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02 May 2021 23:30:44
It will be interesting to find out when we are going to play this again as Man U have got a midweek game every week until the seasons finished apparently.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d play it behind closed doors and no crowd

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03 May 2021 01:05:36
I hope the fans get as many games called off between now and the end of the season as is possible. It’s the only way they’ll take notice. It’s a given that violence is never welcome at a protest but it must also be recognised that 99.9% of the people present today didn’t hurt anybody and protested accordingly. Idiots and hangers on do not represent us, our fanbase know this better than anybody. The media won’t frame it that way because it suits their agenda to be on the side of the moguls that ruined the game in the first place. If pitch invasions and obstruction of games is what it takes, then so be it. It’s our sport, not theirs, and its about time they needed reminding of that. The fans should decide when they play.

Well done to the vast majority of united fans, you represented your club and the whole of english football proud today. I hope it isn’t too long before our own fans begin to take action in a similar fashion. I don’t want another game played until every single powerful body sits up and takes notice. This is so much bigger than the Big Six and the European Super League. FIFA, UEFA, the government, Sky, the Premier League, the gradual destruction of our game is all on you.

Time to be held accountable. Time for you to listen.

{Ed0666's Note - Have you given up you’re Sky subscription yet Anonymous?

03 May 2021 02:23:46
I assume that Anonymous Woolback will be one the streets on Liverpool protesting before the next home game.

03 May 2021 08:55:40
Woolback, I totally disagree yet again a policeman got injured for doing his job, a job where they have no power but are expected to go to work and its ok if they get injured, same as all protests its the police force who lose out, one of the policeman got his face slashed by mindless thugs. It was wrong, also why should the players have to stay in there hotels because of fears of safety, it was bang out of order.

03 May 2021 09:31:11
99.9%? Nonsense. Have a look at the pictures. Their was over 200 people broke into the bloody stadium fir a start. Vandalism, violence, breaking and entering, trespassing, assault, littering etc. It was an embarrassment to the sport. Gary Neville trying to coax the Liverpool fans into doing the same to push FSG out is absolutely shocking. Why on earth Sky haven't cut him from air yet is beyond me. I guess it's getting good viewing figures so they don't care about the violence he's inciting with his inflammatory words.

People die when the emergency services get their time wasted. Also, I've lived with a Police officer. They come home at 3am after an 18 hour shift covered in cuts and bruises, crying because they've had to plug a stab wound waiting for paramedics. Then when they calm down you know what they do? Get their bloody laptop out and have to write a report about all the thugs they had to deal with.

You act this is all an elaborate joke AW, that merely puts pressure on the owners, but it's not. This damages peoples lives. The Glazer's are somewhat Martyrs now, with a free pass to the moral high ground. It's done nothing to them. It'll hurt the Man Utd players and managers, and it'll hurt the emergency services who will still be dealing with the fallout of this in weeks if not months. It's not a nice reality. What you see on TV doesn't begin to convey the fear and trauma Police officers are put through when people like this riot. Anybody who supports what happened yesterday is trash in my eyes because i've seen first hand the damage it does to real peoples lives.

Completely and utterly ashamed of the way football fans behave sometimes. Because let's not pretend this is exclusive to Man United fans. Good people need to condemn this so it never happens again. And i pray that nobody was a victim of a delayed Emergency Services response yesterday due to the disruption caused for Police and Paramedics.

03 May 2021 09:46:04
Looks as though 15th/ 16th May is the only available slot to play the game.
If they disrupt any more fixtures it will have a detrimental effect on the Europa League Final on 26th as they already have to play 6 x games in 20 days.

03 May 2021 09:47:53
Listening to radio coverage of yesterday’s protest a number of commentators and pundits kept repeating protest should be done ‘the right way’ or ‘the correct way’ but never saying what the right or correct ways are. I think the argument boiled down to the rights and wrongs of Direct Action and the money in the game. The right to protest is enshrined in law and is a fundamental of our democracy yet it is being constantly eroded. The BLM protest that removed the Coloston statue reverberated around the world, the Extinction Rebellion protests have put the environment at the top of the political agenda. The rights and wrongs of yesterday’s protests are up for debate but by postponing the match the protesters have achieved worldwide headlines and we are talking about the elephant in the room which is the amount of money in the game, is it the lifeblood of the game or is it killing the game.
The paradox or hypocrisy is that many of the same protesters also want their club to win trophies and to attract superstar players, but those superstars will only play for their club if they are paid superstar wages and to pay superstar wages the clubs need broadcast money, high ticket prices, high replica kit prices, high burger prices ‘etc. ’
So although I strongly agree with peaceful protest I think, especially in the case of football (hardly important compared to racism or the environment), that willingly got into bed with Mammon, that the only form of protest that might achieve reaction is for the protesters to boycott their club, don’t buy season tickets, Sky subscriptions, replica kits for their kids or to change allegiance and to support FC Utd.

03 May 2021 09:56:23
I remember the days when the Mrs went shopping and I met me mates down the pub. A couple of pints in the Arkles then que outside the Kop for a 3 o'clock kick off, have a piss against the wall and watch the Reds. Ffin loved them times but that was taken away from me, by Sky, sending me down to Norwich on a Sunday morning for 1 o'clock kick off or to spurs for a Friday evening Kick off, not caring if you got home before 2 am. Times have changed, but don't be sucked in by Neville and Carragher, they work for Sky and if the big six did leave, not that I want them to it would hit Sky big time . Sky don't care about fans.

03 May 2021 10:11:19
Woolpack. totally disagree with everything you say. This was a violent and mindless act where a policeman's face was slashed with a bottle and mindless thugs caused loads of damage. Unfortunately they do represent the United fan base and I'd be embarrassed if we did the same. A disgrace on every level.

