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20 Feb 2020 16:50:07
Hi Ed002. I know you've mentioned plenty about Timo Werner and saying the move would make little sense. However I recall you said that if the player were happy to sit on the bench then he would be an option. From what he has been saying to the media, one quote directly referencing Liverpool and how proud he is to be linked to the club, do you think he's open to joining and perhaps not being guaranteed game time. It seems bizarre for a player of his calibre.

{Ed002's Note - He was asked about Liverpool and he answered by saying, something like, they are the best club in the world right now, he is proud that he has been linked with them in the press, and that he would need to improve to play for Liverpool. I don't see anything has changed - as per last summer, there has certainly been interest from Klopp but right now there is no deal in place at all regardless of what the fat kid from Bolton has been saying for more than a year. It is hard to see how Werner would fit in unless there is a change of style or unless Firmino leaves. There remains interest from other high-profile clubs. As far as I know, what I wrote remains correct:

Timo Werner (S) RBL know of the interest of Chelsea who consider TW as a suitable replacement for Giroud - but they have other preferred options. Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid remain keen - but this could change quickly depending on other targets clubs have - for example, if by some chance MU were able to sign a particular Free Agent for the summer then interest in TW would go - equally if other clubs were not able to sign their targets, interest in TW might increase. Atletico signing Cavani would likely kill off their interest. There is clearly interest from Klopp, but would Timo Werner be interested in a move to sit on the bench at Liverpool most of the time? If the answer is yes, or if Firmino is leaving then it makes sense. Many of the fans expect Klopp to add all of these players without anyone leaving and then completely change tactics and rotate them - it makes zero sense and the club has to meet Home Grown quotas as well. PSG are concerned about being shunned by Icardi and have looked at TW but have not declared any interest. Mr Mourinho is keen for Spurs to take him but there are concerns about the cost. The interest of Dortmund has gone with the signing of Haarland. Bayern Munich were never going to do business in January and played down all transfer talk but there is no doubt that Robert Lewandowski, who will be 32 at the start of next season, is going to need replacing in the next 18 months - and the plan had always been that it would be Timo Werner - they could yet look to do something or perhaps suggest he waits another year at RBL who have offered a new contract. }

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20 Feb 2020 18:16:47
Wow replacement for Giroud 😂😂😂.

20 Feb 2020 19:28:27
Ed2 who are Manu hoping to get on a free?

{Ed002's Note - It has been dealt with elsewhere.}

20 Feb 2020 22:05:47
I can see Firmino moving into the creative midfield role to be honest. which makes room for Werner. his tracking back and pressing would work fantastic in midfield. and add the creative spark he brings that we don't really have at the moment in midfield would be great. i would absolutely love us to move on Lallana, Milner and Wijnaldum with Ruben Neves. Curtis Jones and Firmino the 2 effectively taking the other 2 spots. as our midfield is mostly around 30+. good players, but to keep longevity at the top i feel we need to always be evolving.

20 Feb 2020 23:01:33
Surely signing Werner would not have to mean a change of style? Whenever we sign anyone we give them time to be coached to play our style. I don’t see why Werner would be any different.

{Ed002's Note - So then he sits on the bench for an occasional run out in the Milk Cup?}

20 Feb 2020 23:41:35
Just want to clarify something ed002.

When referring to the Liverpool front 3 and how its implausible for our front 3 to be dropped and Timo being a rotation player. how can Chelsea be interested in replacing a player that's had a couple of starts and a few sub appearances this season? In Giroud? And that being a plausible solution.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea have a need to maintain the status quo of three strikers - it is not about appearances or rotation. You are suggesting just adding players - which is a whole different thing. I am surprised that you find that difficult to understand.}

20 Feb 2020 23:48:32
I do understand Ed002. I was just asking for clarification as I didn't have all the info.

21 Feb 2020 03:31:19
I agree with ed002 regarding giroud or even other clubs. He has the quality to walk into nearly every sides first 11, so replacing giroud means Chelsea have someone to compete with Abraham who has shown mediocre patches of form and can very possibly be upgraded . It's much different scenario to him expected to break our front 3 realistically.

