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12 Jun 2020 18:00:38
Karius seems to think he'll be #2 at LFC next season. I'd put him behind Adrian and obviously AB1.
Is this a tactic to get a move to a team where he'd be 1st choice, is Adrian leaving or does he honestly see himself as #2?

Thoughts anyone.

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12 Jun 2020 18:51:58
Don’t think he would come out and say I’m number 3 and that is that
He knows he has no future at Liverpool but he has to act like he does.

12 Jun 2020 20:19:31
Chances of anyone making an offer are very slim.

12 Jun 2020 21:10:40
It's all talk, man.

12 Jun 2020 22:12:15
Hertha Berlin are after him, rumour is that they might pay around £5-6million for him.

13 Jun 2020 00:10:22
He isn't that bad a keeper. He had an awful cl final but it wasn't a true reflection of how good he is. Adrian has had a few bloopers but luckily not in cl finals. I prefer Adrian as he is more humble, karius annoyed me with his big headed news.

13 Jun 2020 08:56:30
Let’s not forget the howler against Athletico.

13 Jun 2020 09:12:58
Karius has no chance of dethroning adrian. Karius made some real bloopers as his arrogance and lack of training etc hea always be more focused on his social media career rather than being a goalkeeper. He had to many lapses in concentration during his loan move and even they were glad to send him back. Adrian may have made some mistakes against athletico etc but id have him over karius any day. The rubbish show of a champ leagues final he effectively played for real madrid that night its something he will never get over playing for lfc and is better gone.

13 Jun 2020 09:57:36
Is he still too old for the u23s.

13 Jun 2020 10:13:23
We have so many keepers.
Alisson, Adrian, Karius, Kelleher, Lonergan, Grabara, George, McKenzie-Lyle, and Jaros.

Realistically 5 of them need to be moved on this summer.

I'd have Alisson and Grabara for the first team.

Then Kelleher and Jaros for the ressies.

Move the rest on.

13 Jun 2020 10:39:48
Yes Adrian committed a howler against Atletico, but that's what #2 and #3's do. People have forgotten his stellar performances at the beginning of the season when Allison was out. It was clearly part of the foundation the rest of the "unbearable" season was built on.

13 Jun 2020 11:27:03
ArAy, people have also not forgotten the Dunk free kick he conceded when he was messing about with the wall.

Or the goal he threw in against Chelsea to get us knocked out of the cup.

It's hard to forgive him getting us knocked out the Champions League single handedly mostly. We had the game won and all he had to do was kick the ball into the sky.

He's not good enough for this level. Seems like a great bloke and I'm really pleased he'll walk away knowing he won us the shootout in the Super Cup final, and he'll have 3 medals to show his grandkids. I wish him all the best if he leaves and if he stays, I'll still back him every time he pulls on the shirt.

13 Jun 2020 12:12:01
Spot on, ArAy1969. Allison has been injured/ suspended for about a third of the season in the PL. Adrian played in his place and YET we only lost one game and are 25 points clear.

We don’t win the title this season without Adrian’s heroics, plain and simple fact. Yeah he made a mistake vs Athletici but that can happen but he more than lade up for that with his contribution to no. 19.

If people want to blindly dwell on his error (s) in the CL then let them. I know what trophy I wanted to win this term and NO, it was not the CL. As long as we won the title this season, any other trophy would be a bonus.

13 Jun 2020 13:27:17
Plain Bread, thank you. A sensible comment.
Red Meister, your comment about us not winning the league without Adrian is pure nonsense. We could have had me in goal and we’d have still walked the league this season. Adrian returned 2 clean sheets in 11 games, and his poor mistake in extra time led to us being taken to penalties in the Super Cup in the first place, so you can forget the heroics.
Thanks largely to Adrian, we went from a potentially all-time great season to just a fantastic league campaign. Whilst we all wanted to win the league, we were knocked out of two competitions in a matter of days by amateur goalkeeping, a situation made even more irritating by the fact that we were clear favourites to win both those competitions and were easily the best team in them.
We simply cannot afford for Alisson to get injured again.

