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23 May 2021 19:47:22
Manager Woy Hodgson
1 Itandje
2 Konchesky
3 Scales
4 Babb
5 Josemi
6 Aqualani
7 Stewart
8 Diao
9 Dundee
10 Diouf
11 Kewell

Worst team and manager I can think off.

Makes me appreciate Klopp and what he has
done for the club.
Thank you Juü.

{Ed0666's Note - I thought josemi was gonna be a terrific player judging by his first couple of games and then he capitulated dramatically. Never has a footballer made easier money than Charles Itandje he was paid to keep fit. Koncelsky was a bell-end and only came for the money never warned to Liverpool or the fans. I better stop now otherwise it’s gonna be a monologue. You’re right tho JWT we are lucky to have Mr Klopp and I’d be gobsmacked if there is t a statue of him at Anfield in years to come

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23 May 2021 20:06:33
Kewell absolutely does not deserve to be on that list. He was just injury prone. If he was that bad, Rafa wouldn't have started him in the final in 2005.

Maybe try Jovanovic or Assaidi?

23 May 2021 20:07:19
Josemi left in 2006/ 7 didn’t he?

23 May 2021 20:18:19
Joe Cole, David ngog, keita and le tellec too. But, today is about celebrating this group of players. Wonderful achievement when you consider where we were in early March. Great run of ten games. Klopp, players and coaches deserve high praise. We could easily have blamed lots of things and thrown in the towel and finished 14th. Great togetherness and resilience shown. We'll done team and thanks eds for all insights, thoughts and analysis this season too. Onwards and upwards. Next season we'll be back.

23 May 2021 20:26:44
ngog, borini and balotelli need to be in there i tjink in combined 100 appearances they have 3 goals in epl for us.

23 May 2021 20:29:54
Congratulations to Roy Hodgson on a fabulous and impressive managerial career. Longevity in any job is always a sign of a great professional person, but Roy managed top club and international teams in the cut throat business of football for nearly thirty years. He deserves all the respect and gratitude from everyone. Well done Liverpool today. Thanks for everything gini and thanks Roy too for a life time selfless contribution to the game of football.

{Ed025's Note - nice sentiment that kev..

23 May 2021 20:35:03
Forgot about jovanovic and assaidi
and that says a lot about their contributions to the team.
I'm sure there is more players that could make the starting eleven.

23 May 2021 20:53:12
I really don't understand the disrespect from Liverpool fans towards Hodgson, it's quite embarrassing really. The man has achieved mamay things and dedicated his life to football and yet is lambasted by armchair fans thinking they're better. He wasn't the right fit for Liverpool and was working under extremely difficult circumstances at the time. It didn't work out for whatever reason but that shouldn't tarnish what has been an excellent career.

{Ed0666's Note - utter bollox. He was an awful appointment to make FSG’s takeover a smooth one. He was a yes man plain and simple. He made ridiculous decisions and alienated players with his draconian football I.e Daniel Agger. We Lost 2-0 to Everton and Hodgson said it was the best performance of the season so far. Alex Ferguson accused Toress of cheating to get Vidic sent off and Hodgson advocated for Ferguson instead of his own player. The man was out of his depth and the only time I’ve stopped watching Liverpool play in 43 years and I’m not ashamed to admit that. It was abysmal football and I celebrated the day he got fired. I’m sure he was a nice guy and beloved by his family but he was toxic for LFC

23 May 2021 21:10:03
Zed: Josemi was swapped in Jan 06 for Kromkamp. OP also forgot Nunez, the winger who could do little that you'd normally associate with a winger. And Istvan too.

As for Hodgson at Liverpool, he was dealt a very bad hand. Purslow did the two big deals with Cole and Meireles, the latter being only just about good enough and the former struggling with injuries, leaving Roy with no money to play with so he was only able to take a punt on an ageing Poulsen (and I thought he'd be decent) and then re-sign a crocked Aurelio and make some swaps for Konchesky so he'd actually have left full backs. Now he still had the squad playing below it's level and could've played said bad hand better, but it was still a difficult one for him.