21 Feb 2020 10:08:46
What Ed2 is failing to understand is how Klopp integrates a number of signings into the team. There is often a 3 month period where they are trained and get up to speed with how they are drilled whilst only getting sporadic appearances.

Also, next season Mane and Salah (if they're both still here) will both miss a month at the AFCON, and were Werner to be at the club, this would be the point he would start playing regularly, with a long term view of rotation before phasing one or more of the front 3 out.

It's drivel to suggest 'why would he come just to play the league cup'; that's not what he would be signed for. It is very logical and sensible to sign him from a position of strength with the front 3 still in place for one more season at least. Plus, £50m isn't going to break the bank.

{Ed002's Note - Why £50M? Who will leave to make space for him in the squad? The AFCOn is of no relevance at all. So you are suggesting now that Klopp will change tactics and start rotating players.}

22 Feb 2020 06:16:04
I would like to add, when Klopp spends big, VVD Becker, Keita they have all been introduced to first team action straight away. The less expensive signings, those under 50 million tend to be integrated in over a 3 - 5 month window.

Timo could cost under 50 million so may fit that bill and the idea Bobby could operate in midfield actually makes sense. I look at the team and I am happy with both goalies, the back line is strong with the emergence of Neco Williams to cover Trent and more coming from Gomez, Milner, Henderson and Fabinho.

Left back cover in the form of Gomez and Milner and 4 decent centre halves. Midfield is solid and the attacking line speaks for itself, this next season has no World Cup or Euro's to look forward to so I guess Timo may consider LFC as an option with the wages on offer and working for Klopp if that does mean some time on the bench.

With Taki arriving in the Winter and the potential of Jones and Williams having more first team opportunities does that freshen the squad up enough? Interesting summer ahead and I guess we may only recruit 1 first team addition and maybe a couple for the U23's.

22 Feb 2020 15:15:11
I’m with Becker’s pecker I don’t understand the change of tactics it would be another player added upfront who himself admits he would not expect to come and be first choice he would have to improve to be at the level needed to play for us
I don’t think any of us really know klopp mindset regarding tactics or how signing a player like Werner affects that including ed002 but the info he gives us on targets I agree is second to none.

22 Feb 2020 18:02:40
Shaq and Origi will leave, leaving the front 3.minamino, Werner (if he signed) as senior options with what the club plans with the likes of Elliott and Brewster for next season still up in the air. i think that's a good amount of options for a team that will play maybe 60-65 games next year. i'd be surprised aswell if shaq and origi's fees won't add up to the bones of Werners transfer. would be good business by the club. Elite squad building.

23 Feb 2020 00:15:36
Ed002, I really don’t mean this as a dig, just like your thoughts.

It’s often said klopp used to have the problem of not making subs, and it was suggested that he didn’t trust the bench. Now he does make subs, as he trusts them more. In my eyes, he doesn’t rotate the front three much as he knows there’s a huge drop in quality.

Also, we have hendo, fab, ox, gini Keita and Milner in the middle. That’s 6 players of very similar level who all seem relatively happy with their playing time. You could make a case for any of them starting next week - except hendo is out. If Fabinho doesn’t start, are we going to saying that we have 50 million on the bench? I don’t think so. However, if Mané salah and bobby are fit they will start Monday. If we had an option like Werner, he would be in contention to start, not just a bench warmer. If we have 50 games in the CL fa cup and prem next year, that’s 150 games for the front three players. Basically 35-40 starts a year per player. I’m sure klopp would do that now, if he had that quality. Most other teams in the champions league do it?

