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04 May 2021 15:57:46
I see Naby’s agent is shooting his mouth off. He ought to tell his client to knuckle down and work. And if Naby had any sense he’d knuckle down and work, then tell his agent to STFU.

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04 May 2021 16:52:34
What's he saying 6Times?

04 May 2021 17:07:22
“The day that Coach Klopp gets Naby Keita to play in his favourite role, you see what he will bring to Liverpool. He is a playmaker, not a scavenger. ”

Not the best thing to tweet about when your client (Naby) hardly puts any effort in!

Red Sandman.

04 May 2021 17:09:54
Says Nabby will only come good when played in his best position. And he’s not a water carrier, he is a play maker.

04 May 2021 17:40:37
Maybe Naby's agent should tell him to get his bloody finger out and put a shift in then he MIGHT get to play more.

04 May 2021 17:42:18
Confirmed as not his agent, he's represented by the same agency as Mane. Also, the quote is mistranslated apparently - something along the lines of he's an attacking midfielder, not a defender. The joys of getting your news from Twitter eh.

04 May 2021 17:00:42
He said Klopp needs to play him in his best role, he is a playmaker, not a scavenger.

Or in other terms, Naby is a luxury player and is not willing to run for the team and lean a new role.

04 May 2021 18:24:10
I'm thankful for whatever has been said, actually. I hope it rattles enough people up on top, that they decide it's time for him to move on, especially after what Klopp said about Keita last week. Milner, Wijnaldum, Fabinho and even Firmino have all been played extensively in positions that they were not accustomed to. Not a peep from them. They're professionals and know the needs of the team come first. I don't know what Keita and his clown are on about.

04 May 2021 18:34:27
Klopp's biggest problem is wanting midfielders then playing them to cover the pitch for full backs etc when bombing forward. He's using Thiago like Hendo wiji Milner etc.

He needs to tweak abit or buy more runners in midfield.

04 May 2021 18:39:27
Arguably our worst midfielder in years.

04 May 2021 18:45:03
He should be drop kicked out of the club waster! Played in his best position get a grip the clown! Money spent he’s easily the worst signing in the clubs history!
Complete let down really thought we got sumthn great when we got him!

04 May 2021 18:54:29
He is right though naby hasn't been played as a attacking player with us. And he just cannot defend. He isn't a scavenger he is luxury player. Klopp and we couldn't figure it out and spent 60m on him.

04 May 2021 19:15:21
Winds me up no end all this attacking midfielder nonsense.
I get that certain players may be better at one aspect of the game than another but does it absolve them from being able to run, work and help your teammates out?
No, it shouldn’t.
Any player that thinks they’re not capable of that shouldn’t even be at the club as far as I’m concerned.
I really dislike this compartmentalisation of players.

04 May 2021 19:18:05
Keita had his chances for me, really disgraceful behaviour before and sickening behaviour during, get rid.

04 May 2021 19:26:40
Seem to remember him playing against Real Madrid in his favourite position. Then getting Hooked before half time.
Complete waste of talent.

04 May 2021 19:44:10
I’d say James Milner would play in goal if u asked him and give it his all and bet his agent wouldn’t say a word!
Keita’s agent or who ever trying to defend the flop!

04 May 2021 20:17:10
Not Keita saying this lads. and what sickening and disgraceful behaviour are we on about! talk about making mountains outa molehills when it suits.

04 May 2021 21:21:58
Yeah your right Jadon the bloke doesn’t speak a word of English definitely wasn’t him saying it!
We might be overreacting but so what he’s not done one thing where the fans have said wow or keep him he’s to unreliable and as ed02 has said been nottin but trouble!

04 May 2021 21:31:58
He simply hasn't made a good impact in the team, he might rediscover his ability somewhere else . At the moment he is just a drain on wages, a middling to poor performer and needlessly taking up space, a bit like my car.

04 May 2021 22:10:20
Kopforever, our midfield play the way they play under Klopp regardless of personnel so if Naby can’t hack it then he needs to go.

04 May 2021 22:40:51
Vermiculo your comment could apply to a good 6 or 7 of our squad.

05 May 2021 01:19:34
OliRed I get that hence I said better to buy runners then technical players like Thiago, if Klopp is hell-bent on wanting midfielders to run and cover the pitch for FB and forward players then it's not that difficult to know that's not why Thiago was best player in the world for almost a decade in he's position.

{Ed0666's Note - id like to see a fab, Bissouma and Thiago midfield. It would be a thing of beauty.

05 May 2021 09:06:28
No Hendo?



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