{Ed014's Note - me too, 100% agree with you. There’s no place for that kind of protest at any level.

03 May 2021 10:19:07
Barakdee, you are completely right. It's amazing how much more football fans seem to care about the league their teams play in, than they care about racism in the sport. Either way, peaceful protest is the only right way. Ed001 said it weeks ago. Hit them in the pocket. If you actually care, stop buying tickets, stop buying merchandise, and stop paying for Sky/ BT. If Man United get deducted points for this, the Glazer's won't care. The club is so commercially successful, they even don't need it to be in the Champions League. They'll pop round again next year for their dividends, and go hide in America again. Yesterday achieved nothing.

03 May 2021 10:41:12
1) I have never had a Sky Sports subscription myself, i either opt to use a private stream, go the pub, go to a friend/ family members house or go the match. Me and my Dad have often remarked at the hypocrisy surrounding disgruntled fans who complain of ticket prices, subscription prices and the S*n but continued for years to put money into Murdoch’s pocket. It is a large part of the reason we have never had a subscription.

2) Yes, i have maintained since the day the Super League was announced that if there is a protest, I will be there. I myself am not a fan group however and i am more or less waiting for something to be organised. I’m not sure why some people seem to be poking fun at this as if what is going on is some kind of joke.

3) Well Adam, given there was an estimated 10,000 people in total at the protest and 200 people made it inside the stadium, 200 as a percentage of 10,000 gives you 2%, so allow me to correct myself. It was 98% of people who behaved appropriately, not 99.9%.

4) As for the argument of empathising with the emergency services, i understand the inconvenience but unfortunately that is what protesting is, an inconvenience. If it isn’t inconvenient, nobody gets heard. What you’re saying is nobody should ever protest, as all protests will inevitably lead to resources being diverted from more important things (which i should remind you, football matches and nightlife do as well) . You’re also saying that nobody should ever protest in case you get idiot hangers on who take it too far, which invariably almost always happens, but should not be used to tarnish everyone else or the cause they are fighting for. So the answer in your book is to never protest in case anything goes wrong in any capacity, and we should all stay quiet and do as we’re told. I have literally just said i do not condone violence at protests so don’t you dare try and frame what i am saying as that and call me ‘trash’, the other 98% of those United fans who behaved correctly do not deserved to be lumped in with those individuals, just as much as we do not deserve to be lumped in with those convicted at Heysel or the idiot who threw the Kopparberg at the City bus. Stop virtue signalling for the emergency services when their extensive resources prop up the very sport you take for granted.

03 May 2021 11:09:59
My grandad was a police officer in Liverpool for years and ended up losing his eye when someone sharpened a beer bottle and shoved it in his face after he'd thrown them out the pub, so no, it's not clever.

03 May 2021 11:20:34
MK Scouser

It's too late for English fans to stop this. There are many many more supporters in the rest of the world who will pay for the ability to watch the big teams in the EPL and Europe. This is where the money is and the owners know it. They realise that the potential value of the clubs are in the region of 10 to 15 billion pounds, not the approx 3 billion that they are worth at the moment. When the value of the clubs reach around £10 billion, they will look to sell.

03 May 2021 13:12:19
Unless those protesting come out and make it absolutely clear those involved in all criminal acts have nothing to do with you it damages the whole message you are trying to put across. It is absolutely critical to maintain being on the right side.

Take this from the Manchester United supporters trust today:

“For the vast majority of the thousands of attendees at the protest they made their voice heard peacefully and respectfully. We support the right of fans to protest lawfully and, although we did not personally witness any such acts, of course we do not condone any acts of violence. ”

This doesn’t help. It’s an absolute cop out. Same as Neville and Carra yesterday.

Bordering on being apologist for yesterdays behaviour damages your message.

Most of what has come out of those who back those protests is yes people have gone too far and that’s wrong but they wouldn’t have had to do it if not for. that’s just the wrong attitude.

Hang those idiots out to dry and make it clear they and others who believe in such actions aren’t true fans nor are they welcome at any future protests.

The super league fiasco gave fans massive public and governmental support. If Things like this keep happening then that public support will die away. When that happens fans are finished.

03 May 2021 14:12:47
Where did this enormously inflated figured of 10,000 that AW quotes come from. Greater Manchester Police reported that around 1,000 people gathered at Old Trafford and around 200 at The Lowry Hotel, where the team were staying. So while it was a minority involved in the pitch and stadium offices trespass and the violence towards the police it was a significant minority.

Football fans have a long history of protests against their clubs' owners. I remember much worse scenes when United fans protested against The Edwards family ownership when they were relegated under Tommy Docherty. There are other models of ownership and in 2005 a group of their fans established FC United but despite having a recently built £6m stadium average attendances are less than 2,000. It appears that like most other fans these protestors want the "Big Time Charlie" club without the business and ownership models that accompany the necessary investment. While it is true that German clubs are run on a different model we cannot go back to year zero without somehow buying out the existing owners. Fans' collectives won't achieve it. Perhaps the protestors should have carried collecting buckets rather than bottles yesterday.

03 May 2021 15:08:37
Woolpack. however you try and justify it, its still not acceptable and never will be. In my opinion it just reflects badly on you and highlights a weak part of your morals and ethics. It's a game of football, nothing more and if you think violence is the answer and that is what you allude to then you are wrong. Please don't try and backtrack because your initial sentiments condone violence. Stupidity of the highest order.

03 May 2021 15:33:40
You know what the level of violence should be at any protest - zero. Its the only acceptable number.

People can say "oh it's just a small number" but ghandi and countless others for hundreds of years have enacted change with non violent peaceful protest.

The acceptable number is zero.



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