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15 Jun 2021 11:47:14
Reading and replying to a post a short time ago regarding people's first experience of live footy, there was a mention of 1980's hooliganism. Being a teenager in those years I was well aware of the football firms like West Ham ICF, Chelsea Headhunters and Millwall Bushwackers. I've never been involved with such firms but was the victim, or presumably was, of their actions. Stood at my local bus stop, 9 years old, wearing my liverpool scarf on the way to the game vs Arsenal, a car drove past. I didn't see the occupants but was told it was Arsenal supporters. They fired an air rifle at me and the pellet embedded in my face just under my left eye. Obviously, we didn't go to the game and my dad never took me to another game after that. I never went again until I was much older.

I was curious to find out if any of the eds or posters had any dealings with such firms or have been victims of their actions?

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15 Jun 2021 12:30:33
I was born in the premier league era so it’s a very distant world to me personally, but my dad has told me that he once got beaten up pretty bad by the West Ham firm in the mid 80’s after the match. I think there were a few other instances but that was the one that really shook him up.

15 Jun 2021 12:33:10
Not really as I only started going the match with my mates in the 90s, when i went in the 80s i was with my dad who stayed away from all that and was huge and very tough so nobody really messed with him. I do remember players being racially abused by their own clubs supporters as well as the other supporters. I found it funny a few years ago when Chelsea went to goodison in the fa cup, I was on the bus on queens drive reading a paper when the bus stopped at the traffic lights. I heard a woman a few rows of seats in front of me shouting so I looked up and she was screaming at a coach full of chelsea fans who were giving her abuse. They must have been that bored because nobody was playing with them that they decided to have a go at a half empty bus of shoppers and commuters. I wasnt interested in the match before that but then I wanted Everton to win. Which they did on pens in a replay.

15 Jun 2021 13:58:19
I wonder how football violence started out, I hear about it in the 80s and since but was it around before then?
Football hooliganism Just seems so utterly ridiculous to me.

15 Jun 2021 14:23:14
What's also ridiculous is football hooligan books and even well known hooligans becoming minor celebrities. Someone was reading one in the break room in work on time and an ex soldier was writing about following England and saying he couldn't wait to get to the meeting points and fighting for queen and country again. I just thought Oh dear.

15 Jun 2021 14:25:02
I used to get involved a little bit, many years ago, not proud of it….

Worst moment was getting chased from St Andrew’s to Birmingham NewStreet by the Brum Zulu’s, out numbered by hundreds, fortunately got to know those main man, Barrington, had no issues after that.

Millwall at the Old Den, Coventry away and Grimsby were also a tough one.

15 Jun 2021 14:47:49
I always remember that Tory b*stard in charge of Luton banning away supporters because Millwall had a riot at their stadium (having been to Luton once, I can only assume they must have done some improvements when they tore the place to shreds), bet he’d be creaming his pants because away supporters can’t go to games now.

15 Jun 2021 16:05:11
A very good friend of mine, his Dad used to either lead or co-lead the Arsenal firm in it's hey day. I have no interest in that side of the game so don't know the full details, but needless to say, his dad is not a pleasant one to say the least. He would regularly bring the violence home with him. No reason why anyone involved in that should be celebrated, Liverpool included.

15 Jun 2021 19:12:16
If only people cared that much about things that actually matter we wouldn't find ourselves in the situation we are in now. Mindless thugs who one on one would probably so nothing but with hundreds of there mates oh yeah well hard.

15 Jun 2021 19:55:49
Football violence started in the 70s when it was the aim of respective firms to "take the home end" at the ground they were playing away at. This was obviously pre all ticket and all seated stadia. This was back in the day of the Annie Road Army, who used to trade insults with the Kop. Happy days. Or were they.



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