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01 May 2021 20:19:05
Really really deflated over this season. Not defending the title is one thing but being 8 points off top four with just a few games left in unforgivable regardless of injuries. Conceeding four goals a game has not been the issue, its the appualing waste up front, some unbelievable numbers like 4 goals from 170 chances in a matter of a dozen games or something . That is what has cost the team and I honestly do not see next season getting any better.

No CL football will badly hurt the club and not just financially. Thursday trips to Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia etc before Sunday lunch time games will hinder next seasons push. Vvd and Goamez may be back but it will take months before they are fully up to speed . The club is in serious debt, we have a whole host of players Keita, Origi, Matip, Adrian, Shaqiri, Ox, Tsimkas, Milner, Gini to name but a few who want to leave or need to be sold but who can they be replaced with? I cannot see big money coming for any of those we want to sell, which means to do a mini rebuild the club will need to sell as many of those as they can plus Mane or Salah or Bobby. That is a major concern .

Then there is the fact the players look devoid of any energy or confidence. With the Euros in the summer these guys won't get a propper rest and be knackered before a ball is kicked next season. How Klopp gets them full of running again is the big problem. The crowds being back next season will of course help.

Then there's the issue with City. After UEFA inexplicably tried to get them under FFP with a half arsed nonsensical nonexistent case and failed miserably they will spend spend spend again this summer with four or five more 50 million pound players to come in no doubt and Pep will say " but Liverpools most expensive or United most expensive play was less than ours so what's the issue". They will get stronger and turn the leauge a fight for 2nd. Liverpool simply cannot compete with that . Even with a team full of running, full stadiums a fully fit squad and confidence oozing out City were hard to beat. I fear next season we will again be no where near, Chelsea look really strong and for me will be the biggest rivals and for all the crap OGS took mainly off his own fans, he has built a team there that can defend and win 1-0 or attack amd win by 3 or 4. They will be above Liverpool next season. I fear tomorrow will be a resounding defeat . And emphases the issues we have had for a year or more.

I am praying for a minor miracle in the summer that's is VvD and Gomez hit the ground running, have no set backs with their injuries and are back in the swing of things very very quickly . We sell all the players that bring nothing to the team and get decent money for them. We keep our top players amd they rediscover that form. The team gets energised and we play like we did a few years ago and the new additions are of real quality and substance. Unless all of that happens it will be another season of mediocre football and results and no trophies, especially as Klopp will not entertain attempting to play a strong team in the cups. I am affraid this may be the case for some years to come whilst the club is constantly trying to balance the books and other teams can spend 100s of millions ever other summer to stretch further away. It is a shame as Klopp took players with real talent and ability but never really showed it until he turned them in to that team. But it looks like the juice has ran out the batteries. The big money has won and will keep winning until the next batch are ready in two or three years .

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01 May 2021 20:45:28
Cheer up.

01 May 2021 21:07:45
Kim I can understand your fears but the one thing you’ve left out is we have Klopp. We are believers.

01 May 2021 21:50:29
I get that Ace and to be honest if it was anyone but him I would not even think we had a ounce of a chance . What concerns me is it took him three years to mould this team in to how he wanted it, with a number of players needing or wanting to leave and some of the big name players really looking like they have nothing left to give the club, if it takes even half that to get the new batch to where he wants them we could be so far behind its unrecoverable . The only glimmer I can see is Southgate being a fool and not taking Trent to the Euros, VvD and Gomez not going and Hendo not being fit to go either so we could get those four fit for the start of the next campaign. I just hope Mane, Bobby and Mo are all OK over the summer and if they stay are energised and ready to go.

01 May 2021 22:15:14
Not bringing in defensive reinforcements until the end of January has to be one of the silliest decisions we’ve made and only compounded the error of not bringing another central defender in the summer. Not spending then has probably contributed to no champions league football and the complete drop off in income we will suffer and that is going to be a massive hit.

01 May 2021 22:17:12
Football is a funny thing. Last season I’m willing to bet City fans were all doom and gloom, then they added Ruben Dias and suddenly they are dominating for a decade. A couple of clever signings this summer and our long term injured players coming back and next season will look very different.

01 May 2021 22:20:42
Whatever Klopp has to do, he won't be starting from scratch, so in theory it shouldn't take 3 years to get the team firing again.
We have still the basis of an incredible team, Becker Vvd, Gomez, Taa, Robertson, Hendo, Fabinho and Salah. Maybe there are a few question marks over the likes of Mane and Bobby, and definitely question marks of our backup players. There is more than enough still for the basis of a great team, it just comes down to buying the right players. I guess Klopp will again focus on a core 16/ 17 players because like it or not we will never have the finances to have a bench like City had the other night.
Let's hope we get the right players in and plenty shipped out this Summer 🙏🙏.

01 May 2021 22:53:14
Such whining in the original post. Unnatural.

01 May 2021 23:30:24
Rebuild will take 2/ 3 seasons I think. Like 6times said, the wait in January killed us and sealed our fate for the next 18 months. But Klopp will get us back up there in a few years no problem. Try win FA cup next season and get top 4.

01 May 2021 23:32:58
Kim would you like to come out with me and the other lad's? Sounds like you could do with a good night out🍻😁.

01 May 2021 23:35:14
Took 3 years building from scratch. We're not starting from scratch.

02 May 2021 01:38:34
What sort of example is klopp setting if he does not give the kids a go for a few weeks? Williams was great v spurs Can’t judge players on one game tho. But you can go out and spend 50+ million on a player who takes months to gel if at all as some don’t. It’s easy sitting here judging but if klopp is given funds in time for beginning of window who’s to say any transfer will work out? As I said it’s easy playing manager from your couch.

02 May 2021 01:40:19
Difference is Thunderbird, City have a bottomless pit of money, we don’t. So, yes, they’re going to dominate because of the cash, the premier league will be a farmers league in a few years. As they’re going to throw another quarter of a billion pounds around again this summer and every summer afterwards.

We’re unlikely to sign anyone of any quality this summer unless we sell and make money, which is equally unlikely as the money from sales is more likely to be used to cover debt and as there’ll be no champions league football the owners will have no choice to do so. We’re f*cked.

02 May 2021 07:20:42
Oh mane mane, every reply you make is a disrespectful and pointless one. Why not join the debate instead of slating people all the time. It is becoming tiresome.

02 May 2021 09:05:39
I agree with most posters, it’s all about the signings. Get 2 top players in and we will have a good season. This team can still get 95points next season.

02 May 2021 09:17:25
Kim, i agree with some points and disagree with others. But there is only one point i want more elaboration on. Why is Milner in the same list as Matip and Keita? The guy is a bonafide Liverpool legend now. He's given us everything for 6 years of his life and is the best vice captain in world football.

02 May 2021 11:37:45
Barry, I would love to! It seems an eternity since I have a good night out . MK I only added Milner as he is 37 this year I think and is out of contract in the summer is he not? I heard he wanted a season ot two at Leeds to finish his career and he may not get another contract from Liverpool, nothing against the way he has played or has been at the club, he was the best free transfer ever without doubt .

{Ed001's Note - he signed a 2-year contract last year, so has another season left after this one.} Become a Patron!

02 May 2021 11:51:43
Jesus christ. depressing the life outa me on a Sunday morning. Remove all sharp objects and shoe-laces from that man.



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