the biggest diver in their team, how anyone can mention anybody diving after watching Fernandes i don't know.

24 Jan 2021 21:30:54
And Fernandes complains about every decision, does my head in a bit.

24 Jan 2021 21:35:22
Mumbles - stop mumbling will you,

Cavani bought the free kick and there was no contact whatsoever.

Have you got a Man U tele? I thought we were slightly the better team today.


{Ed025's Note - it was a freek kick KBL because of the naivity of fab..

24 Jan 2021 21:41:57
Van de Beek was embarrassing. As I said, there's no point in going tit for tat because every club, every game has incidents that put under a microscope look bad.

Fabinho on Cavani is a foul. Soft, hard whatever you want to call it. A player coming through the back of another player and not getting the ball is a foul all day long.

The majority of my friends are Liverpool fans, it doesn't hurt me as much as other United fans when I see you guys winning. I enjoy reading the majority of the club's pages but there seems to be a huge blaming culture amongst some of your fans. It's always, VAR, the refs, Cheating when you lose. You just had 2 of th most remarkable seasons on record and there wasn't a mention of this when you're winning.

The game could have went either way today. It went ours, but not because you were hard done by.

24 Jan 2021 21:53:13
Mctominey stamped on Firminio's foot. Lol. Do you make this stuff up? Glad someone pointed out Thiago's tackling. He's got away with a few tasty studs up tackles in recent games. Wonderful player as he is I think he may be part of Liverpool's problem. He returns and your team doesn't play as well. He is a bit fur coat and no knickers. Only a w***er plays no look passes when his side is losing. Sort of thing Neymar does.

24 Jan 2021 22:23:55
We are just missing our centre backs. Joe and Virgil play and we win this game comfortably. Simple.

{Ed0666's Note - Joe and Virgil play we win Premiership & CL.

24 Jan 2021 22:25:28
KBL. Listen to ed025. He has no skin in this game and he always calls it honestly.

24 Jan 2021 23:57:07
As much as I hate the result, it was a foul on cavani. He's looked for it and Fab has caught him. That's at the other end and we're all screaming for a free kick. Maybe Ali could have done better (I think he was unsighted) or that Thiago shouldn't have ducked out the way but its done now and we move on.
A few positives to take away with the creativity and a bit more passion. The biggest issue for me is I think Rhys' performance highlights everything that Ed01 has been saying. Shame for the lad but he's just not good enough. No pace, poor decision making and awful reading of the play. I'd play Nat and just ask him to play the simple pass everytime and let others play the ball forward. Not ideal but a better defender in my opinion.

{Ed0666's Note - To be fair Eds 001 did say Williams was a lemon when everyone was raving about him.

25 Jan 2021 01:31:13
If you asked me at the beginning of the game if I was bothered about going through to the next round or not, I’d say no, I still say I’m not bothered about the FA cup as it’s literally worth FA. If anything it’s a bunch of meaningless games that we now don’t have to play in. However, I’m not happy that we continue to play with a centre half who is less competent than even an imbecile like Phil Jones. Playing Williams gave United the game, not the ref.

{Ed0666's Note - Don't blame it on the sunshine, Don't blame it on the moonlight, Don't blame it on good times, Blame it on Rhys Williams...He just can’t he just can’t he just can control his feet.

25 Jan 2021 00:05:18
Ed025 bang on mate. It was a foul as much as I don't want it to be. Problem with fabinho is he trys to win everything instead of keeping Cavani playing backward without diving in. Fabs is not a CB and his mentality is that of a midfielder always trying to break up play and this is why he dives in all over the place. Everyone is playing tight because they know every turnover is a chance the other way with the personnel we have defending. Have to play through it and try and build some confidence and get back out belief.

{Ed025's Note - i think fab is doing a brilliant job MMR but that was a basic error, a player with the savvy of cavani is looking for things like that and as much as people are calling it a dive there was contact, a lot better performace than of late though and a really good game to watch mate..

25 Jan 2021 01:30:02
ED025 - Correct, it was a freak kick, because it wasn't a free kick in my view. It was very well taken though.

{Ed025's Note - nah KBL it was a free kick all day mate, cavani made the most of it of course, which forwards dont?

25 Jan 2021 08:36:25
I think we should question Thiago who ducked out the free kick, and also the positional play by Allison which was poor.

{Ed025's Note - it was alissons side MR and he hardly covered himself in glory mate, but i know..lets blame it all on williams..

25 Jan 2021 10:49:20
It was a free kick. Fabs naively though he could nick the ball and Cavani saw him coming and stuck his leg in the way to take the contact. Clever from Cavani, poor from Fabinho and ultimately lost us the game.
We just have to accept that with no first choice CB available the players coming in will make mistakes. Sometimes you get punished and sometimes you don’t. In this game it was 3 silly errors and 3 goals conceded. Take heart that we created our goals and didn’t have to be gifted them. Even with Hendo instead of Williams at the back we win that game which doesn’t say much for Utd.
That’s not bashing Williams the kid is doing his best but he’s 19 years old and being asked to hold a high line against Utd at old Trafford with a player much more experienced and much quicker than him running in behind him. It was always a big ask.

{Ed025's Note - i think your spot on BP..

25 Jan 2021 20:49:24
I don't think its a free kick, Mctomminey did stamp on Bobbys foot, just B obby didn't scream like Van der Beek with no contact what's so ever. Allison to blame shouldve saved the " freak kick".!



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