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07 Mar 2021 15:51:48
At least it’s only a game of football!

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07 Mar 2021 16:10:46
Worrying times Tris. Clearly something wrong behind the scenes, we can give excuses all day for not winning games, that’s fine. But there’s no excuse for not dying for the Shirt.
That badge should mean more than effortless lazy performances, certainly does to me anyway.

07 Mar 2021 16:15:41
How to delete account? Football is my only escape and i can't cope now.
Probably will switch telly on now in August again. Been Good times On here.
Byee now. Cya in August if all is well.

07 Mar 2021 16:16:26
Unfortunately we have the burden of losing our centre backs but I still have no grasp on how this has affected us going forward since the Wba game.

Goals at Anfield in 2021:

Manchester City: 4
Everton: 2
Liverpool, Burnley, Brighton, Chelsea, Fulham: 1.

07 Mar 2021 16:17:59
Even with our injuries we had enough quality to beat many of the sides we've lost too.

07 Mar 2021 16:19:27
Honestly people always cry about ginis contract, I’ve genuinely not seen anything to warrant one.

07 Mar 2021 16:19:27
Honestly people always cry about ginis contract, I’ve genuinely not seen anything to warrant one.

07 Mar 2021 16:22:27
Totally agree, something wrong in the camp.

07 Mar 2021 16:39:08
Thank the lord people are accepting there is a deeper problem at the club because the eyes don't lie no one looks happy or motivated .

07 Mar 2021 17:16:16
I had to walk away and get some perspective before posting this. We will be back to full strength next year, quite possibly without European football which gives us the opportunity to stay fresher. Even if Salah left, we would then have the money to get another top rated winger (please not Traore) . More than likely fans will be back in the stands and the club will be playing with a chip on their shoulder with something to prove. As bad as this year is, the past two seasons were wonderful to be a part of and I believe next season we will be back to that level of performance. Very discouraging right now for sure, but we'll be just fine in my opinion.

07 Mar 2021 17:16:44
I think it's pretty simple when you look back at it, the loss of the CB's and moving Fabinho and then Hendo deeper to help cover things changed the structure of our midfield, impacted the balance of our side and ultimately led to goals drying up. As this has continued, the confidence has been shattered, and adding to that the loss of the crowd, the impact of other injuries like Hendo and Jota, C.V. and then the tragedy around Klopp and Alisson's losses, it's just been a nightmare of a season.

This players haven't gotten rubbish overnight, or suddenly stopped trying, so we all just need to chill, but it highlights just how critical the balance and teamwork were to our extraordinary last two seasons over any one individual. All those complaining about the lack of goals from midfield really do look pretty silly now.

If I were to criticise one thing about the recent weeks it's that Klopp hasn't really tried to change anything (apart from today when he changed too much. No 4-2-3-1 and 4 forwards in attack, no playing Minamino when he was still around and looked on decent form, no Salah or Mane upfront (again until tonight), or anything really apart from banging away with the 4-3-3 and struggling to break down teams. On the other hand, who's to say anything would have worked.

I guess we have not choice but to give everything to the CL now, but I'm sure we'll be back next season once VVD and Joe are back.

07 Mar 2021 17:22:49
Ok we lost our centre backs and conceeding goals. However, people fothet we have not lost our forwards and if they had managed to score at least 1 goal, instead od losing so many of those matches by 1 goal, a draw would have earned us 1 point for each of those games.
So why not question the forwards?

07 Mar 2021 17:38:52
that's true kit, but the whole squad is lacking confidence. one of the reasons is all of the injuries to the back line. You can tell from the entire squad if/ when we concede it's over. it isn't lack of effort, it's lack of confidence. they just aren't taking the chances up front that they normally would. Also, Gini has been abysmal. he doesn't help the front line at all. I'd keep him on the bench and play Curtis Jones ahead of him for sure. Jones is gaining invaluable experience this season and to me is a natural replacement for Gini and eventually Henderson. Hopefully not for a while on Henderson though.

07 Mar 2021 17:47:19
Remember last year Citeh lost their CBs and look at the impact it had on their season (with the size of squad they have as well) . us not scoring is as a result of the team balance, the press is not as effective because our 2 best midfielders have been injured or helping out in defence and it’s what makes a Klopp team work.

