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17 May 2021 16:38:49
I remember a game against West Brom when Klopp was ridiculed for ‘celebrating’ a draw when as usual the media missed the point. That was the start of Klopp getting the fans involved in the success and failures of the team as the 12th man. It was a genius move and we’ve all been on board in this incredible journey he’s taken us on up until the last 5 months when I’ll admit I’ve lost passion for the game that’s normally the highlight of every week.
How apt it is that it’s another game against West Brom and hopefully the last ever game without fans that’s rekindled that passion in me. I can honestly say that’s the first time since lockdown began in March last year that I have run around the house like a mad person! It was once a regular occurance!
Whatever happens we have to keep that passion it’s what makes this club what it is and is why our players have suffered more than most without us there.
I now can’t wait for Wednesday and the next game! It’s so good to be back!

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17 May 2021 17:18:12
I remember reading a quote from one of 60s players.
Reuben Bennett had said to them at training that they should be all down on their hands and knees thanking Bill Shankly for what he was doing back then.
I think that they got the message then and, to me, it’s the parallel now.
Everyone should thank Klopp for what he’s done and is doing.
It’s been a tough season and we’ve all moaned about this and that at times but we’re blessed to have Klopp, his team and the players representing LFC.
A very emotional end to the day yesterday but it looked to me that the unit is solid.

17 May 2021 17:41:22
How can you lose “passion” is it because we haven’t been playing the way we have for the last couple of years? If it is mate that’s called glory hunting.

17 May 2021 18:18:15
Hear, hear.

17 May 2021 19:05:37
Scouse John I’ve supported Liverpool for 40 years through good times and bad as did my dad and grandad before me. I’m about as far away from a glory hunter as you could possibly get. i've just found it hard to get excited without that adrenaline rush of 50,000 fans all cheering towards a common goal. Imagine how difficult it’s been for players in those echoey stadiums.
It doesn’t matter what you say these days somebody always wants to have a pop don’t they?

17 May 2021 19:57:45
Yeah scouse John. give it a rest mate. Becker just saying he's found it hard to get passionate about the game without fans not that he doesn't support Liverpool any longer. Plus a global C.V. hasn't made it easy. People like u who jump on the bandwagon really annoy me. Probably the same sort of person that says only scouse people are allowed in anfield.

17 May 2021 19:58:27
I am with you Becker’s life has changed, football has changed. My son lost interest in the football and he was mad keen before. There is no way anyone can tell me that Real Madrid at Anfield in an empty stadium got them as fired up as if it was a rocking full house. It’s nothing to do with glory hunting, some of our matches this season have been just plain boring.

17 May 2021 20:01:31
No fans, VAR, horrendous misfortune and just the general grimness of the times we are currently living in has meant that a lot of people have felt the need to take a step back from the game, for their personal and mental wellbeing.

I really don’t think there’s any need for us to slap our equipment on the table and see who’s the biggest Liverpool superfan. Have a bit of empathy.

17 May 2021 20:17:04
One of the best posts I've ever seen on here wool dude.
Absolutely spot on.
And anyway, mine would be bigger.

17 May 2021 20:22:48
Sorry lads I really didn’t expect that post to go that way I was just saying it was funny how Klopp was getting us all on board in a game against West Brom and then Ali has reinvigorated us with a glorious (and I mean glorious) header against West Brom!
Onwards and upwards, football is looking better with fans allowed back in stadiums, life is looking better now lockdown is easing let’s hope we can all start to move forward and enjoying life to the full again.

17 May 2021 20:23:18
I whole heartedly agree with Beckers Pecker. Never I my 45 years of supporting LFC have I been so uninterested in a lot of games this season. The games are now on in the background for me while I do other things, music, work, whatever. I didn't see the goals in the WBA game and relied on my son for updates and him shouting occasionally at the TV.
Luckily for me tho I did watch the last 20 or so minutes, so I had the opportunity to watch what unfolded in the 94th minute.
My 21 year old having an outer body experience, me a little more reserved. Its was awesome and it couldn't have happened to a better player.
I hope tho that this is a one off season for me and I find my "passion" again next season, who knows? Its been a weird season and I admit I will be happy when its over.

17 May 2021 21:26:39
Some lads are just dicks who over analyse everything just to have a pop.

17 May 2021 21:54:40
Me too BP, lol
I felt as if Alisson’s goal, the celebration, and his interview that followed was just a reminder of what we have, even if things have been tough.
An opportunity to reflect and reset if necessary.

17 May 2021 22:25:13
Marty mcfly I ain’t jumping on nothing lad. I annoy ya sound got nothing against none scousers supporting an attending games. You sound like you been told off for attending anfield 🤷‍♀️Don’t pretend like ya know me. An Port red i ain’t no dick fella if it was me your post was aimed at.

17 May 2021 23:18:31
I agree. And I would even say the players have been playing at 65% effort too. You can’t just pretend it’s not affected the game. I’m not as bothered as normal, feels
Like a fake season.

17 May 2021 23:53:12
Yep weird season made even worse by a bunch of meth heads at Stockley Park who in my opinion took it in turns along with the refs to grab they're 15 minutes of fame, it all started for me with Virgil being assaulted by a certain person and it not being treated as such by him being dismissed, after that it steadily got worse how about you guys when did this irksome season start making you hallucinate?

{Ed0666's Note - you’re insulting meth heads by comparing with the idiots at stockley park

18 May 2021 06:52:19
Scouse John. your post to Becker was out of order and came across a bit dickish. Maybe an apology would work.

18 May 2021 10:34:39
OP, I fully agree with you. I have always been thankful for what this team and manager have done for us through out his and their tenure here regardless of the crap season we have had and esp. what has gone on off it for some players and the manager himself. Let us just be thankful for all we have with this team and in life in general cos in the end, that is all that matters.



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