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10 Jun 2021 16:03:38
Gini going to be missed wish him nothing but a great future with psg YNWA LEGEND😪.

{Ed025's Note - johnny average for me mate..

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10 Jun 2021 17:31:04
Fair play to Gini but he was a very lucky boy that Klopp took him on. He played with some top players who made him the player he was. Seems a good guy and was always available but his passing was basic at best.

{Ed025's Note - im with you mark..

10 Jun 2021 17:46:19
I guess Gini must be average. If there was ever an expert group on being average it would be an Everton fan 😉😀.

{Ed025's Note - i cant argue with that IR, our midfield is bang average...but still gini wouldn,t get in it mate..

10 Jun 2021 18:43:51
He was good. at times. He now has a massive pay check.
He will be 31 in November.

I do not understand why Grujic is not liked. Please enlighten me.

10 Jun 2021 18:45:28
Ask Gini to show you his medal collection. It’s pretty good for an average player.

Klopp picked Gini time and again. Are we saying Klopp got it wrong?

We should all show a little more respect and humility sometimes when talking about our players.

Ed025 gets a pass as he is from the wrong side of the tracks.

{Ed001's Note - last season Klopp had no choice but to pick him, he was the only fit midfielder.}

10 Jun 2021 18:52:37
He also played 90% of the other seasons.

10 Jun 2021 19:03:50
I know Gini had his limitations and I think Ed001 felt that he went missing in too many games but when the dust settles we will be able to say that Gini was a regular member of one of the greatest Liverpool sides ever… and given the sides we have had under Shanks Paisley and Kenny that is pretty impressive.

All the best Gini and hope we get to meet and beat you in Champions League next season.

10 Jun 2021 19:10:18
I love it how people think Klopp is immune to bad decisions. The whole point of these types of sites is to talk about tactics and transfers. If professional managers and Directors of Football can't be challenged or questioned, what are we doing here?

Klopp's the best manager Liverpool have had in my lifetime and i hope he retires here. However, he has made very small amount of bad decisions in my opinion. Continually picking Gini, playing Henderson and Fabinho at centre back, putting off using Phillips and Williams for too long last season, putting Lallana on for Mo Salah in Kiev and switching to 4-4-2, giving Origi a new contract after a handful of good games, tapping up Van Dijk (and many more) costing the club millions, messing about with the captains armband for the first 3 years he was here by giving it to who ever had the most appearances instead of who was the best leader, signing Caulker/ Karius/ Keita etc.

He can be a legend and also be wrong from time to time in other peoples opinions. That's football. It's subjective and the "what ifs" can never be proven so we'll all still be debating every little thing even when Ed025 is so old that people are mistaking him for an educational Skeleton prop.

10 Jun 2021 19:13:28
Gini was Klopp style midfielder, Klopp loves athleticism midfielders and Gini had in abudance, from fit, strong, agile, could hold the ball and exceptionally covered the pitch with great positional sense. Hence Klopp always picked him especially with the intensity we play he was like glove in hand for Klopp style.

10 Jun 2021 19:16:55
Playing a player 90% of the time he is at a club isn't a bad decision in my opinion, its a choice.

10 Jun 2021 20:02:26
Klopp also tried to sell him, 2 seasons ago. There were no takers at the asking price.

10 Jun 2021 20:04:16
If Klopp wanted him he gets a new contract. Simple. No chairman stops that from happening!

10 Jun 2021 20:41:03
Was he not offered a new contract?

10 Jun 2021 20:50:27
He's never a Liverpool legend.
He's not even in the top three midfielders we have at the club now.

Not getting injured doesn't grant legendary status, in my book.
Move him on and move on.

10 Jun 2021 21:51:46
Gini was underrated. He won, kept the ball and very difficult to dispossess. It’s that role which looks bland and wasting a position someone else could play, someone more exciting etc. But whatever. He was a massive part of our UCL and EPL success as he was very much a regular. Wish he’d shut up a bit though since moving. Really. Gini zip it.

10 Jun 2021 22:09:30
The salt towards Gini for his overall LFC career is mind boggling. Also, not sure what Klopp has to do with the topic anyway. Gini only missed 29 games while with us. That ability to be available alone should be lauded esp in our situation. As they say in the NFL, we won things with Gini. Not sure we would have won without him under the same circumstances.

10 Jun 2021 23:47:11
Listen to what Klopp says about Gini.
If anyone doubts his quality or what he brought to the team after that, then just don't know and probably never will.
There's a reason Klopp kept picking him and he's a regular for Holland.

10 Jun 2021 19:25:54
Ed 001 if you are about please. I know Gina will always divide opinion but my question is about how we parted ways. Was it contract length? I know he really wanted the Barcelona move, especially with Koeman in charge. Going to PSG suggests financial options swayed him. If you listen to his last interview he alluded to the opportunity to extend but it was out of his hands. He also said the true story will come out in time. I must admit it intrigues me as to whether Klopp is singing to the party tune but equally wants a different style of midfielder moving forward. Views?

{Ed001's Note - why do people think he really wanted to play for Koeman? It was Koeman that was the issue with Barca and why he was glad to get a better offer from elsewhere. We wouldn't offer him the money or length of contract he wanted.}

11 Jun 2021 02:10:54
“As they say in the NFL, we won things with Gini. ”
Happy to be proven wrong but do they even know who he is in the NFL? didn't realise that was a saying.

{Ed001's Note - and the reason Klopp kept picking him this season was simply because he was fit enough to play.}

11 Jun 2021 06:52:43
Best ability is availability

Farewell Gini, hope ya do well.

What was the name of the everton fellah who ed25 kept saying was the best midfielder on merseyside? Says it all that I can't recall his name.

11 Jun 2021 10:03:05
Even if Gini went to PSG purely for money so what? Show me someone who says they wouldn't move job if offered double their wages and I'll show you a liar.

11 Jun 2021 12:22:51
Couple of times it's been mentioned that gini only got picked every game cause he was the only fit one left. Which, to an extent, is true - certainly this year if not quite last year. But can we not pretend that there isn't value in that? A player who can start twice a week every week from basically September until April and not be in recovery, of having to watch a niggle, or readjust to how our game has evolved over a month out etc isn't nothing. Frankly there's maybe 15 midfielders in the Premier league that I'd trust for that level of stability and with all the losses and setbacks we've had this season, even with him protecting himself a little too much in the latter half it was important.

11 Jun 2021 19:09:12
Makes me laugh when people say klopp only played him because he was the only fit player. you don’t get the likes of Barcelona, PSG etc. Coming in for Henderson, Milner and ox do you? Same was said when mascherano left but he went on the win plenty.



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