Unpopular opinion because of the good times they gave us, but I think given the money they spent and the position they left us in being no better than the position when they started, I reckon Houllier and Rodgers did worse here than Roy Hodgson.

{Ed0666's Note - are you serious houllier and Brenda did worse than Hodgson? Hodgson would have had us bottom had it not been for goal difference Kenny had to come in and save the day at took us to 6th that season.

23 May 2021 21:15:12
That still doesn't give people the right to openly mock a man's speech impediment and ridicule him. The man has done more in football than you and anyone else on this page will ever achieve. It's called having some respect and showing a bit of class. Is it his fault the club approached him? Who in their right mind would turn down Liverpool, if anything, criticism should be on the owners for making the wrong appointment.

{Ed0666's Note - no one should knock a man for his physical ailments that is disgusting and mean but we can deride him for the crap Liverpool manager he was and the glaring gaffes he made while he managed us

23 May 2021 21:19:09
Ed0666 - Apparently the players actually liked Hodgson on a personal level, although most of the non-English ones hadn't wanted Rafa to leave.

His goalie coach and de facto #2 Mike Kelly (Sammy Lee will still technically assistant, but Hodgson didn't rate him as a coach) was the problem in the dressing room. His tactical input amounted to screaming at our players to kick opposition players and quite a lot of them fell out with him very quickly.

Now that's something I picked up ages ago so it may be dubious.

{Ed0666's Note - he wanted Agger to hoof the ball instead of play it out of defense which pissed Agger off as he was sabotaging his career. He alienated the Fans by saying he’s never experienced the famous Anfield atmosphere: he was just a garbage Liverpool manager and I don’t feel no way if I criticize him. Who cares if the kit man liked him and a few players thought he was a nice guy. The football he played was turgid.

23 May 2021 21:26:37
I stand over it, Ed. Roy had a poor half season here that never really impacted us in the long term. Maybe Dalglish in charge for the whole season would've had us 4th, but remember he wouldn't have had Suarez for the first half of the season, who created a lot of Kuyt and Maxi's goals in the second half of the season.

Houllier meanwhile took over a team that was a defender, a goalie and a bit of discipline away from being a proper title challenger, ripped it up completely and replaced most of it, at what was then great cost, and only did better in the league than Evans once. Sure we had the treble, but those trophies should've been the start of something better, not the zenith of his reign. They became irrelevant the day Rafa won the CL.

Rodgers only got near the league because of Suarez. Either side of it we were 6th and 7th under him. That was his level here.

They set us back way more than Roy, imo.

{Ed0666's Note - I respect you’re opinion mate but don’t concur. Hodgson with money to spend and autonomy on who to buy doesent even bear thinking about 😂

23 May 2021 21:28:50
He was definitely out of his depth with what we required. However, he has had a good career for an English manager. He took the step of moving abroad and broadened his horizons learning several new languages. Not an easy thing to do.
His remit is taking a team expected for regelation and making them a solid mid table outfit. He is great at that. Unfortunately he also is able to take a top 6 team and drag them down to mid table too.
He wasn't right for us but he was for many other teams.

{Ed0666's Note - with all due respect mate I don’t want to sully the jubilation of sneaking into the top 4 after the bonkers season we’ve had by reliving the nightmare of the Hodgson era. They were dark times for me as a Liverpool fan.

23 May 2021 21:40:56
Houllier won a treble, he helped modernize the club. He wasn’t perfect, very few people are but to say he did a worse job than Hodgson is lunacy.

23 May 2021 21:57:14
Hodgson was the only manager of LFC to literally have no money to spend on new players. Out of his depth or not, its difficult to compare unless he was given the same resources as other managers past or present.

24 May 2021 00:47:58
Hodgson hadn’t a clue how to play attacking football, a fact that was replicated when he somehow got the England job. The guy is as bad as Allerdyce.

24 May 2021 00:56:33
In my 50s and can safely say Hodgson was the worst manager I've seen.

OP, disagree with John Scales, thought he was solid if unspectacular. Where's Torben Piechnik?

24 May 2021 00:57:43
We really have had some truly woeful players, mainly during my lifetime =[.



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