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10 Apr 2021 20:30:02
Ed001 how much do you think it has been Klopp's team selection as much as injuries this season. Again today the challenge by gini just before there goal was awful, I don't blame him I don't think to many players in his position are going to give 100% because an injury like Virgil for Gini and he will have nowhere to go people can say he is still under contract and should give his all but it would be at the back of everybody mind and he did want to stay but they could not agree with the contract. It does go to show Ed how much Emre Can gave in his last year of his contract. I hope the club never leave them selfs in this position with a first team player again.

{Ed001's Note - it is no excuse, Gini should have done more. He should be trying to show how good he is to clubs who might be interested in signing him.}

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10 Apr 2021 21:08:21
Klopps team selections have been questionable all season and he definitely needs to shoulder some of the blame for the position that we’re in, but I love the bloke! It’s been a funny season, one I haven’t enjoyed. Hopefully next season will be different.

10 Apr 2021 21:05:34
I can’t think of 2 many players that have though Ed Spurs had the same with Ericsson last season. I do think it is poor planning by clubs letting players get into that position.

{Ed001's Note - Eriksen had been poor for years, basically his whole career he had not exactly tried off the ball and certainly didn't go in for the physical stuff, so it was nothing to do with his contract.}

10 Apr 2021 21:53:16
Thiago turns 30 tomorrow, given a 4 years contract and on top dollar I think?
That was one bizarre decision.

10 Apr 2021 22:13:24
If Wijnaldum has only been offered a one or two years contract on less money than Thiago, after playing most of the games over the past few seasons, it would be enough to make anyone racked off.
If we add Elliott to the squad, that’s another piano player.
I’m honestly starting to get nervous now, are we trying to metamorphose into Arsenal circa 2011?

10 Apr 2021 22:14:34
You only have to look at Kroos and Modric ruining us last Tuesday to know that players like Thiago are not finished at 30 years old. They age like a fine wine. Alonso at 32-34 played the best football of his career.

10 Apr 2021 23:33:48
I’m pretty sure the club are going to be trying to tie Salah, Vvd and Hendo to new top dollar contracts soon and they will all be around the 29/ 30 mark. Plus Milner is our oldest and rumoured 6th highest paid player.

10 Apr 2021 23:37:10
Thiago will be able to play well into his 30s.

11 Apr 2021 07:33:41
I’m a bit bored of people writing players off at 30.

Players who take great care of themselves can maintain top levels until at least 32 and up to 34.

I think it’s pretty poor that after 4 fantastic years from Sadio, one poor one during C.V. and no rest, most are ready to flog him and are saying he’s finished.

Rafa thought that Xabi should go after one poor year and we all remember how that turned out.

I could understand if the club decided to cash in on him if a decent offer comes in, but I do think he’s getting a serious lack of respect on these pages at the moment.

Had he still had a good season, but he decided it was time to move - you’d all be calling him a Judas and saying you only want players at the club who want to be here.

Double standards at its finest as usual.

11 Apr 2021 08:06:43
Shaq, haven’t you heard? VVD turns 30 this year so it is time to bin him as well.

11 Apr 2021 08:29:48
OP regarding Gini, I fully agree that he was poor and seemingly pulled out of the challenge on the Villa goal. Now if any player is acting the way you suggest Gini could be acting then, that is a poor mentality and said player should b benched or ask no to be picked, IMO. Gini is a pro and it is his job to get ready to play whenever called upon.

I also fully agree with you regarding Emre Can. I don’t think he got or gets the credit for all he did for us in his final years at the club. In the 16/ 17 season when we were in full battle for top 4 vs Arsenal, Emre Can played the final 7 games with a calf injury and helped us to top 4 with the goal of the season at Watford.

In the derby, he was almost sent to hospital due to dreadful challenges from Barkley and Ashley Williams at Anfield yet finished the game. In his final season in 17/ 18, Can played the City game (4-3) with a high fever and played lights out. Joined Juve afterwards. Still love him as a player.

11 Apr 2021 09:23:52
I agree on Can having a good mentality and putting the team first but he just wasn’t good enough.

11 Apr 2021 10:54:35
Wijnaldum was the only player to blame for Villa’s goal yesterday because of his half hearted tackle. He was the only player to blame if we ignore the fact Milner played a poor ball to Bobby. Then Bobby made the first half hearted tackle. The it was Wiji’s turn. Kabak and Phillips then allowed Watkins through the middle and didn’t close him down quick enough and then Allison let the shot go through him when 9 times out of 10 he would or should have saved it. But other than that Wiji was at fault. You only have to look at who Milner moaned at as soon as the ball went in and it wasn’t Wiji.

11 Apr 2021 12:18:56
JK23, this is not the first time Gini has literally stopped running when a player wins the ball right in front of him. Oh and on Bobbie, Konsa got there quicker than him so that is just good defending. I know Bobbie can do nothing right in your eyes anymore BUT you cannot ask him to track back 20 yards do Gini’s job for him. Oh, you just did.

And even if Bobbie does not get to the ball or loses it, isn't it the person closest to the opposition player’s job to body him and put him under pressure or again, should Bobbie track back 20 yards to do that as well?

IMO, I blame Gini cos he was the closest to Douglas Luis when he won the ball. He then puts in a weak challenge and literally stopped chasing him as Luis laid it on to MacGinn. Gini was not arsed enuff to track back and body-check Luis to put him off. He literally started walking BUT I see how hard you worked to rope Bobbie into it tho. Ain’t buying it, bro.



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