13 Jun 2020 13:34:50
To be fair to Adrian when he came in early season when Ali was injured he did a really good job and I was more than happy with him at number 2.
When he came in later in the season when Ali was injured again he seemed to have lost all confidence. He looked panicky and seemed to freeze when the ball went near him. Atletico was a prime example.
I think he’s a decent keeper but much of goalkeeping is between the ears, more so than any other position and I think that’s where he struggles.

13 Jun 2020 13:41:50
One point about the Dunk free kick is that it should have been disallowed as Brighton had players standing in the wall. So it’s a refereeing error as much as anything.

13 Jun 2020 14:47:33
Karius was pretty much a disaster, let's be honest. He was fortunate to get the chances he did mainly because we also had Mignolet, who for me was still a better keeper and that says a lot.

13 Jun 2020 15:08:58
Karius has dropped a clanger here. And let’s be honest it’s not the first time he’s dropped something.

13 Jun 2020 16:12:49
Adrian is leaving end of the season betis I think.

13 Jun 2020 16:14:39
Very good and accurate post, LoweLFC. We have the best keeper in the Premier League (if not the world), we need to have the best reserve keeper too if we want to challenge on all fronts.

14 Jun 2020 04:01:22
I agree with plainbread and loweLFC. Adrian did nothing convincing at all in the early months, we couldn't buy a clean sheet and he kept only 2 in that period. We very nearly dropped points in comfortable games against Leicester and Brighton where his errors nearly cost us only for Milner late peno and even against Brighton just 10 mins after dunks goal at the last second he fumbled a simple ball onto the goal line inches from throwing away 2 points aswell. He recklessly hacked down Abraham in the box to give Chelsea a late gift of a penalty yet he gets only praise for saving 2 penalties in a shootout which every professional keeper is capable of. He single handedley eliminated us from the fa cup and CL. Just imagine karius had commited those exact same errors that Adrian has and I know for a fact no one here would be defending him. Yes he's a likeable character but analysing his impact on the field it's obvious to accept that he's been by far our biggest vulnerability in costing us wins. His relationship with our back 4 always looked terrible too and that's a big issue that many don't even acknowledge. For a no.2 of course you could do a lot worse than Adrian but when you're needed step into a team at the highest level and be so untrustworthy in big moments then we have to accept that he's not been good enough. Personally I'd feel more comfortable with karius to defend our net than Adrian. He's a better GK simple as.

14 Jun 2020 10:34:26
Har_red92 and LoweLFC, I fully disagree. The clean sheet stat is misleading. Remember, we were not defending very well as a unit in those early months anyway so to put the clean sheet stat up there is a false argument, IMO. Remember, Adrian played a tonne of PL games and while Allison was out and the last time I checked, we have lost ONE game so far so he gets NO credit then? To deny him his due credit for this is unfair and dishonest just cos he made a mistakes and made one or 2 in a CL game which I am mad about BUT can understand, IMO.

Also, Adrian had pretty much NO preseason and we signed him virtually off the street so what were people expecting exactly? Clean sheets galore? No mistakes? Come on, man. It seems people are judging him on the standard of a 1st choice GK whereas he is no. 2 for a reason. It's like a backup QB signed off the street coming in with NO reps with the first team offence and then people complain that he turns the ball over too much EVEN THO, he is winning you games by making enuff plays to win. That is very unfair, IMO.

Adrian made a plethora of saves that kept us in games in those early months. He even played with an injured ankle vs Saints and tho he made a mistake to make it 2-1, he made enuff saves to keep us in the game at 0-0 in a dreadful 1st half. He also made crucial saves at Chelsea, vs Everton in the FA Cup, at Saints, at Napoli and I can go on. But let's all forget about all that and dwell on mistakes he made as if he was meant to be perfect as a backup GK with little to no game time.

We had better be happy we don't have the other clown Claudio Bravo as No. 2 like City do cos the guy couldn't catch a cold in the throws of winter. Personally, I am satisfied with his contribution to our PL season regardless of his mistakes. He's a back up so you have to accept the good with the bad and Adrian's good outweighs his bad in our PL stroll, IMO.