{Ed002's Note - Maybe Klopp will opt to screw with the tactics and randomly move with players around.}

23 Feb 2020 05:15:13
There's a difference with that example though. Fabinho was bought to be first choice, Milner wijnaldum and keita were all signed at different times where they were expected to slot into first 11. Our midfield options are all different styles of players and reasonably similar in standard whereas we have a front 3 who are currently having a reputation as the best around in their roles and our midfield can be rotated to suit a circumstance but our front line shouldn't be rotated when they spend majority of time in good form and confidence. I think we all agree we'd love Werner to sign and I'm sure klopp would too but with realistic thinking the reason it may not be possible is because he won't want to contend with being in and out of the starting line-up and could expect to start every week at nearly every other club. This is the issue that we keep talking about, we can't just pick and choose who we sign, players of certain stature will not be attracted to the idea of possibly being on the bench for nearly all major games behind our current attack. A midfield player of top quality would fancy himself to make our team but top class attackers won't see that chance as realistic.

23 Feb 2020 10:27:00
Ed002 you don't think that perhaps salah may leave in the summer and the club could look to werner as his replacement?

Werner played this role most of his career, its only really this season he has been asked to drop into a deeper role similar to firmino.

{Ed002's Note - Werner does best best playing through the middle, not on either wing - that is where the goals come from if he has the space. It would be a pointless exercise have him replacing someone who plays best from wide positions. So it remains that there has certainly been interest from Klopp but right now there is no deal in place at all at this time and if there is to be, unless there is a change of style, or Firmino leaves or Werner accepts he effectively playing from the bench as a back up to Firmino. The position where Liverpool really do need someone is in the AM role - and if a pot of money is available and no one suggests the price is too high, that is where Kai Havertz makes more sense.

As for Salah, I am aware that he and his agent are aware that they have put themselves in a difficult position with previous financial demands which saw them laughed out of Madrid and approaches to other sides came to nothing - regardless, Liverpool is probably the best place for Salah to be biding his time right now and there is no reason to think he will be leaving this summer. The efforts to boost his profile will no doubt continue, and he will doubtless be holidaying with a professional photographer again and be seen kissing babies and rescuing swooning girls with twisted ankles from being eaten by bears. But these efforts to sell him as the new Real Madrid poster boy may come to nothing as they have a first-choice forward target for next summer. So right now, it is hard to say where he could potentially move to unless things change - and they always do of course. In terms of a replacement, the player Klopp has made no secret of his desire to work with is Lorenzo Insigne but I suspect age is against that ever happening. So if someone were to push me in to saying who would be the best fit if Salah were to leave next summer, I would say Federico Chiesa rather than Timo Werner who is far more effective elsewhere. Chiesa would be a direct replacement, has similar attributes to Salah, is you, liked by Klopp and, although Liverpool have shown no interest, will be sold in the summer - with pleanty of interest across Europe - not least from Juventus and Inter. Ironically, he has had to be used as a striker for much of this season and has also done pretty well there.}

24 Feb 2020 21:01:59
Thanks for the reply Ed appreciate the insight. Chiesa won't be leaving Italy, though I would like him. Great player.

Side question I know we have watched tonali a lot this season and last season (amongst many other teams), I also know he started taking English lessons last year. You think we might make a move for him?

{Ed002's Note - No - unless Fabinho were to leave. Sandro Tonali (DM/CM) - A player who was being chased by Conte at Chelsea as a 17 year old and has continued to be of interest but it probably won't go anywhere unless Kante or Jorginho were to leave. There was interest in the summer of 2019 from Liverpool, but it was seen as futile and expensive and not followed up. His reluctance to leave Italy ended PSG interest who then went for Idrissa Gueye and the €60M price killed the interest of Milan. Napoli, Inter, Fiorentina and Juventus remain interested with Manchester City, PSG and Chelsea keen if the kid is open to leaving Italy. PSG would only look again if Gueye or Paredes were to leave which seemes unlikely right now. Manchester City have extended the contract of Fernandinho another year but could bid and put the player out on loan, perhaps to Girona. Liverpool would no doubt consider their position as well although he will never be HG in England. Realistically, Juventus would be the best solution as they will be looking to replace Blaise Matuidi (although also have Casemiro in mind) which may open the door for Napoli in addition to Inter - I would discount Fiorentina.}



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