07 Mar 2021 18:12:56
SGRed's nailed it imo.

07 Mar 2021 18:45:58
Stone, I don’t think selling Salah would generate the kind of money needed to replace him like for like, how many top class 20+ goal a season wide players can you name who are playing at a high level that are in FSG’s price range? As I can’t think of one.

07 Mar 2021 18:55:49
I think we should bring in Traore. Yes he doesn’t score or assist. So he’d actually be a like for like replacement for Bobby or Mane. Before anyone gets upset it’s a joke.

07 Mar 2021 20:51:49
SGRed, which CBs did City lose? They lost Laporte for half a season and that was it. Pep still had Stones, Otamendi, García and Fernandinho as cover. It was Pep who chose not to play them and that cost him. Pls, do not equate what happened to City with our situation cos if that was the case, City would have won the title by 30 points.

07 Mar 2021 20:52:47
Sorry, SGRed. That response was for MolbyDick, not you.

08 Mar 2021 04:07:43
No problem Oli.

I’ve always had the sense that it was the relentlessness of our team in the last 2 seasons that won us so much. If you can picture it, how many times did sides try to break out only for Fabinho and Hendo to mop up in midfield or VVD in defence and put us straight back onto the attack? It meant our FBs could practically play as wingers to create the width, and then we simply bartered teams into submission with wave after wave of attack.

Nowadays, teams are getting out of defence much easier and thinking there’s even a decent shot at a goal or two, changing the dynamic of their play completely. Also the balance of our side has to shift with more caution from our FBs.

It also brings home the fact that while we have had prolific scorers, I’ve never felt Salah or Mane are particularly clinical in the way a Kane or Aguero can be. they are brilliant forwards but rely on chances, and many of them. You take away the relentlessness of the pressure, and suddenly the frequency and quality of those chances don’t come along quite so often, impacting goals and confidence.

That’s why I’m so surprised we haven’t seen a shift in system to compensate. Put another forward in attack and a double pivot to replace the loss of our CDM (or better yet now that he’s fit, play Fabinho and Thiago together! ) and get back to playing some heavy metal!

08 Mar 2021 04:57:07
Losing these games high lights to the owners, the management and us supporters that our back up is just not good enough the two Williams boys are not to the high standards of LFC first team players i am sorry to say C/ H Williams looks short on confidence and short on pace
R/ B Williams decision making is lacking and his defending is so very poor and has not got better.

Gini has to many touches and is then forced into fighting to keep the ball players have made the run only not to receive the pass or it to late and off side though which has not helped Thiago.

Philips is a throw back to a 1960s center half less brains lots of brawn give his all but just not up to what is needed.

Shaqui is to light weight gets caught on the ball falls over expecting a free kick not good enough i am affraid .

Nabby showed in glimpses his talent but glimpses is not good enough he needs to step up and stay injury free.

|Robbo no were near his best but who is when you cross the ball three times and the opposition have three 6ft plus center halves who have one every header is it wise to carry on lumping it in to the air for them to clear.

Milly love him to bits but his time as a starter has come to an end now every thing seems to be a struggle last ditch tackles give away free kicks legs not there .

Mane wow how good has this man been for us but he looks dead on his feet it has caught up on him needs a long rest but we can not afford to be with out him at the moment.

MO is MO he needs a free roll not chasing back to cover the full back because they can not defend.

Klopp can't really moan the last three years he has given us but what is happening he needs to sit and have a long look at not what
we are doing well but what we are doing wrong like crossing balls in to penalty area when we have little chance of winning the header. coaching young boys in how to defend before they can attack teams have sussed out their week link like today just put the ball behind them because they are pushing to far forward. every team we play against now have ten men behind the ball on the edge of their penalty area and we are trying to pass ball through them very rarely shoot from outside the box I am afraid our tactics have been sussed out no plan B to be honest i could do what Klopp is doing at the moment . We have seasoned pros that need games we are still in champions league play them give them game time and give us a chance to go further in this competition.

FSG yes you have broke transfer records but now you can see what we have in reserve a large transfer kitty is needed for next season this is what can return us to were we belong .

I am devastated with how our season has gone and how poor we have become yes we had injuries to major players but the people left to carry the batten have not took it on wearing the red shirt of LFC should be more than any other incentive needed . Maybe this humbling will learn us a lesson in being less smug about other clubs YNWA.



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