14 Jun 2020 17:31:19
Yeah but not once did I base my argument on the clean sheet stats, in fact I mention clearly that one of his weaknesses was the lack of organisation he had with our defence and he always looked indecisive at moments where VVD was always looking over his shoulder without any understanding of where Adrian might be positioned or how he'll react to a ball in behind. It's no coincidence that people criticised our vulnerable high line as weak yet suddenly the minute allison returns the back 4 improves and we get tight again.

There's way more than just saves to judge a GK btw and from memory I didn't recall any of those games you mention as having moments of masterclass from him so I'm going to pull you up now for making up fact less statements.

Southampton, 3 shots on target, 1 of which was after he gifted the ball to them. Another was a 30 yard effort and the other was directly down the middle at him.

Chelsea, 2 shots on target, 1 of which was kante goal, other was tame effort down the middle.

Everton, fa cup. 3 shots on target.
Yes he made 3 crucial early saves which he deserves credit but even though they were each straight at his legs and he should be saving those anyway. Everton didn't have a shot on target at all for the remaining hour or so.

The napoli game we lost 2-0 coceading 2 from 5 shots so that result as a loss doesn't even make sense to your argument of his contribution.

So your 4 stand out examples of the crucial contributions he gave was that? 4 goals conceded, 1 of which a howler, and a combined 9 other attempts on target he saved with nearly all of them basic GK bread and butter. I'm sorry to have to throw those realities at you but you had an arrogance in your post that I knew was rubbish and you can't be making up stuff like that if you want your opinion to be respected.

And as I said it's not just numbers of saves or clean sheets etc it's his whole body language, positioning and authority that's unsteady. But not once in those games you mentioned can you see any sort of his importance when in fact his error at Southampton means his overall contribution was a negative.

14 Jun 2020 22:18:55
Har_red92, I made nothing up cos everything I posted regarding Adrian's saves are facts so enuff accusing me of stuff that did not happen. Again you are judging Adrian as if he was a no. 1 GK which again, skews the point you are making. If you are comparing Allison to Adrian then your argument is unbalanced.
Worst you even devalue the saves he made that kept us in games, saying they were "straight at him" or "bread and butter" (not all of them), which tells me that you give him NO credit at all for his contributions and that is wrong and unfair, period. If those saves were so easy, how come Claudio bravo at City can't catch a cold in a snow storm whenever he comes in?

You say that VVD always had to look over his shoulder when we played the high line with Adrian in goal. Again, what were you expecting from a no. 2 we signed with NO preseason? You then say that when Allison came back, we looked solid again. Of course we would cos Allison is a better GK and knows how the defence will align and they know what he will do. How is Adrian supposed to compete with that with no preseason to get in rhythm and with him being inferior to Allison?

Adrian made a mistake and made a crucial save vs Saints at 0-0. That's how it works with a no. 2 still finding his feet and was playing injured in that game. The good comes with the bad. Also, We lost to Napoli due to a soft penalty and a VVD/ Robbo mistake, 2-0 so there goes your argument cos Adrian had nothing to do with that. Before then, we did not take our chances and Adrian made crucial saves including a double/ triple save to keep it at 0-0. Those are facts man. Was he perfect? No. Did he have faults and vulnerabilities? Yes BUT that is NOT my point.

I am not saying Adrian was great. I am saying that we have lost ONE game this season so far and Adrian played about 10 of those games so he gets credit for that. That does not mean I ignore his errors or flaws cos he was not being signed for a reason (not very good BUT decent at best) before we picked him up. That is to his credit and that should be recognized. Two things can be correct at the same time.

17 Jun 2020 03:19:29
Of course you can pick positive moments from every player if you're going to break it down like you're doing. My point is that you are making out that he's been crucial and valuable, you even say we would not win the league this season without him.

I just acknowledge him as being one of the worst keepers we've had to play regularly for a long long time. Fair enough if you like him no problem I just fully disagree with your perception of his ability or importance.



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