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30 Dec 2020 22:16:51
So I see some are back to "Klopp out" and the like over 2 draws.

Best fans in the world and all that though.

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30 Dec 2020 23:17:45
They aren’t fans just sad online trolls. Nothing to see here.

30 Dec 2020 23:24:11
Literally zero people are saying this on the entire planet.

30 Dec 2020 23:26:09
Whoever is calling for Klopps head are mental. The bloke is a legend at the club. Saying that though he isn’t perfect and I don’t know if the fixture and sub arguments have taken his eye off the ball as we seem to be going for hit and hope. Against Villa, Fulham, Brighton and now Newcastle it seems like he was unable to change anything be it formation or subs on earlier and it was a case of leave it as it was and hope for the best. Minamino went from having his best game for us and scoring a goal against palace to falling behind Origi on the subs bench. It took for Thiago to come on today for us to stop the long balls and start passing through the midfield but I think that was more the players recognising his quality and were giving him the ball. There again what do I know. I’m just a fan and Klopp is a world class manager. But that’s the beauty of the game everyone can have an opinion. Expecting some fans now to give me some criticism as they prefer to bury their head in the sand that. Admit when things aren’t going well. On another note if Phillips is the answer then I don’t know what that question is.

31 Dec 2020 00:04:32
Klopp has to stay as long as he can, but he seems to has lost something, bringing on Origi for two minutes and taking Bobby off was strange the Shaq for two minutes, what can he do in two mins,
apart from Fab and Ali and Robbo, the rest need a rest, so many basics not good enough .
I can't get my head around how poor we were last two games,
I think that we are in trouble .

31 Dec 2020 01:10:26
Might they be glory hunters? Now that we are winning we are bound to have some?

31 Dec 2020 02:16:06
Totally agree JK I think the biggest mistake was to leave gini out. Jones and milner in the midfield just made us totally toothless.

We have a word class front 3 but the only supply came from trent and robbo. The midfield were none existent until thiago came on. And I must say he won every aerial battle and pinged some beautiful passes around. I hope he gets and stays fit but that's jones's run in the side done. He is a good player but some of his decisions in the last few games have not been the top class that we have come to expect so I think he needs a rest and recharge his batteries.

31 Dec 2020 03:13:41
Lol SR, you couldn't make it up mate.

31 Dec 2020 04:03:42
Where on this platform are there people saying klopp out? Or is that your hyperbole response to the negativity surrounding the game. You can’t begrudge people being concerned about these results, it’s against teams that we should be putting away easily and we were winning tight games like this last season. Anyone that thought we wouldn’t drop off after 2-3 years of elite level performances are very short sighted, now we’re with the chasing pack and there isn’t much separating us in terms of performances, and personally, as long as it’s united chasing us I’ll think we will bottle it, because United seem to have the psychological edge against us, I do think united will be the cause of their own undoing but no one can say they’re confident that we will win the title, and this was to be expected at the end of last season. There’s no real excuses for games like Fulham, West Brom, Newcastle etc, blaming injuries or lack of preseason doesn’t cut it for me. We just aren’t quite with it at the moment and I don’t think we’re mentally prepared for another gruelling long season the likes of which we’ve had for the past 2-3 seasons now. This is modern football, things change quickly and this group isn’t the same as it was last season. We will see what transpires and hope I’m left with egg on my face, but I think we’re back to being an inconsistent outfit again, one that has the ability to bottle leads and drop points to anyone. I’m afraid the experience of last year will mean little in this race. I hope I’m wrong.

31 Dec 2020 07:05:10
I thought Jones was very poor last night as was nat Phillips. Jones should of been replaced much earlier in the game and tbh Gini should of started the game. We have to sign a CB otherwise it will cost us. The forwards are knackered. All in all a very poor performance. I think thiago will be immense and am glad he's back now.



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